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Most of my formal recipes are kept in Microsoft Word with files on my laptop, on a USB flash drive and on my DropBox account. The DropBox account is helpful because I can access the recipe anytime I have an Internet connection. My work recipes (mainly for the camp) are written to 100 servings. They are printed and filed in binders for easy access by the cooks. My personal recipes are written for 25 servings. I also keep a large collection of camping and Dutch oven recipes...
What do Chinese restaurants do in Boston? Check with them.
Where are you located? I'd suggest that you contact the local health department. They will inform you of certification requirements for your jurisdiction and may be able to assist with foreign language courses.   The ServSafe Essentials coursebook and answer sheet can be purchased in Mandarin Chinese at https://foodsafetytrainingsolutions.net/product/servsafe-essentials-5th-ed-chinese/. This is the full 8- or 16-hour course. It requires a NRA certified instructor to...
I agree in a real emergency. In that case, the sous most likely should go in, if nothing else to direct the cleanup and ensure the kitchen is ready to safely serve food. Why, in your scenario, would the sous chef have a day off when the chef is on vacation? I'd think the sous would be working anyway, birthday or not. This is a tough business to find balance between family and work. I'm no stranger to being ordered into work as a retired sailor and former correctional food...
How would you respond if the candidate answers that the birthday party is more important? I suspect most candidates would lean toward the latter response in an interview.
The head of the artillery in the French army is called the "chef de l'artillerie."
 Have you counted how many servings in a 40# case? Curious. I won't buy wings until this summer at the camp.
According to his profile, he was last on-line on 1/31/2014. The 1993 edition is found on the UK Ministry of Defense website at http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20121026065214/www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/MicroSite/DES/OurPublications/CateringPublications/Jsp404ManualOfCateringServices.htm. I've also seen a couple paper copies for sale on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk websites.
This is a 5-year old thread and Pete is no longer with us. You can find the current downloadable PDF version on the British Army website.
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