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The head of the artillery in the French army is called the "chef de l'artillerie."
 Have you counted how many servings in a 40# case? Curious. I won't buy wings until this summer at the camp.
According to his profile, he was last on-line on 1/31/2014. The 1993 edition is found on the UK Ministry of Defense website at http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20121026065214/www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/MicroSite/DES/OurPublications/CateringPublications/Jsp404ManualOfCateringServices.htm. I've also seen a couple paper copies for sale on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk websites.
This is a 5-year old thread and Pete is no longer with us. You can find the current downloadable PDF version on the British Army website.
Where does this idea come from? I looked at the senior nutrition website and menu for my county (El Dorado Co., Calif.). The meals are delivered hot, not frozen. While they may not compare to restaurant quality, the menu looks okay. I may even drop in one of the centers myself. Locally, the county only delivers to those who are "medically or physically disabled, 60 years of age or older." If you are able, you are supposed to eat the lunch at one of several senior center in...
Why not post some of your photographic work?
Contact one of the personal chef associations for assistance (http://www.personalchef.com/ or http://uspca.com/). @chefbuba is right. As long as you're working under a "cook for hire" arrangement, you can purchase the food at the market on the cook day, transport it safely to the client's house and prepare the meal(s). My county (El Dorado County, California) recognizes this arrangement of its website. You do need a health permit to operate a traditional catering business...
Get ahold of Franklin Barbecue by Aaron Franklin and Jordan MacKay. Not a true cookbook, it takes you through the process of good Central Texas barbecue. Each chapter covers a different aspect of barbecue, like smoker construction (or remodeling a store-bought model), the wood, fires, meat selection and the cook, etc. It's a great read. I've used it to improve my weekly barbecue at the camp.
If asked, "Would you rehire him?" Ah, no!
I lead by example and do not swear myself. Rarely can you catch me use swear words. As a result, most of my summer staff withhold swear words around me. Yes, I hear 'F' bombs on occasion, but as a rule we run a clean kitchen (double meaning!).
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