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 Great point and thanks for the discussion. I've often wondered the same thing. I set my knife roll on the passenger seat next to me in the truck to and from work. I suspect the issue would come down to how you're carrying the knives.A peace office may take a different view if your boning knife (Bowie knife, Buck knife or fishing knife, etc.) was tucked under the front seat in the vehicle.
 US Federal documents are in the public domain. I can't speak for British docs. Just because a document is downloadable, doesn't mean it's in the public domain. You can usually save a copy for personal use. You get into trouble when you move to sell or copy copyrighted material.US Armed Forces Recipe Service (NAVSUP P-7/TM 10-412) can be located at http://www.quartermaster.army.mil/jccoe/publications/recipes/cover.pdf
 Four cups of cooked legumes will easily serve 4 to 6. Interestingly, I prepared a green lentil soup with leeks and chicken at work today. Where in the Sierra foothills do you live, cheflayne? I live south of Placerville in Diamond Springs, El Dorado County.
Smoked or grilled over indirect heat? Low and slow gives wonderful results. The downside? No braising liquid for the potatoes, carrots and cabbage. For traditional corned beef and cabbage, I say braise.
Good point FFGirl. Writing "cooked lentils" as opposed to "lentils, cooked" would clear up a lot of confusion. I would've understood the recipe to begin with cooked legumes. As Cheflayne indicated, I may be eating seconds. If I were writing the recipe, I would instruct the cook to first weigh or measure the legumes, then cook then individually. Otherwise, you need to inform the cook the weight of raw lentils, etc., needed for the recipe.
 I use instant yeast now, which doesn't need to blooming in warm water. You add the yeast to the dry ingredients and go from there.I don't think the amount of water used in blooming active dry yeast is that much of a concern. I would watch the total amount of moisture (water, milk, etc.). When I use AD yeast, I usually add the yeast to the total amount of water and let it bloom.I agree with kokopuffs ... go for cold, slow rise for best flavor. Look at...
 I personally stay away from chemical cleaners on the griddle. This summer, we rented the camp to a private group during our mid-summer break. They cleaned our grill with a chemical product. The next week I struggled with a sticking griddle surface as we fed our largest group of the summer (over 300). It took a week to recondition the griddle using oil and grill brick/screen only. Never again will I allow a rental group to clean the griddle with anything but the old way.
Try the Food Network website. I believe FN owns the rights to Graham Kerr's old TV shows. Graham lives in Washington, north of Seattle, and maintains his personal website at grahamkerr.com/.
I taught ServSafe to in the Calif. Dept. of Corrections around 10 years ago. Since it was an in-house job, I didn't have to look for work. I would teach classes to staff cooks at my prison and those from neighboring prisons every couple months while doing my regular job as a food service manager. I would look at venues that teach ServSafe-type classes (ServSafe is only one of five-six approved courses on the market). Community colleges, culinary schools, neighborhood...
 Hello and welcome to civilian life Petty Officer. Check with one of the personal chef associations on the web. The two big ones are the American Personal & Private Chef Institute & Association and the United States Personal Chef Association. Until you can get a business going, I would get a job in a restaurant. As a Navy CS, most of your experience is more in line with institutional and production cooking. Be ready to work your way back up and to learn. There is a...
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