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Thanks, Michelle. What is your ratio of buttercream to cream cheese? IOW, how much cream cheese would you add? I generally make buttercream with 1# sugar, 4 oz water & 6 egg whites (for the meringue) to 20 oz butter & vanilla. Would I substitute some of the butter or just add c.c.? My cream cheese frosting just mixes powdered sugar,vanilla, cream cheese and butter. (4:1 ratio of c.c. to butter). Does this make sense? Thanks.
I'm making a carrot cake and usually make a butter/cream cheese frosting. Does anyone know of a "cream cheese" frosting recipe that is easily piped for borders. This will be a two-tiered wedding cake. Although it tastes great, my cream cheese frosting stays soft even when cold. I'm looking for something that would harden more like a buttercream.
I just returned from SF and ate at the following places: Farallon: 450 Post St. pricey but excellent food and the decor is like you are underwater. Chez Panisse: need I say anything!!! Go there for a great lunch. Zuni Cafe: Another classic. The Stinkin Rose: It's a must if you love Garlic!!! The Bay Bakery: Incredible bread, tarts and potato chips. They'll give you 20% off coupons at their related restaurants: Chez Nous, Galette, Le Petit Robert and...
Help! :( I've lost a recipe a friend gave me years ago and now I need to make this dish for a party. It's for a Hawaiian Rice Salad with Pineapple, Macadamia Nuts and Toasted Coconut. I guess I could wing it since the name has most of the key ingredients but does anyone have a recipe like this?
Kuan, I don't know how you got that name and phone number but THANK YOU!!!! I just got off the phone with him and he was so surprised that I had his number. Hopefully this will work. For anyone else, he gave me his email address (yeah right), edmond@cheesepeople.com. They also have a sister business in candles so I would be weary of that, too. Katbalou, thanks but those are the same numbers that I have been trying.
This sounds great, I'm always looking for new recipes for baked oysters. I'm going to try this out. Thanks.
Look in Rick Tramato's book Amuse Bouche. He gives recipes and instructions for foams and emulsions. It doesn't look difficult but you need to buy some equipment.
How many people are coming to the shower? What is your theme? Elegant, casual, ....? I have found that most women do not want to stuff themselves with a full meal but rather enjoy some elegant small foods. For showers I've served: mushrooms profiteroles with white truffle oil baby mache salad with goat cheese bundles butternut squash soup with blue crab Elegant tea sandwhiches on great bread presented tiered layers Caprese Salad Asparagus wrapped with...
I have a Culinary Studio where I teach small classes. One of my favorite classes is the teambuilding class where everyone has to cook say a 4 or 5 course meal and then sit down and eat together. It goes like this: Have 4 stations prepped with each course's ingredients (already premeasured). Each person starts at a station, (may need groups of 2 or 3 depending on the size of the whole group) reads the recipe and begins. After 10-15 minutes, the timer goes off and the...
Hi everyone, I thought I'd share something I am unfortunately going through right now. I ordered cheese on-line from an unknown source (www.cheesesupply.com) Their site looked pretty good and I thought I'd give them a try. After not receiving my overnight shipment I tried to call and email them. They had no phone number on their website and the on-line chat is never available. You can only post an email through their site. Of-course I've had no response here...
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