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There are pizza dough recipes that can be in the fridge up to 7 days. You could make the dough on Monday, then any day that week pull it out of the fridge 3 hours before panning. That way you can make pizza any day in the week. The pizza forum I listed above has a lot of great recipes that have flexibility in the retarded rise time.
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The recipe I listed above I have frozen the dough several times. I don't think the thawed dough is as good and its a little harded to toss. My husband doesn't notice the taste difference but I do. It does take an entire day to thaw so it doesn't save much time. Emily
I haven't had experience over kneading dough with a Kitchen Aid before. My Kitchen Aid did a terrible job in truly kneading dough. Until I got a Bosch, I would mix the dough in the KA, then knead by hand until the dough reaches the window pane test. My Bosch can knead to the window pane test but my KA never could. It sounds like you've already made a lot of progress and have the pizza peel down. Try the retarded rise in the fridge overnight, it makes a big...
There are people here with more experience than me, but I'd say you are adding too much flour AND not keading the dough enough. If the dough has enough gluten and has had time to relax, it should be easy to stretch the dough. I personally only add enough flour to make the dough workable, if it feels really smooth then I think there is too much flour. There is a great forum dedicated 100% to pizza making. - Pizza Making, Pizza Recipes, and More! They...
I am also trying to avoid GMO products. It sounds like I should use a light olive oil or safflower oil more in baking and try a varity of nut oils for cooking. Anyone heard of rice bran oil? Thanks!
I generally use Canola oil for baking and some cooking and use olive oil or extra virgin olive oil for cooking. I would like to get away from using Canola oil but I’m not sure what I should switch too. Soybean oil and corn oil are not options for me due to food sensitivities. I’ve heard about safflower oil but I’m not familiar with this oil and if it would work for baking and cooking. Any suggestions on a good replacement for my Canola oil? Thanks, Emily
Just wanted to add that I read this tip awhile back on this message board and have started doing it with my stocks and it has made a big difference- SO much easier to skim the scum on top. Thanks!
Lots of great ideas, thank you. I will give them all a try these next few weeks. I cut the breasts in half horizontally when I make breaded chicken, but didn't think to do the same when sauteing. I love tarragon and use a lot of fresh herbs but haven't used fresh tarragon- I'll add that to a sauce as well. Thank you!
I’m embarrassed to admit I could use some advice with the basic principle of sauteing boneless skinless chicken breasts. Here is what I do: Stainless steel pan set on medium heat. Once pan is hot, add a little oil. Wait a minute or so, then add chicken breasts. Once chicken has browned nicely on one side and easily releases from the pan, I flip it. Once the second side is nice and brown and releases easily from the pan I flip it. If I’ve got the oven on, then...
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