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It's the non-stick part of the pan that smells. . .sigh. I've done three batches of a baking soda water boil on the stove top and the smell is almost gone. I made a batch of baking soda paste, covered it in newspapers and sealed in a bag. I'll check back tonight and see if that will clear up the faint scent that remains. If not, I'll try a lemon. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions!
I have an All-Clad non-stick frying pan I have used for a few years. This past week I sauteed some onions in it and can't get rid of the onion smell. All day today I've made a paste of baking soda and water and let the paste soak up the smell but the smell is still there (I've done 3 sets of soaking and washing). I cook with onions a few times a week and have never had a problem with my cookware holding the smell. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??? Thanks,...
Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing.
I couldn't agree more with Chefhow. My daughter has a food allergy and our rule is she's not allowed to eat anything that isn't prepared by me or that I personally approve. Even my husband checks with me for everything just in case. It's amazing how just about everything has trace amounts of allergies in it. The parents of the childrens will let you know what their comfort level is and what foods they feel most comfortable with. Paper plates is a good idea too (no...
I like the taco bar idea too. Once you decide on a menu, I would suggest making contact with the parents to see what brands they are comfortable with that they have found to be egg and nut free. Bless you for being willing to make an allergy free meal for them! Good luck!
What a perfect way to explain it! I love the apple pie quote. I guess I have always thought of "cooking from scratch" meaning using the basic ingredients that people used 60-70 years ago but I see now that there is more to it than that.
Wow, interesting! Thank you so much for the reply!
I agree with this discription of what cooking from scratch means today. I use processed items that I cannot make myself that are low in additives such as milk, butter, cheese, dried pasta, canned beans, mayo, ketchup, etc. but everything that I can make from scratch I do. I have a terrible reaction to all the flavor enhancers that are in packaged foods so cooking from scratch is a matter of survivial for me. I love the lifesyle- it's very time consuming but our...
Good tip, thank you.
Thanks Siduri, I appreciate the feedback. I took it off the heat right at the softball stage, but maybe I need to move quicker to get it out of the hot pan. I'll make another attempt soon. Thanks!
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