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Hey at least if you start with fresh, quality ingredients like these, what could go wrong!?    ¼ cup white seeds 1 cup mixture 1 teaspoon juice 1  chunks ¼ lb fresh surface ¼ teaspoon brown leaves ½ cup with no noodles 1  round meat in bowl
 Hahaha I hear you. When it rains I send the kids out to pick herbs. I've been on a kick of very-lemony tasting lamb lately. Just did a lamb breast like that... delicious.
Just read it. Huh... Boiled beef tacos anyone? 
They look sublime. You're lucky to live next to a real butcher! Can you share your marinade? I just made a rack of lamb breast (just the rib bones) and my marinade was olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, rosemary and fennel seeds, it was delicious. Your marinade looks very similar to mine, just being curious. 
 Depending on what exactly you mean by "every so often", and how hot your pan is, you could be steaming your steak, rather than searing it, which means a bland taste instead of a great caramelized crust.
  Could have fooled me. 
There are so many variables at play, it's hard to make a rule for all scenarios.   Bomba rice for paella, which will cook uncover? Use a ratio 3:1 water to rice, maybe more! Jasmine rice, which will be served with a soupy curry? A ratio of 1:1 may be all you need.   The quantity of rice you cook also affects the ratio to an extent. I may use a ratio of 1.5:1 for a certain type of rice when I cook 1 cup, but a ratio of 1.2:1 for that same rice when I cook two cups....
I've made it with only milk+cheese.   So basically heat a bit of milk and drop the cubed cheese into it, softly heat until melted. I did it with smoked Gouda, and it worked great. Here served with homemade chicken nuggets:  
FWIW I prefer to use pork shoulder for my chile verde, with loin I would be worried that it would end up tough, rubbery or dry?   As for the white stuff... see if that thread helps?     
In just about every industry you get a discount when you buy larger quantities - even when labor is the same. Think of it from the seller's point of view: would you rather sell single donuts all day long? Or dozen of donuts all day long? Therefore, does it not make sense to you to price the dozen less than 12x the single donut price?   You're also encouraging people to buy more. Maybe they just wanted to buy 7 donuts and end up purchasing 12. Or they wanted 4 pounds of...
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