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I recently saw a video where the pastry chef made a square envelope with parchment paper, placed the dough inside, and rolled the whole thing flat so the dough spreads inside the envelope, resulting in a perfectly square piece of dough.
You can use it for different applications... it can be a base for a marinade for Thai grilled chicken for example. Add palm sugar, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, coriander, turmeric, shallots or scallions, cilantro, toasted sesame oil... blitz, marinade overnight, grill fast, eat with white rice, Nuoc Cham, pickled carrots/daikon, fresh mints of all kinds.... It makes great custards as well... my favorite one is to cut a peach in two halves, remove the pit and fill the hole...
I didn't realize you meant to use the separated cream from the coconut milk. In that case, note that you can buy coconut cream instead of coconut milk:  
I'm not sure why you'd want to willingly split the coconut milk? I've personally never noticed that really in the Thai curries I've had in Thai restaurants (never been to Thailand), and if anything I try to prevent the coconut milk to split. For the southern Thai curry I make most often, when I cook the paste (I make my own curry paste), thenadd the coconut milk and chicken stock, lemon juice and fish sauce, the coconut milk (from a can) tends to split, or maybe it's just...
Maybe it should be called casserole? 
Sorry to hear, I've had zero problem with fresh. Love a good Hawaiian pizza with fresh pineapple. 
Don't use canned. Use fresh. No excess water.
I suppose this, without eyes to look into, makes you feel less guilty?  
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