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I've seen that water trick on rouxbe.com before, but I don't find it necessary. I just heat it really slowly, for a long time, and not too hot (for eggs or crepes), or scorching hot (for steak or potatoes)... I had real problems with sticking in stainless steel when I first switched from Teflon.. but now I can't remember the last time I had any problems with something sticking.   
I ended up emailing it, but it's too bad, it could have helped someone else. But safety first I guess. 
I don't season my stainless steel pan. I often cook steaks, eggs, fish, crepes... whatever in them, and they don't stick at all either. It does require a bit of adapting my technique however, mainly heating the pan slowly and for a long time. I've never worked with a seasoned stainless steel pan so I'm afraid I won't be of much help to you here. 
It seems like this question belongs in a new thread? But as someone who orders carry out quite often, I would say put the entire menu online. 
 I do not use ANY egg in my meatballs. Eggs tend to make meatballs drier and tougher, and I find they're not necessary for binding.  Also important is to avoid over mixing, which again makes the meat dry and tough. Some cuisines encourage that (vietnamese meatballs for example, are like rubber), but I don't like it. 
That looks great @ChrisBelgium !! I'll definitely have to try those. Thanks so much for the coffee-in-eggwash tip too, I'll have to try that.    Regarding curry powders, have you ever tried Maharaja curry? It's a bit expensive as it contains some saffron, but it tastes fantastic!!
Ok so I may have exaggerated a bit. I just remember being very disappointed. That was a while ago. I'm sure a big flat top is great - I've never used one but I've found the rims of the pan are often an obstacle to sliding a spatula under the food... I have to reseason my carbon steel pan. I have flax seed oil in my fridge. I just need to find the time... which is why I've been using stainless steel lately. 
I had a green pan once. I understand they use some sort of ceramic coating as well. I loved it... for a bout a week or two. Then it started becoming sticky, the coating stained, later started chipping... and who wants sharp bits of ceramic laced with who-knows-what in their food!? Back to stainless steel and carbon steel for me. Thanks to advice I got from this very board, I can fry an egg in my stainless steel pan with very little butter (the advice was pretty much to...
Hmmm I don't remember how it tasted to be honest. It was more for garnish... I wish I had more to taste again! But give it a try!
Mett is a classic raw pork German dish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mett 
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