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Not it, but you're getting close geography-wise. And of course Paneer is the authentic choice, not Cottage Cheese. 
Oh ok I understand. I thought you just googled the list of ingredients.... but that's quite different. In any case as long as we all learn some new dishes... also I enjoy the brain twisting activity of trying to guess what could be a sauce, what could be cooked, what could be a soup, a marinade, etc.... it's fun!
Here's one that should be tricky I think? The ingredients are not in the right order.    Potatoes Tomatoes Onions Peas Garlic Ginger Cottage cheese Cream Chilis Coriander Cumin Turmeric Cashew Cilantro Oil Salt
I just found smoked duck breasts packaged (and priced) as smoked turkey breasts at Whole Foods. What a great price! 
Yup that was a bastilla - though I question the interest of this game if we start googling the answers??
It's a single dish.
How 'bout:    Whole chicken Eggs Onions Cinnamon Cilantro Dried ginger Turmeric Saffron Phyllo dough Almonds Honey Butter Oil Powdered sugar S & P
Wow very nice ceviches guys. Vic, your plating is beautiful, everything looks fresh and vibrant, very inviting, very artistic. Love it.    Petals your plate is very flowery!! The cassava chips are stunning. They look exactly as you describe them: perfectly crispy and light as air. Could you please pass me one so I can dip it in the ceviche and eat now?  
BRAVO. Genius.  
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