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+1.  You won't find a non-stick pan that lasts longer than 2 months if you wash them in the dishwasher. I would pick stainless steel or carbon steel (or one of each) and forget about the dishwasher. They'll last you forever. 
Zest the lemon (organic) for example with a microplane and stuff some of the zest in the cavity, and some under the skin, between the beast meat and the skin, even between the thigh meat and the skin. For better results you can even infuse some olive oil with the zest, then use the oil to rub the cavity and under the skin.    You can always add the lemon juice after cooking, just before serving, along with a little fleur de sel and some freshly cracked black...
Thank you so much for providing all that information @MaryB !! I have been milling ... huh... mulling over possibly milling my own flour for a while, and I truly appreciate all those details. 
That's a huge amount of yeast. I use 1/4 tsp.  Also I pour the dough onto parchment paper and put the parchment paper in the dutch oven = easy removal. 
I first used the original Jim Lahey recipe adapted by Mark Bittman from the NY Times, with bread flour, and the dough was a bit too wet. Difficult to handle, but that's the result you saw in my photograph - quite good, although the crumble was a bit sticky. I then used the original unadapted Jim Lahey recipe which is much easier, with AP flour and with the ratios provided by @petalsandcoco (1 1/2 cup of water instead of 1 5/8) and the dough was much better, the results...
I hate to hear that. I hope the food and other pleasures in your life will help you go back up. The chicken noodle soup looks very good, this is what I should eat right now (I'm sick with the flu). How did you like the tarragon? It's an acquired taste... I personally am not a huge fan, so the rare times I use it I do so with parsimony. 
Thanks Gene, I made another one yesterday already, I think I'm never buying bread again!   Ok, you're really making me salivate here. First, the piece of raw pork is absolutely stunning. You're so lucky to have access to that kind of meat. Is that from a farm or from the store? I guess I could probably find some similar piece of some similar kind of heritage pork like Berkshire in one local store here but the cost would be prohibitive. Still maybe I'll give it a try...
Great, thank you so much for sharing all that info @MaryB , I'm busy right now but I'll have a look at the other thread you started on flour milling. 
It's also perfect on a roasted chicken, turkey, capon, or whatever you're going to roast for thanksgiving. Just insert some thin slices between the meat and the skin. 
Wow this is a whole new world opening for me, thank you! I'm really interested in looking further into possibly milling my own flour. That triggers more questions for you if you don't mind: If you buy organic flour, doesn't that guarantee you won't have any of those added chemicals?  What mill are you using or would you recommend?  Thank you!
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