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Great, thanks Chris, those are good tips for next time! And I have some killer tasting blackcurrant jam... although this doesn't need any sweetening. I'll experiment!
I forgot about another classic flavoring for gratin dauphinois: nutmeg.    @Koukouvagia  , when time permits I bake mine covered at 300F, but it obviously depends on the oven. Toward the end I remove the parchment paper and add a bit of cream to make the crust.    1" tall is too small for my taste. I like 2".
I'm not sure what goes into making something a "specialty" of a region or country. This reminds me of hash browns - I mean Rösti - sorry I meant Rapée Stephanoise - Oops my wife just entered the room and said that's really a Crique Ardéchoise.
As for gratin dauphinois, if you're interested, it was originally made with only potatoes and milk, bit of garlic, S & P, that's it, and when done right, the result is VERY thick and creamy. No cheese, no cream, no butter: gratin dauphinois was a peasant dish and peasant couldn't afford any of those. No corn starch, no flour, no thickener: would you put corn starch or flour in your risotto? Naaaaahhhh.... the thickness and creaminess comes from the emulsion of the potato...
I dont think scalloped potatoes can ever be too rich. I would simply serve smaller portions of the rich potatoes, along with a lightly dressed green leaf salad.
No idea how to share advice about a tabletop garden, but I just wanted to say I'm super excited to see you @ChrisLehrer again here on ChefTalk. Most of what I've learned online came either from you Chris, or from @boar_d_laze. Thanks! 
Bit late to the party but the short answer is: yes. I rarely mop my ribs. In fact the only times I do mop them is when I make a marinade that has a strong character, for example a vietnamese fish sauce/lemongrass/cilantro marine, and I want a strong taste of the marinade. Then I keep mopping more marinade on top of the ribs.  Please understand that I'm not saying that one should never mop ribs. I'm just saying that it's perfectly possible to make great ribs without mopping...
It was delicious! Just like you said Someday, the sweetness and acidity were slightly muted, but still present, and it was sweet enough so I'm glad I didn't add a sugar syrup. Thanks all!
Cool, thanks @Someday. I knew that about the sugar, but didn't know about the other flavors like acidic, so that's good news. I had the kids taste it before putting it in the freezer and they absolutely loved it, but they love super-intense flavors, super-sugary, super-acidic.. they like to eat lemons like you and I eat an orange.  So anyway, I shall return in a few to let you know how it was. :)
I can't stand re-heated chicken. It develops a particular taste that isn't present in freshly cooked chicken.    So my suggestion would be chicken sandwiches.    Easy?  Slice chicken really thin, get your favorite fresh bread, focaccia, baguette, pullman, whatev', some mayo or mustard or a combo of both, sliced gherkins on top, done.    Fancy? Melt-caramelize some onions into an onion jam and spread that on top of the chicken instead of the gherkins. 
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