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Interesting! Thanks for chiming in. I cooked them for ... about an hour or so?  Another point is that my duck fat is what I got back from roasting the duck, and it never really solidified when refrigerated... not sure why, because I'm used to duck fat becoming solid in the fridge. So I wonder if there's water in that fat? For sure, the meat didn't absorb the fat at all, so it was chunks of meat swimming in watery fat.. nothing very enticing.  I'd love to pin this down too,...
I'm not sure they were rancid, but the taste was reminding me of rancid.  1. A glug of cognac, minced garlic, pinch of mace, salt and pepper and about 1Tb of rehydrated green peppercorns (when I did this I though uh-oh... is that a good idea to have water in there? Probably not....). In any case this was all WAY too much. Next time I'll do salt and pepper, period.  2. Cooked, picked from the carcass of our thanksgiving roast duck, and then cooked again in duck fat.  3....
Today I tasted the rillettes. No good, I had to 86 'em. They just... didn't work. The fat wasn't really mixed in with the pieces of meat, so it was very greasy and sloppy... but most of all the duck had a re-heated taste that I can't stand. I'm not sure what that is, I've never heard anyone else talk about it on here or anywhere else, but I simply cannot stand the taste of re-heated chicken, turkey, duck etc. They develop an almost rancid taste to my palate. So the bowl of...
I remember reading somewhere (probably here?) that letting something like stock cool down with the lid on will give it a sour taste. I have no idea what the science is behind that, I have never experimented with it, I've just made it a habit to let things cool down uncovered. 
It's getting cold around here (finally) and this sounds like it would be a perfect meal, I think I'll do some of those soon! I also like how your crust doesn't look too golden brown. I often prefer them that way. 
I bought one of those magnum and had to return it because it had a strong unpleasant smell of plastic/petroleum.
We now have some good ones for sale right here in California.
I followed a suggestion from Nicko and made duck rillettes with my leftover roast duck carcass! Sorry, repost from another thread but I wanted to participate in the challenge!   Duck rillettes with green peppercorns and cognac:      
Does anyone have any idea how long I can keep those non-sterilized rillettes in my fridge?
I'd never ever heard of sev before. Funny how no matter how many new things we try, how much we read or watch stuff about food... there's always more to learn!
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