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Tonight we're doing our Franco-American (or is it Americano-French?) special: IN 'n OUT burgers and fries with a bottle of Côtes du Rhône. Shakes for the kids. 
Tomorrow Schmomorow. Enjoy your Martinis. 
Wow that's low. I'm not very experimented cooking at such low temperatures, and I've always wondered about the "12 hour short ribs" you see on menus of fancy restaurants. In any case I've never seen a cold start suggested for oven or grill cooking either, but that's what helps rendering the fat in a pan when cooking bacon or duck.... some people start their chicken thighs in a cold pan... I do that with duck breasts with great success.. so basically it seems to be a good...
What temp? Also, I wonder if starting in a cold oven would help rendering the fat when slow roasting like that? 
Today I woke up with a new white blister on that finger, and it's already starting to peel off... I have a feeling like below it I have brand new baby skin with normal feelings!! Can't wait. Woohoo. First time it takes so long to heal for me.
I suppose if you cook a 1 pound Branzino in a pressure cooker for one hour, you'll be left with.... fish soup?
Isn't chicken salmon?
I see what you mean.   One of the best meal I've ever had was someone cooking in a small, enclosed fireplace. Obviously limiting the quantity, but he was doing duck breasts over woodfire, and served fresh grapes that he had peeled... that memory is etched in stone in my memory.
What's a cooking fireplace? You can cook in any fireplace - unless it's a fake fireplace obviously.
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