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1 chicken backbone to 5 quarts of finished stock? The chicken flavor must be rather subtle?
If the goal is to make the beef taste beefier, you could try grinding some beef jerky into a powder and adding that to the ground meat.    I personally don't like the idea to "kick up" the flavor of a beef burger (other than sourcing more flavorful beef), this is just an idea - that I would personally never try. 
 You're correct. I couldn't see it at first because my browser window is wider than yours, but once I make my browser window narrower I experience the right part of the video being hidden. As a workaround for now, you could control-click the video and choose "Copy video URL", then paste the URL in the browser address field so that you can go watch the video on YouTube.
 In this thread, the video is embedded, which means you can play the video from this website, without having to ever leave this website to go to another website. In the old thread, there was a link to the video, and clicking that link meant you would go to another website (
 You won't. You will grow older, you will mature, you will learn, and you will expand your horizons. You'll discover new people, new cultures, new opinions, new concepts, new purposes for life. You'll realize how many mistakes you've made when you were younger, how many times you formed an opinion too quickly, how much easier it was for you to criticize those who are different from you, how much you didn't know, and, knowing what you know now, how much more you have to...
 Hmmm... probably wishful thinking?
 LOL!!    Here's the healthy version:  
Some new trends are fun. Not sure what to make of these though... how are you supposed to eat them?   
You know what's silly, I do have some kombu in the closet. From that one time when I tried to make dashi (which ended up tasting like hot tap water). Live and learn. 
Well... waddya know. The next day I reheated the cassoulet and kind of forget it on the stove top, when I came back to it it was at a rolling boil, the beans had broken down further, released some more starch... and the whole thing was much closer to the right texture of cassoulet!!!
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