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I have smoked chicken that way before, on the stovetop. Works well for chicken.
Yes! Definitely. 
Sounds like a bad idea IMHO.   Another bad idea IMHO.  Look, duck confit is amazing on its own. It doesn't need a sauce, it doesn't need oil, doesn't need butter, doesn't need a vinaigrette. IMO you're trying to dress up something that's already beautiful. No need. The only thing you can do is make it worse. Keep it simple. Focus on making the best duck confit you've ever made (even if it's your first duck confit) and drop the sauce.   I like that idea. Keep the seasoning...
My excuse is.. my phone's camera is broken!  Other than that I'm making boeuf bourguignon tonight, that would have been a great entry. But I think someone else already posted one of those anyway. Can't wait to get a new phone so I can post more dishes again. 
I'm not sure what the question is? Different cuts of beef have different textures and flavor, and different fat content... so using those different cuts in a burger will change the texture, flavor, and fat content of your burger....   You should be able to tell your butcher to grind a pound of brisket - no need to buy the whole thing. In fact you should be able to tell him exactly what you want: you want to make burgers, and you'd like to experiment with a mix of chuck...
Brandade de morue! Basically emulsified with olive oil, and with potatoes added. 
 I've never had, or even thought of chicken confit. Sounds delicious. 
Personally I wouldn't serve a sauce with the duck confit. I think it stands on its own and a sauce would distract from its texture and flavor. 
Neither have I. On the other hand, a quick google search reveal all kinds of information on it! Interesting... I may try it next time:   Source: http://www.intentionallydomestic.com/the-five-biggest-bone-broth-mistakes-you-might-be-making/
Correction: apparently there are three types of short ribs (http://www.chefs-resources.com/Beef-Short-Ribs): • Short ribs from the back ribs• Short ribs from the plate• Short ribs from the chuck (a.k.a. flanken ribs) .... still learning. 
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