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Honestly, not a good reference to learn French cooking IMO. I know she's beloved in the U.S., but being French, I'm shocked at how she misrepresents French dishes in some of her publications and videos.  Go to the source, and look for videos or books by great French chefs: Joël Robuchon is a sure bet, so is Jacques Pépin. Escoffier, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, Paul Bocuse, George Blanc, Bernard Loiseau, etc.... If I were you, I would research famous French chefs and do...
That looks succulent, I want to do something like that as soon as the sweltering summer is over, here. I'm curious, what cut did you use, and 4.5 hours at what temp?
Haha yes Kouk' I'm pretty sure I've heard many times that a risotto is a dish served all on its own. But... oh well, I like steak with mushroom risotto, I think they go together really well!! No guilt here!! 
Mushroom risotto, my favorite, served with steak - my toddler decided to grab the bowl of rehydrating mushrooms just when I snapped the shot.       
I was wondering about those. They look nice and the right price... I may grab one next time.  Lately I've been using my mortar and pestle to grind my pepper...
My dad bought me a battery operated electric Peugeot pepper mill a while ago. It was utterly worthless and the motor died after a few months of light use. Reading reviews on Amazon made me realize this was not an isolated incident:   after a very short amount of time the salt mill stopped working properly. ... I have now had 4. The longest we owned one was 11 months. For the price these should not only last longer but also have a better warranty.   Also even when it...
Oooooooh. I have to say, that sounds quite good indeed. What about throwing in some extra marrow bone in there? Hmmmmm. 
You can make mint water and freeze it... here is a method: http://www.preservingyourharvest.com/FreezingMint.html
#1) I just hold the microplane in mid air on top of the bowl/plate and grate the block of cheese. My kid places the microplane on top of the bowl, horizontally, and grates the block of cheese against it. 
My mum hated deep frying, and I always wanted to eat french fries, which she only made once in my life. She said: If you really want french fries, grow some potatoes, and I'll make you french fries. So I grew potatoes in our backyard, and a few months later she had to make french fries. That's when I realized that if I really wanted to eat specific things I'd have to start cooking. I started with baking, because I was a kid and I always wanted to eat cakes. I became fairly...
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