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Quote: That is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. It reminds me of summer barbecues in France, where the ubiquitous "cote de boeuf" is king amongst duck magrets, lamb shoulders, merguez and chipolatas. Looks to me like you got the temperature JUST RIGHT.
 Amen to that. It's ridiculous that we've grown these agro-businesses and huge food corporation producing food en masse, therefore requiring strict regulations, and now force small farmers to follow those regulations – which for the most part make no sense to their format of production. It is killing small farmers and small producers. I know the cost of compliance alone has discouraged many of the smaller farmers in Europe. This seems like a move in the right direction to me.
 You need to retrain your palate. Google "loss of taste and smell" or "retrain your palate." Good luck. 
In French, "stock" is called "fond".
No. Fast – Easy – Good: pick any two. 
If you want to avoid the mess and cleanup, get a gas grill and cook outdoors. 
Ok so faisselle it is. Hence the confusion, because when you said "Fromage blanc" I assumed you meant the smooth kind – which faisselle is not.   I don't think you'll find anything in the U.S. that goes close to Faisselle.... at least not in a regular supermarket... then again I've never tried that Twarog you mention so I don't know.   Have you considered doing your own faisselles?  
Quote: Well yes... if that's what Chris had in mind. It's a pejorative term given by Lyon's bourgeoisie, as if the silk worker's brain was mush. Not exactly politically correct by today's standards.  
 Oooh cervelle de canut?
To me a ready-product that is probably the closest to fromage blanc is sour cream. It's not the same, but if you whip it good for a mn or two it will give you a texture and mouth feel that is close to fromage blanc.    Boursin is really a completely different animal. Different taste, texture, density etc.. altogether. 
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