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You're welcome!
Yup. And it's the same with a steak by the way. That crispy charred crust you develop by grilling/sauteeing at high heat will become moist and soggy from the vapors when rested in a sealed environment.  After grilling, I usually turn off the grill, open it so it's not too hot inside, then close it and rest the grilled items right on the closed, turned-off, still warm but not too hot grill. 
Because of the surface area. The smaller something is cut into, the more surface area with air, the faster bacteria multiply. The bigger a roast, the less surface area, the longer you can keep it in your fridge before it goes bad.  That means your bread crumbs will, after 2 days, have MUCH more bacteria than your chicken.  This is the same reason ground meat doesn't last as long as a big piece of meat. 
Really? Ok ... didn't really know what to expect anyway... just wanted to try something new.    This is the one I got:   
Great. Thanks for all the information, phatch, much appreciated. I bought this before the summer to make lo baak gou (daikon cake). But then summer happened and I spent my days at the beach, evenings at the beach restaurant, feet in the sand, glass of cab in the right hand. Haven't been doing much cooking lately!!
I bought some CHAMP Chinese sweet sausages a while back. They are vacuum packed, labeled "Keep refrigerated." They were in my fridge for 10 weeks. There is no expiration date of any kind on the package.    Any idea if those are still safe to eat? I don't even know what they're supposed to taste like, I've never had them before. 
I don't really like the texture you get as a result of putting lemongrass in a food processor. The food processor cuts, so that you're still left with little bits of lemongrass that may feel like wood splinters.    I much prefer the mortar and pestle to tame that woody texture. 
I just smash the garlic onto a counter or cutting board: using my fist, the palm of my hand, or a chef knife's blade. Then just pull on the peel, it comes out very easily. 
I mince it as finely as possible and then pound it usually with sugar in a mortar and pestle. It still gives a little texture to the finished dish... so if I marinate baby back ribs in a marinade that has lemongrass, they'll have a little crunch to them, the lemongrass creating something like a bark almost. I don't mind it, in fact I enjoy it. But it's been pounded to death so that it doesn't come out like wood splinters.  I've tried frozen minced lemongrass once and found...
The only way to eat paella. 
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