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It does sound awesome, I've never tried that but that's now on my list. Reminds me of the way I make roasted tomatillo salsa... Next time I make meatballs I'll try your idea! 
It's not the first time you post a dish with french fries and an egg. The combination stroke me as unusual as well the first time you posted such a dish. And now I'm left wondering what I found so unusual about it... after all, I constantly make home fried potatoes and ham omelettes here. So the only difference is ... the shape of the potato? Weird how our brains work sometimes. 
The comments in this thread are starting to make me hungry. 
@Nicko first time I see oeufs en cocotte plated like that without the cocotte. Very elegant, and it makes them more appetizing that way!
What I've done in the past, because I read it in some cookbook, was to mix salt and pepper with a little bit of water (about 2 or 3 Tablespoons), and pat the steak on all sides with that brine. Let it rest for about an hour like that, pat dry and cook. It felt to me like some of the seasoning had penetrated the meat and the seasoning was more even. But I never did a blind test, so it's hard to tell wether it was all in my mind or not I guess. But it certainly was an...
I vacuum seal with my mouth. One least appliance to deal with! 
I don't know about these but at least it says they're non-scratch for stainless steel so you should be alright. For reference, here are the ones I use myself:  
Start doing a few recipes and you'll soon get a feel for the type of ingredients they use and how they're used etc... before you know it you'll be adapting recipes to your taste, and not long after that you won't even need recipes anymore, other than for inspiration. 
That won't go well with the vegan crowd.  @BugnBean I recommend you look into Indian cooking. They are really talented at making vegan/vegetarian cuisine taste awesome and satisfying. An example would be Malai Kofta...
Instead try to get the pan dry or almost dry, dust a couple Tbspn Barkeeper's Friend, and, if the pan was completely dry, just a tiny amount of water (1 teaspoon perhaps) and start scrubbing with a blue pad. Be patient and keep scrubbing right on the area that has the marks. 
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