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Yes, it should safe to eat. Make sure you smell it, that's often the best way to detect if it's gone bad. Depending on the size of the leg, and the temperature of your fridge, it's not unusual for a large piece of meat to take that long to thaw.    Once cooked, it should last for 3 or 4 days. It will start tasting a little gamish before it actually goes bad. Removing the meat from the bone after 1 or 2 days helps making it last a wee bit longer.    Enjoy!
I never thought I'd have so much fun reading all your comments!    No, I did not try eating them, they went straight to the trash. I think we ate at Chipotle that night. 
WoW!!! I will have to try that dish now. A couple of questions if you don't mind: 1) What's your recipe for garlic confit?2) What was your approximate ratio of fish to potato puree?
Maybe I overdid it on the Maillard reaction a bit? 
Grilled sausages.  
While I don't have celery salt, I have celery seeds, which I originally bought to try to rub on beef before grilling, but I don't think I'ever used it! Looks brand new. Smells just like celery. I will use it soon!
Very cool. BTW myself I've been doing (eyeballing as well):    - Smoked paprika - Cumin - Onion powder - Garlic powder - Mustard powder - Black pepper   From the recipes you shared I'll steal the ideas of using celery and fennel (maybe not together though), which I both have on hand. 
Yes it's possible, and no you will not lose any flavor. What I would do is mix the zest and tea with the cold oil in a cold pan, place on very very slow heat until the oil becomes warm/hot (not really hot, not anywhere close to smoking point, you don't want to denature the oil, just help the flavors infuse), then cut off the heat and let it come back down to room temp.  Then strain the oil and use it for your marinade.
Thanks for sharing that video @Mike9 , it answers a question I had 5 years ago about pork brisket bones, which are very unexpensive at my market. Love them.    http://www.cheftalk.com/t/59283/accidental-tomato-braised-pork-brisket   PS: I would be curious to hear your rub recipe, if you don't mind sharing. 
??? I have to say, I have no idea where this is coming from. I thought I was being polite and respectful the whole time? I actually quite "like" you, Cerise, as far as forum friendships go, we even had a cool PM exchange... so the last thing on my mind would be to cause you any kind of disrespect. I thought my last post addressed to you was going to help you see that, but apparently it did the opposite? I thought that when you quoted my use of the word "others," you did...
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