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In my mind, tomato fondue and rösti do not go together at all. And culturally either. Much like I wouldn't serve sushi with melted cheese, I wouldn't serve a tomato sauce with a potato dish. 
You're welcome. I really like this guy's videos. I've seen a LOT of them... there's even a compilation of the owl's reactions.... it's funny.    I like the wood fire cooking. The way there's always time for reflection, but also for fun, like surfing on his cutting board, or spinning the onion or his knife, and meanwhile all of the cooking is very well done. 
 Ok I'll go pecan.Reason is, where I'm from, walnuts is everywhere, so as kid I grew seeing it as a very common nut. Pecan, on the other hand, is rare and exotic (to me).  Rice noodle, or Orzo?
Never seen any of these at our farmer's market. Guess you have to live in the right area.... and go gather them yourself...?
Have you guys stumbled upon this yet? I love those cooking videos. What I love about them:  Exceptional video quality Exceptional audio quality Serbian nature  No talking Only quality ingredients Cooking over wood fired Sharp knife Mr Ramsay the Owl !!! ....     For the whole channel, go to:      
Jordan almonds, for sure! Typical wedding fare!!! 
 Hahaha I you mean I got the answer wrong? To me it's Xmas candy. Well... to be honest I'm not much into candy. But as a kid we'd get a bunny shaped chocolate for Easter, and Santa shaped chocolate for Xmas. But on top of that for Xmas we got those, which are more fun! 
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