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Yeah that will be my next endeavor, KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)! 
Breadcrumbs? I've never used breadcrumbs for fried chicken, interesting...   I ended up doing yogurt thinned with a bit of water and lemon juice, then flour.    Thanks a lot!
I can't even remember how I make fried chicken, and yet I've decided that's what's for dinner. I have a chicken, but no buttermilk. I think what I usually do is an egg wash, then the flour. But I can't remember if instead of the egg wash I used yogurt? Is that a thing? Would that work?    I'm reading recipes online and I see some people dip the chicken straight into the flour, no buttermilk, yogurt or egg wash... does that work just as well? 
Sorry I didn't know how to word it better. What I mean is, sometimes, when you ask, you end up being in a situation where you cannot please everyone, only just because you've asked, people will be more upset than they would have, had you not asked. By opposite requests I meant multiple requests that are impossible to respond to simultaneously. I'm not sure how many people you have but let's say you end up with one low-carb, one raw-only, one gluten-free, one who doesn't...
That sounds like a perilous exercise, as he could end up flooded with opposite requests, making it impossible to follow them all. And once you've asked, there are more chances of pissing of the customer. I mean, if I go do a retreat and they serve pasta, and I try to avoid pasta, it won't be a big deal. But if you ask me, and I specify I don't want pasta, and there's pasta, then I'm going to feel like you didn't listen to my request, which is worse IMO. 
I made primavera pasta only once, but what I did was dice all the veggies the same size as the peas. Maybe you'd enjoy that? The idea was, I wanted a mouthful to contain at least one of each veggie. I think I used peas, carrots, green beans, zucchini, celery, garlic, onion and asparagus. Chicken stock, olive oil and butter. It was very good! I should do it again. 
I would consider dishes where the meat is merely added at the end, and doesn't need to cook with the rest of the ingredients, so that you make the dish, reserve a couple of plates for the vegetarians, and add the meat to the rest.    For example salads, stir fry, fried rice, pasta dishes...   And to simplify your life, make only one meat dish a day, for example for lunch, and make dinners vegetarians only. Or the opposite. I am a meat eater (/lover) but usually I eat...
That's awesome, thanks so much for the details. I've looked at your blog, lots of great info but unfortunately no meat paella yet... I'll be more patient! Do you have any tips regarding gauging or measuring the ratio of rice to water? I never know the exact ratio and keep having to adjust with water toward the end which is probably far from perfect technique....
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