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A proper successful seasoning doesn't lift from the pan with water and a sponge, and it doesn't lift and ends up in your food.    I would start over and get a proper seasoning before you start cooking. And I would definitely not start with eggs.    I would also skip the stovetop part and season in the oven directly.    Best of luck!
Soy sauce contains wheat, which may be an issue if you're allergic or intolerant to wheat. 
I wouldn't use a recipe for gnocchi, as different potatoes have different water content, and that requires different amounts of flour. I use just the amount of flour needed to get a dough that is no longer sticky to the fingers. In your situation, my guess is you may need more flour. 
I have grapefruit tree wood that I've been saving for a paella... one of those days! 
Actually the problem is much more widespread than that. It has to do with the source, with the distribution chain, and with the consumer. There is waste at all stages.  
That creates a type of meringue. Precisely the type of meringue used by macarons. 
Do you have a source or link that shows that?Kleenex is a word that was invented by a marketing person, that didn't mean anything. It later seeped into the langage to become a common word.Sous vide is a common expression that had a meaning used in normal langage WAY before it was used by manufacturers.
That's incorrect. Sous vide is French for "Under vacuum." The name was used centuries before its culinary applications, and specialized culinary sous vide equipment manufacturers didn't even exist when "sous vide" was first used for culinary applications.
Make sure you keep it rather firm then. No one wants to eat a loose moose mousse!! (<- not apologizing this time)
I add ground toasted rice (toast rice in a dry pan, then grind it in a coffee grinder, keep it a bit coarse) to add texture to thai salads... it's a classic in certain dishes such as Larb: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larb
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