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From here it looks purely amazing. Great job. 
They are Canelés!  => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canel%C3%A9
 There are many exceptions: • Sliced multi-grain bread goes in the fridge, • Potatoes and onions stay out of the fridge.• Fruits that are getting ripe too quickly such as peaches, nectarines, avocados... go in the fridge to slow down ripening. • Some delicate fruits like strawberries always stay in the fridge. Keep in mind SoCal is usually HOT and things spoil quickly. 
 That's odd, they are a wonderful flavor combination!! Which is why paella is nearly always served with lemon. But even in other dishes, I often mix saffron and lemon (tajine) or pimenton and lemon...  Anyway turns out it's rather cold outside right now so I think I'll end up serving the paella hot after all. Or at least warm. That solves that problem. Got 2kg arborio rice at the store, it's going to be a big party!  @phatch your rice salad is beautiful. 
Thanks.    I think it's better to add the saffron to the rice's cooking water no? It seems like it would be better incorporated that way - more homogenous. Although a saffron vinaigrette does sound cool.    I'm not concerned about the chorizo, I'm adding it raw after the rice is cooked. I find that adding it earlier in the process gives a wonderful taste to the broth (and therefore to the rice) but unfortunately leaves you with bland, watered down chorizo. So I'll dice...
I'm making paella salad this week end, for the first time. My idea was to stay pretty close to the taste of paella, but serve it cold with a vinaigrette. Pretty basic:    - Heat olive oil, - Sautee red & green bell peppers, green beans, - Garlic, - Fresh tomatoes, rosemary,  - Rice,  - Chicken stock, saffron,  - Diced chorizo.  - Vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon, vinegar).     However I wonder how short grain rice would fare with this recipe? Would it hold its...
I believe the benefit is to have all the skin in contact with the hot brick, flat, so all (or most) of the skin gets really crispy. I've yet to try it though. 
Come to think of it I used to eat a crazy amount of meat in my college years. My two younger boys (far from being ready for college) don't eat much at all, so I probably have a skewed sense of reality. We had a party the other day with 6 kids aged 4 to 8, and I prepared 1lbs of macaronis, served with sausages and grated cheese, and to my dismay I realized I hadn't prepared enough pasta!!!
Do college boys really eat that much meat??? I feed my family of four with 500grams of meat, so I would have guessed that 1/2 lbs per person is right on point for college boys. 
Seared foie gras on quinces?
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