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Quote:  On top of the poor quality ingredients, the dull flavor and aroma, and the unnecessary ingredient additions (...another serving of chicken fat, Autolyzed Yeast, Hydrolyzed Soy,Dextrose, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Corn Oil and Corn Protein anyone?), store-bought stock has no body. If you're trying to reduce it in order for example to give body to a sauce, forget it, you may as well be reducing water. Just for laughs, here are the ingredients in Knorr's Homestyle Stock...
When you're posting, look at the buttons at the top of your text editor. One of them looks like a framed landscaped, like two peaks of a mountain with a sun (moon?) at the top left. Click that and enter your image's URL or upload your photo file. 
I would set the oven to 375F but as I suggested there may be no need for an oven at all. In restaurants, ovens are always on, and stovetop burners are limited, so the instant they achieve the right color on the steak, they throw it in the oven to finish while freeing up the stovetop burner for something else. But at home, often you don't need to free up that burner, and it's overkill to pre-heat a big oven just to finish a small steak. IMO for a 1"1/4 thick NY or Rib-eye...
Wow, that was my first time seeing one. It was called a horned water chestnut.    Looks perfect for Halloween decorations. 
Ever seen this before? Any idea what this is?   
I rarely use powdered spices on my steaks. If your steak is good quality, S & P is pretty much all it needs. I do make an exception when I grill ti-tip, then that gets rubbed with garlic powder, sometimes a bit of paprika even. While powdered onion/garlic will initially seem like they enhance the flavor of your steak, after a while you realize it actually masks the beef flavor, which is a shame IMO.    I don't wrap in plastic and/or marinate. I don't always brush with...
Neither are hybrid cars. They're slow, ugly and expensive. But, like seasonality, their point is EXACTLY the opposite of "being everything." We've had "everything" for a while now. Tomatoes in any season at the supermarket for example. But a few of us have noticed that with "everything" we've actually lost a lot, like the real flavor of a tomato for example. Hence the idea of trying to reconnect with nature and eating what's in season. Now I'm not saying from now on,...
  Your logic is flawed. If I have multiple stocks, and only one of them has some opacity, and that's the one stock I want to turn into a consommé, then there is a need for clarification. 
So you don't have an exact recipe and are asking us to scale the recipe for you. It's rather easy: C = amount of cheese in original recipeP = amount of pasta in original recipe Now for your wedding you'll need 150*C + 150*P. Let us know if you need help with the math. 
I question the existence of rpooley. Maybe he's just a glitch in the Matrix? 
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