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Interesting: I was just reading Thomas Keller's book today where he stresses the importance of seasoning steaks in advance. He suggests no less than 20 minutes before the steak hits the pan. That's dry-brining right there.    @ordo I heard that in Argentina they do a form of wet brining, where they mop the meat with salty water while it cooks? 
Welcome! Glad to have you here, hoping you enjoy it and stick around. 
Actually you did post those already (thought I remembered that picture)!!  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81655/august-2014-challenge-eggs/30#post_477950
I'm afraid I don't have any constructive feedback, other than give me a slice of that and I'll eat it for breakfast, twine and all. That roast looks absolutely delicious!!! Oh just one thought, maybe use skewers, they're fairly easy to remove after the cooking. I used stainless steel skewers once when baking a stuffed leg of lamb. Never worked with hooks but I suppose that would work as well. 
Wow I've never heard of anything like it. Sounds like a unique experience!
Next time take me with you! Now that's the life. You made me dream with this thread, Kouk'!
@ordo never heard of pine mushrooms before! What do they taste like? Nice omelette sandwhich there. 
I buy flax seed oil at my local whole food, I believe it should be fairly easy to find... at least in stores that cater to health minded folks... https://www.google.com/#q=flax+seed+oil&tbm=shop
Very true. 
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