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Funny, we do kinda the same thing in France, we just don't have a name for it. You'd think we'd name it "suprême de riz à l'eau de chateau" or something fancy like that. But we just call it "rice water". So when you have a stomach flu, you boil rice with water and lots of salt and drink the salty white water. The rice itself is discarded. 
Or maybe a duck fat roux instead of the beurre manié?
Nothing like a good liken stock. 
If I could snap my fingers and make my grandmother reappear in her kitchen, this time I would watch and listen carefully. 
Thank you for sharing! I had no idea the flames catching some of the oil was part of wok cooking. Now I know. 
Nothing to change. Just post in the pro forum.
There: http://www.cheftalk.com/t/71685/puglia-cassola-seafood-stew-cassola#post_396796
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That's a nice thought. 
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