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eatwith's $1,000,000 liability insurance. 
That's exactly what it looked and felt like. Thanks for that info - but this one had the bones in. 
As a customer, I do consider this a valid issue. Once I've ordered my hamburger (when what I was really craving was a rib eye), and once I ate half of my burger, if I see someone on a neighboring table getting served a rib eye, if I ask a waiter and am told that yes, you can order a rib-eye but they're just not on the menu because it's some sort of "secret", you bet I'm going to be annoyed and probably will no longer come back to that restaurant. 
Stock reduction will allow you to thicken sauces and soup with the natural gelatin released by the meat bones in your stock. 
I use them in salads... for example:    - chick peas - cucumber - avocado - soft boiled egg - Comté cheese - roasted bell peppers - home made herb croutons - cornichons, or capers   + dressing = dijon mustard, sherry vinegar, shallots and/or crushed garlic, olive oil. 
@petalsandcoco you're killing me with all that beautiful food. 
So delightfully beautiful. Perfectly synchronized souls. 
No immersion circulator here.    I did not French the ribs, I cooked the whole rack then proceeded to separate them as best I could, but they were so tightly attached together on one end that I had to resort to a bigger knife to cut through cartilage. 
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