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What's a cooking fireplace? You can cook in any fireplace - unless it's a fake fireplace obviously.
Oh wow! You've done this phatch? That means it's even less than the article I was reading. What's the target chicken temp? Something like 135F? Is the chicken white throughout or pinkish in the center? 
Have any of you experimented with sous-vide or low temperature chicken cooking? I was just reading an article stating that you can cook chicken in a 160F oven for a few hours, until you reach an internal chicken temperature of 145F.    That sounds rather low to me, I don't usually use a thermometer but I can't imagine a chicken getting fully cooked in a 160F oven... obviously because I've never tried it.    Anyone tried something like that?    I remember Thomas...
Wow, that thing is amazing. Never heard of it before. 
I don't because I don't want to spend that kind of money and time doing it... Because I still love it and like to use it to make some pan sauces, I use a shortcut, the "More than gourmet" stuff. 
 Now THAT 's a great idea!  
So where does our meat really come from? How do we know? Do you know? I sure don't. Depending on the budget du jour, my mood, and what's for dinner, I may be shopping in different places:   Gelson's: the most expensive supermarket around, they carry prime beef (the price is also prime), organic beef, grass fed, kobe beef, the meat is always fresh, guaranteed natural without hormones or antibiotics, they have organic chicken ($4.99/lbs). Whole Foods: almost as...
It turned out great. I ended up dividing the result into two batches and added a good amount of chipotle in adobo to the "adult" batch, leaving the "kids" batch alone. Everybody was happy. The kids had fun breaking the tostadas, making little "spoons" with them and dipping them in the chili. And they love sour cream so anything with a spoon of sour cream on it sounds decadent to them anyway.    I was hoping it would last for 3 meals but it's already gone. 
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