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Deburring, by the way, is IMO (the opinion of a beginner) key to learning to create an edge on a knife. 
 Most (nearly all) French people are thin. Certainly much, much thinner than Mexican. 
The dish you saw in the film ratatouille is not a ratatouille. It's a Confit Byaldi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confit_byaldi   I personally much prefer ratatouille, even if the presentation is not as impressive.    Ratatouille is delicious hot or cold right out of the fridge. It's great alone and goes wonderfully with rice. Cold ratatouille with hot rice is a rare treat in the summer.    If you like meat, just serve meat along with it. A grilled pork chop, or...
Yes it's a basic sweet bread... it's pretty good with coffee! :)
It can be tricky when you first start.  This may be helpful (it was for me): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEBF55079F53216AB 
First time I quickly sear a whole turkey on all sides and serve it rare. It was moist and juicy. Delicious. 
Coffee with sugar and Concha pan dulce... not the healthiest of breakfasts I know.   
No, lamb steaks should not be chewy, ever. I often cook steaks from the leg of lamb or even the shoulder. They're not chewy and certainly not elastic. Your description makes me think they were frozen and perhaps not properly thawed.  The correct way to cook them nice and tender is to start with a fresh piece of meat, room temp, and grill or saute at high heat for a short time, keeping the meat pink in the middle. 
It's one of those do-it-all machines.    My in-laws have one. They rarely use it. We've used it for soups, mostly. That's about it really, as far as I can remember. Personally I wouldn't buy one but I guess it depends on your lifestyle and typical daily schedule. 
New Posts  All Forums: