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Learned it in culinary school. 10 students tasting 10 different dishes at 10 different times during their cooking process = how many spoons? The answer is 20 (one for each dish and one for each student).  
I suppose you could add Las Vegas, NV to the list.
In which cities are the "next level" chefs you're dreaming of working with or becoming yourself?
Actually you need only 2 spoons: one spoon to dip into the pot and pour into the other spoon, which you put in your mouth. You can repeat this as any times as needed without the need for more spoons. 
1. Yes. 2. Left whole and don't dry.
True that!!
The Amora one I posted earlier, or if I can't find that, the Trader Joes Dijon mustard.
For chicken thighs? Well, it depends on the temp, but at 375 or 400F, an hour would most likely be overkill.  If you're scared by raw chicken, or don't trust your chicken source perfectly, or like your chicken really well cooked, then you could try a lower temp (300F to 350F) and then leave it longer. There will be less difference between the inside vs the outside of the chicken, meaning you'll be able to leave the chicken longer in the oven without it burning, and it will...
OH okay. That makes more sense! Well then 25 to 40 mn sounds about right for chicken thighs. On top of what others have said, one thing to consider is that the size of chicken thighs can vary quite a bit from one bird to another, so depending on how big they are they'll require more or less time. 
 25 to 40 minutes isn't enough to cook a whole bird. 40mn at a high temp may barely make it for a tiny bird, but usually you'll need longer cooking times.  I googled "roast chicken" and couldn't find a recipe that recommended a cooking time less than 50mn. The 3rd google result recommended 1 Hr 30mn cooking time. I'm not sure where you're finding the recipes you mention but they must be for a fabricated chicken, not a whole chicken.
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