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The 36 hour burger:     
Unless you'd rather keep it secret, would you share what ratio and method you're using? 
Chicken tajine with preserved lemons and green olives (with couscous).   Coq au vin (with boiled potatoes or noodles).    Poulet basquaise (with rice).    Ginger/lime/honey/fish sauce braised chicken & onions (with rice). 
It's not about regional pronunciation, we just don't have emphasis in French. For example, to pronounce orange in English, you have to put an emphasis on the o, so you say OH-range. If you say oh-RANGE, people will probably not understand you (or maybe they'll just think you wanted to say the word "range").  We do not have such emphasis in France, independent of which region you come from: You can say OH-range or oh-RANGE and people will understand you. Both are correct....
And that's the crux of it: it's not the first time CB has sent offensive emails to members of this forum because he wouldn't accept to be corrected.  Decorum is something that I strive for... until I wake up one day and someone calls me a bitch.  Are the moderators ok with this? It's considered ok to call someone else a bitch by private message? There are no consequences? If that's the case, I'm not really interested in continuing my participation in this community. 
There are gooseberries in my parent's backyard. They are not kiwi fruits nor grapes, however I don't know what Swan grapes are. Apparently Chinese gooseberries are kiwifruits? The gooseberries I know look like this:
Here's a PM I received from ChrisBelgium this morning:No idea why you would bring Koukouvagia in the mix??? Insulting and threatening members via PM is not acceptable behavior, Chris. Wether it's annoying you or not, when you make glaringly wrong statements about my country or my language, I will correct you. Suck it up, buttercup. Got it?
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