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A.I. can fly planes, space shuttles, it's used in finances, medicine...  you really believe that it would be a challenge for A.I. to handle special requests like "hold the lettuce" or "cooked well done"? If anything that's the strength of A.I. vs Humans. Once you've programmed all possible requests into A.I. then it shouldn't be an issue for the robot to handle as many special requests as needed (vs the human who would struggle to remember them all). The only thing is.....
 Hahaha.... that was your standard French butcher. Wait till I send you some pics of my local butcher who deals only with local hunters and local farms - nothing mainstream. As soon as I'm back in France (this summer). I'll tell you what, if you ever come to France, I'll be happy to invite you to visit the local farms and butchers, and after we go shopping we can go back to my home and I'll cook dinner for you. All I ask in return is that you teach me how to sharpen that...
 And here I was hoping it'd be an easy fix.
@Koukouvagia I didn't even have time to read the article in its entirety but isn't one of the reasons that you're overcooking the chops?
 What a crock of 5h!✝. I'm glad you can see through it. In the USA, chickens are sold swimming in water, wrapped in sealed plastic. In France, chickens are sold dry, loosely wrapped in butcher paper. See pic below. Two completely different ways to handle them, and the results are vastly different as well. 
I've had that occasionally. I believe it's the same for pork chops, chicken, bacon, fish, etc... in fact ATK wrote an article on it:
 It's funny when I was trying to think of how they could go together the only thing that came to mind was Greek cooking. For example moussaka (if you put potatoes in it). No, you're right, I've had some great dishes with both potatoes and tomatoes, but usually that's where the potatoes and tomatoes are cooked together I suppose.  I don't know, I don't have a hard rule or anything like that, it's just, a rösti served with a quenelle of tomato fondue doesn't sound appealing...
 Butter based (Hollandaise, beurre fondu, beurre blanc, beurre noisette, beurre rouge, beurre citronné....) or Oil based (mayo, aïoli....).  Rice. 
 Oh no confusion there, I know what a tomato fondue is, I've been making tomato fondue since I was a kid! And I wouldn't serve it with potato Anna, or a gratin dauphinois, or french fries, or sauteed potatoes, or pommes dauphines, or pommes darphin, or any classic potato recipe, including Rösti. Maybe it's just my personal taste? .. but then again, I don't think I've often seen them served together. 
In my mind, tomato fondue and rösti do not go together at all. And culturally either. Much like I wouldn't serve sushi with melted cheese, I wouldn't serve a tomato sauce with a potato dish. 
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