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 Nice Movember look. 
Oh NOOOOO!! To be honest I was worried about that as I made my dough yesterday evening, left it on the counter... and my wife gets up before I do... and truth be told, that dough doesn't look like much! Still, you must have been pissed! 
What creates the chewiness is not the protein %age in itself, but the gluten strands. To create gluten strands you need protein in the wheat, and you need to knead. If you don't knead you won't get as much gluten. And fat such as oil acts as a shortening: it shortens the gluten strands, reducing the chewiness. 
Wow you buy the wheat berries? And then mill your own flour? Thanks for sharing that link. 
Yes, that all makes sense, thanks panini. I'm wondering for what applications you'd use cake flour vs pastry flour? 
What's the argument? Just curious... I think I'll bake mine later tonight. 
None of those URLs resolve for me. Apparently the site is down. 
@panini thanks. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the past too, but cannot find it now. It isn't featured on their organic flours page: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/flours/organic-flours   I have zero experience with either pastry or cake flours, so my idea was to start experimenting with cake flour. THe idea is that by going to extremes (getting the softest flour I can get my hands on) it may be easier at first for me to discern the difference in the results.   Do...
Your risotto looks a bit stiffer than the one I make, which wouldn't hold in shape on the plate like that. But the sauteed mushroom ragout you have on top is what makes it look really killer. It's a nice touch! Thanks for the info on the pork prime rib. Now I'm craving pork. I love pork, and I also love the price!! 
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