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I've never tried it, but I feel like using a capon for coq au vin is almost a waste of a capon though? As I'm sure you know coq au vin was a recipe invented to deal with the toughness of old roosters, which you had to marinate overnight (or more) and slowly cook in liquid for a long time to tenderize.  But a capon, being castrated, becomes much fattier than non-castrated chickens, and is therefore very tender. It makes it an ideal candidate for roasting IMO. 
I think, more importantly than trying to get a rooster - which can sometimes end up tough and chewy and a far cry from that dreamy coq-au-vin you were picturing in your head - you should focus on getting a good quality chicken. I get chickens from a farmer's market, they are 6 to 9 months old, I'm not sure how old they have to be to be called rooster, but IMO those are just great for that dish. Also keep in mind that an older bird is going to take more time and energy to...
 Yes, that's what I'm doing, palm sugar, which I pound into a paste along with garlic.  Thanks a lot for adding those comments @ChicagoTerry , much appreciated, as many suggestions seem like they would stray away from the flavor profile I'm looking for... which seems to be more authentic... can't imagine adding corn starch to a Thai cabbage salad (even though I'm sure it would solve my issue, it's not the texture I"m looking for in a salad). I'm not really excited at the...
Thing is, I want to eat fresh crispy cabbage, not wilted cabbage!   Great, thanks! I will have to try those ideas. 
Thanks for the answers. I think I'll try emulsifying a bit of toasted sesame oil next time to keep it Asian-themed... 
I often make Thai Cabbage salad, it's kind of an Asian cole slaw: mainly finely sliced green and red cabbages, sometimes I add finely sliced red bell pepper, cucumber, green onions... Dressed, then finished with minced cilantro and crushed peanuts.    The dressing:  - Garlic - Palm sugar - Lime juice - Fish sauce   I make a garlic and sugar paste in a mortar and pestle, then mix in the lemon juice and fish sauce, pour in the salad and mix.    The problem: After...
You could place a roasting pan filled with hot water at the bottom of your oven, and turn on the fan(s) or convection if your oven has it. 
Try the local farmer's markets (if any) in your area, I routinely find chickens around 3 lbs there. 
Bravo @chefbuba !! Well deserved! :D
You could do chicken fajita along with gnocchis.   Or you could consider a poulet basquaise (chicken cooked in onions and bell peppers with paprika) along with gnocchis.
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