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All I know is, the stuff is made in Nabeul, Tunisia. Maybe it first travels to France, then from France to the U.S.? 
I have the same brand of harissa, I use it mostly for couscous: when we serve couscous, we put out a little bowl, one laddle of broth, and a heaping Tbspn of harissa. That's our hot sauce for the couscous. Sometimes I can't be bothered and just put the harissa straight in my plate. Sometimes I add it to sandwhiches...    In France, a classic street fair sandwich is fresh baguette, 2 grilled merguez, and a choice of dijon mustard or harissa, served with french fries....
I was trying to attach a pdf to a post, but upon clicking the little paper clip icon, I was greated with...: "You don't have permission to create attachments."   Any way we could attach files to posts? 
It's the eye of the chuck, the muscle from the center, the most tender one. It works great as a long slow braise, but unlike the whole chuck, you can also get stunning dry roasts out of the eye of chuck. It's a real treat, I absolutely love that cut but it's not always easy to find or to convince your butcher to cut it for you.    Here's a pdf that gives you more details on the cut, and some recipe ideas.    Well... darn. I can't attach a pdf? It says I don't have...
Oh yes if you treat the ingredients right you can do something wonderful. What I was saying is "steamed" veggies and "boiled" rice (without butter or anything). Boring. But roast the veggies, grill the chicken and ad some butter to the rice, and I'm sure you can have a delicious meal.  Having said that I have an aversion for boneless skinless chicken breast. To me it's the most boring part of the chicken. I never pick the breast if I can help it, but at least if I have a...
What's wrong with that? 
I think it does contribute positively to the discussion. I find several Asian cuisines to be very healthy and yet satisfying. Namely Indian, Vietnamese and Thai. At least those are the ones I'm familiar with.  I cringe at the idea of a sad plate of boneless skinless chicken breast with steamed vegetable and a tablespoon of boiled brown rice.  On the other hand, nearly anything Indian tastes magical to me. And most of it is probably just as good to keep my waist small. And...
In French, "mincir" (pronounced main-seer) means "to slim down". 
To 86? http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/86_%28term%29
Personally I soak in cold water, and only for a little while, probably 10-15mn. Works great for me. 
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