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Yes, I completely agree with that. 
It removes the air from the bag. Apply a vacuum cleaner, or a food saver to the opening of a bag, and you'll see the bag collapse until there's no more space inside. If there's no space, then there's no vacuum, since a vacuum is, according to you own words: 
That description is accurate. At no point does Harold McGee says there's a vacuum inside the bag though...?? This really isn't a matter of opinions. If you have more pressure on one side of a flexible material than on the other, you're not going to create a vacuum on one side of the material: instead, the material will move toward the side that applies less pressure. It really is basic physics. 
 You did state, yourself, that a vacuum is space devoid of matter, however, you cannot point to that space devoid of matter inside a vacuum packed bag, because it just ... is not there! There is no vacuum inside a vacuum packed plastic bag.  
The French who initially gave it the name "sous vide" got it wrong. Every other country correctly translating this wrong terminology got it just as wrong as the French originally got it wrong.  Now let's all place a raw steak in a hot pan to "seal in the juices"!!! 
 Actually I did read your posts and the links they contained, they just don't disprove my point at all, contrary to what you seem to believe. But you didn't address my own post??? --> Can you show me a photograph of a vacuum sealed bag and point to the empty space in it? Can you use a food saver to apply a vacuum to a bag full of air and show me the empty space left inside the bag?
The sealers apply a vacuum to the product so that the air inside the bag is sucked in by the sealer. The result does NOT leave a vacuum inside the bag!! A vacuum would be left inside the bag if the bag didn't shrink when you vacuum sealed it, and that's only possible with a rigid container.   When you vacuum clean your house, you apply a vacuum on the floor so that the dust is sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. The result does NOT leave a vacuum inside your...
No - and other than making the statement, I'm not sure how you reached that conclusion. There's no partial vacuum in sous vide. There's no vacuum at all. There's no difference in pressure between the outside of the bag and the inside of the bag. 
 Yes! I wholeheartedly agree with that. 
No, I am not talking about a perfect vacuum, I am talking about a vacuum, perfect or not. You cannot create a vacuum with a flexible container, that's just basic physics! If the pressure outside is bigger than the pressure inside, then the bag collapses, leaving no space inside - therefore no vacuum. If the container was rigid enough to withstand the pressure difference between outside and inside the container then you could create a vacuum.  No they are not (creating a...
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