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Do you believe that none of the food you can purchase can be bad for your health, since it's being sold in the first place?  Here's some reading if you want to research the issue: http://sciencenordic.com/chemical-cocktail-foods-increase-cancer-risk
Have you heard of the cocktail effect? When you add up all those small amounts of chemicals which, if ingested in isolation, wouldn't kill you, you are triggering additive and/or synergistic effect that may well make you sick or even kill you. 
Anyone knows of a good source to buy organic Jasmine rice (up to 10 lbs at a time) online or near Los Angeles? The best I've found so far is $2/lbs:    http://www.amazon.com/Village-Harvest-Organic-Jasmine-16-Ounce/dp/B004T7P69A/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8
Very useful. I was dreading cooking that chicken because of the issue, fearing it would be tough. Now I'm thinking that between a day or two of defrosting and a day or two of marinating in red wine, the bird should be fine. 
Great, thanks for adding all that information Virgil. Much appreciated! 
Cool... thanks for sharing your experience! I can keep the beer and cigarette to myself after all. 
I was given a chicken that was frozen shorltly after its death (maybe half a day or a day, not sure). It's my understanding that what should have been done is a rest period in the fridge before freezing, so that rigor mortis had the time to fade away?    Knowing that, would the chicken benefit from a resting period after thawing? One day? Two days?    Note that this is an older, tougher chicken, so I was considering marinating it in wine anyway (coq au vin). 
A fried egg? A salad? Would have NEVER thought of that. Thanks for the ideas, will try!
Awesome, thanks Kouk. I'd forgotten about the porcinis, and I did have fresh parsley and garlic and parm cheese in there, so I wasn't that close. And instead of toasting in the olive oil, I just mixed with the olive oil, topped the pasta gratin and browned in the oven.   Next time I'll try to do it the right way. Lemon zest (probably added after toasting) does sound like a good addition. 
I believe it was @Koukouvagia who turned me on to this in an older thread... a topping, which I believe originated in Italy (?), made of bread crumbs, cheese, herbs and minced garlic.... perhaps tossed with olive oil and used as a topping for a gratin or maybe even a garnish for a braised dish such as as braised chuck..... I'm not sure I'm remembering this right and a google search doesn't turn up anything. Kouk' ... do you know what I mean? Or anyone else? What's the...
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