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Haha weird: it looks like an alien hand almost. 
You know, maybe I will (try without running the knife around the souffle)! The souffles rise straight up, however I realize that I've never made a dessert souffle, so I'm talking about savory cheese souffles.... maybe it's different for dessert souffles? Not sure. See pic of my Comté cheese souffle below:   In any case your last souffle was certainly absolutely perfect. 
I've never had a problem with opening the door. I've never had a problem with the souffle sticking, but then again I have always used that trick... I don't put anything to support it either... who knows, maybe if I'd never used that trick it would have worked just as well!? 
I mean I insert the blade of the knife between the sides of the souffle and the ramekin walls, and go all around the souffle to make sure the souffle doesn't stick to the sides, and can raise freely. It's a tip I learned from Bernard Loiseau (but I've heard others use that technique). It's always worked for me and on your first picture it seems like it would have helped, as it looks like the reason your souffle didn't raise perfectly symmetrically is that maybe it got...
Might be easier to juice a grilled lemon.  
You're welcome Pollo, it looks really good. As for the issues getting it to rise, you probably already do that...? But just in case: I like to open my oven 5mn after I start cooking the souffles and lift the appareil (sorry not sure what the word is in english... dough?) from the sides of the ramekin. 
@Pollopicu : perfect soufflé!!   @Koukouvagia of course you can. Give it a try! It's easier than it sounds IMO. 
I did. 
I have to confess that before actually eating sous-vide cooked items in nice restaurants, when I first heard of the technique, it didn't sound appealing to me. The idea of stuffing my steak in a plastic bag and using all sorts of equipment to check and maintain a precise temperature does go against my caveman instincts. 
Sous vide is hardly fast food. It's a cooking technique that was invented by a 3 star michelin restaurant called Trois Gros in France in the 70's. It was quickly adopted by other famous French chefs such as Paul Bocuse and Joel Robuchon. 
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