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I'd never ever heard of sev before. Funny how no matter how many new things we try, how much we read or watch stuff about food... there's always more to learn!
Carcass simmering in duck fat, resulting rillettes with green peppercorns, cognac, mace, black and white pepper, bit of garlic, and last pic is the rillettes sealed with duck fat. Thanks @Nicko for the rillettes idea!! How long do you think this'll keep in the fridge? I didn't do any sterilization or anything...      
I remember watching the making of a beer commercial. It was unbelievable the amount of finicky tampering going on with the beer .... just to take a photograph of some beer in a glass. Coloring agents, water sprays to create bubbles on the outside of the glass, trips back and forth from the freezer to create frost, but most interestingly, the addition of specific soaps in the beer in order to create a more stable foam leaving more time to the photographer to take photos...
OK @Nicko  there's a little meat left on the bones and I'll try making Rillettes! How would I go about it from a roasted duck cracass? Do I have to first steam it for a while to losen the meat off the bone and make it more moist? I've never made rillettes before.  Edit: Googled around and found this. Sounds delicious. Steaming: what was I thinking. When I have all that duck fat in my fridge!!  
Yes on veggies!! Especially potatoes of course, but others too.... eggs! Never thought of doing eggs in duck fat. Gotta try it! Oooooh rillettes.... now that sounds amazing. Not much leftovers though...   Well I had reserved some of the fat and skin trimmings so tonight we get salt and pepper duck cracklings ... and some more duck fat!!!    
Well it turned out great, unfortunately no pics. I really loved the green pepper+fennel seed rub on the duck, and the potatoes and shallots were out of this world! The potatoes were literally confit in the duck fat. And when I think I almost didn't make potatoes!!   Now the great news is I have a bowl full of leftover duck fat!!!
Thank you Nicko! Happy Thanksgiving to you! I took a couple of pics before the bird went in the oven:     ...and the still-dry trompettes chanterelles:  
Well, if we're going to be critical, I don't like to cut steak - especially quality steak - with a serrated steak knife. It kinda tears the crust apart, even the steak's fibers, rather than giving them a clean cut like you can get from a sharp plain edge knife. But of course Steak house have other cats to whip than sharpening FOH knives on a regular basis. In fact I don't even like cutting my steak in my plate. When I make steak at home, I serve it on a wooden cutting...
That's a better hashtag. More accurate too. 
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