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You're right. Let it come up to room temp, 45mn to 1hr depending on the thickness of the steak. This really makes a huge difference in the end result. 
@ordo I could eat those for dessert! Which reminds me, my grand mother used to make aubergines confites... basically eggplants cooked in a simple syrup:  
It's corn flour (a.k.a. corn stach). 
A far breton aux pruneaux I also made a while back...very smooth texture, a bit thicker than a flan, very luxurious, with rhum-infused prunes.   
Actually Maïzena is not a German word, it's a French brand (which belongs to Unilever): http://www.maizena.fr/ The name was originally trademarked in 1891: http://www.trademarks411.com/marks/70019679-maizena
It's back up now! 
Is Cheftalk's CDN down?   • I can't see any of the photographs in the posts.   • I get a "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to open an image in a new tab/window.   • I get an error when trying to upload a new photograph to a post. 
Some Comté cheese soufflés I made a while ago:   
Ended up doing a table salad, that was a great idea, so thanks Phatch. I had cucumber/carrot sticks, bean sprouts, lettuce leaves, mint, cilantro and purple perilla. That made for a beautiful platter too (no photos unfortunately, I've been trying to spend more time enjoying the present moment lately, which means I almost never take photos of food anymore).    As for the morning glory, it turns out that I couldn't be bothered going back inside to cook them at the last...
Eggplant caviar
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