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BRAVO. Genius.  
Sorry to ask what may be obvious... but... what's the difference? 
WOW! She was really well hidden!!  We should have a new thread "spot the baby on that food picture". 
That looks Indian... reminds me of my wife's indian cauliflower dish except she uses peas instead of green beans. Not sure what the name is... Gobi-something? 
@Vic Cardenas You keep cranking them up!!! Great! Is one of your sauces kinda purple-ish? Is that from the use of purple potatoes perhaps?    @dhmcardoso Great contribution, thanks for posting your gratuitous action shots. I couldn't spot a baby in the background, but that wouldn't have bothered me a bit, in fact I'm kinda of missing it now that you mention it. WHERE'S THE BABY??? 
WINNER! I'm not surprised you won that one butzy.   Delicious soy marinated beef, grilled and sliced, served with a thin dipping sauce bursting with spicy limey goodness. One of my favorites. So spicy, it will make you cry like a tiger. 
How about this Kenyan restaurant?   
I should have specified that it was a "new American small plates" restaurant. Kinda expensive fine dining, with small plates from $9 to $25. 
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