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 Quite a blanket statement. Do you realize that outside of the US, pretty much all beef is grass-fed? Grass-fed done properly has much more flavor than US-Government-subsidized-GMO-corn-fed beef. It's not as tender, I'll give you that. But when it comes to flavor, there's no comparison. And I've had great grass-fed beef right here in the U.S. I do agree with all of the other points you make. I'll definitely have to try that technique again then. 
I have not! Are you thinking of fresh or dried oregano? I have only very little experience with fresh oregano.  I think I've done that in the past... I do that sometimes when grilling steaks... but for pan searing I prefer the oil to be super hot when I put the steak in... not sure it makes a huge difference to be honest. I guess oiling the steak rather than the pan has the advantage of using only the necessary amount, and having oil only where the steak is in contact with...
Suggestions, secrets or tips.... here we go.    For 1"1/2, I wouldn't bother with finishing in the oven, unless you want medium well or well done. Most people like their rib-eye medium rare, but it never hurts to ask obviously.    I would: - Take the steak out of the fridge 1 hour before.  - Preheat the pan very slowly and for a long time until very hot.  - Season liberally with sea salt and black pepper just before adding the steak to the pan. - Add the oil and...
Have you ever had Kalbi?
That was my first reaction to this post as well. Rib eyes should never be tough. 
Also.... pistachio in creme brûlée??? Reminds me of an episode of kitchen nightmare where the chef was putting pomegranate seeds in risotto.   Before you reinvent the wheel, learn to make the basics the basic way. Simple isn't always easy, and simple done well goes a long way. Once you've successfully made a creme brûlée the proper way you wouldn't ask those questions or think of doing a creme brûlée with pistachios. 
That sounds (and looks) fantastic. That's what canned tuna should look like. 
This doesn't make any sense to me. If you want to make creme brûlées, make creme brûlées. What you're describing (something that's set and that can stand on its own, without a ramekin) is not a creme brûlée. A creme brûlée isn't fully set and you cannot cut it in pieces. Can you make beef burgundy with chicken instead of beef, and no wine? Sure, but then... surely you don't want to call it beef burgundy. So just give it another name.    In France, a version of portable...
No, and no. Buy more ramekins.  And what do you mean by "EXTRA" agar agar? You put agar agar in your creme brulee???? 
Note that American tuna is mostly young tuna, so low in mercury even though it's albacore.
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