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Ooh that sounds very tasty too. Curry chicken salad.  Here's what I'm leaning toward for lunch tomorrow:  chicken salad with celery, green onions, apples, almonds, grape, baby spinach, served with warm corn tortillas or some kind of flat bread. 
Ooh now that looks good.  Tacos and Enchiladas are a great idea also.  Or maybe a chicken salad for lunch! Guess I'll go sleep over it. 
Saffron is also grown in Switzerland: http://www.swissinfo.ch/fre/le-safran-suisse-vaut-son-pesant-d-or/4044474
See "Perfect Soft Eggs" a little further down on the following page: http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/10/the-food-lab-science-of-how-to-cook-perfect-boiled-eggs.html
So I made chicken soup the other day and have lots of chicken leftover. Tonight I made chicken pot pies, but I still have more... one whole breast to be precise.    Any ideas what to do with it? 
It went ok. Nothing to die for, but I came pretty close IMO. My wife and kids, who've never been to Yoshinoya in their lives, loved it. I thought the onions were spot on, they were probably the highlight of the dish. The beef was ok but a bit tough. Could be that I used chuck. Could be that I didn't simmer it long enough (about 15mn). Could be that it was grass fed. Or a combination of all those things. I think I'd try another cut if I do it again. And maybe grain fed. The...
So in conclusion, light olive oil works better for this application than EVOO.
Well you've inspired me, tonight I made the Yoshinoya beef bowl. I used grassfed chuck, I'm afraid it's going to be a little tough (just from tasting, we haven't had dinner yet). Otherwise the taste seems pretty close. I'm serving it with brown rice and pan steamed bok choy. 
Now publish your address so we can all attend a mega-burger-experience party, hosted by yourself. I'll bring the wine!
New Posts  All Forums: