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I don't think I've ever laughed that hard from an internet comment. Bravo.   Oh and BTW if I may say, the leek/shallot/pancetta galette looks scrumptious!!
Interesting! What difference do you make between a crêpe Bretonne and a standard crêpe? To me, a crêpe is a specialty from Brittany, so it's obviously Breton. "Crêpe Bretonne" sounds to me like "American Burger", and I'm not sure what difference I would make between an American burger and a standard burger. 
Haha.... welcome to the complexity of the French language I guess. You did not misuse the word.  In French a galette can be just about anything round and flat. For example, a small, flat spare wheel for your car is called a galette:   Now most of the time a galette indicates a food product, rather flat, round, made from some kind of flour based crust, and that could be sweet or savory. An example is the "Galette des rois" which is a frangipane galette:  But the term is...
A "sarazin"? Funny, in France, we call them "galettes", not crêpes or sarazin... always funny to notice how things get distorted in translation. Is the word "galette" used at all in the U.S.? Or do you call them "crêpes"?
Can't even. It's lit!
Is this a regular pan or a grill pan?   If it's a grill pan...billowing smoke, probably not. But it's been my experience that if you cook a steak in a hot cast iron grill pan in a closed kitchen with no hood, it will create smoke and at some point you'll have to either leave the room or open the doors/windows. 
@MaryB Dinosaur ribs! THAT is the name I was looking for. And here I was googling "Cowboy ribs" and other nonsense.  Thanks!   Hmmm you make it sound dead simple to smoke on a gas grill. Maybe I'll try after all! 
This new seaweed!! Should have good commercial success? http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/researchers-discover-seaweed-that-tastes-like-bacon-and-is-twice-as-healthy-as-kale-a7455071.html
Lemon curd sounds like a great Xmas gift.    Pickles? I like to make pickled turnips: use the following recipe but halve the salt and use a whole beet for a bright red color (I don't like the palish relish color he gets on his turnips, with a whole beet yours will look bright red): http://www.davidlebovitz.com/pickled-turnips-turnip-recipe/  - well you could pickle just about anything, for example a mason jar with pickled cauliflower, carrots and cucumber spears, with a...
Yes good point. It only takes minutes to poach a chicken breast!
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