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Well in typical big corporation fashion, after buying it for $100 millions, Starbucks killed La Boulange. Now Pascal Rigo will reopen his original Boulanges, he's just $100 millions richer. Good for him.    http://sf.eater.com/2015/9/26/9401353/la-boulange-reopening-la-boulangerie-de-san-francisco-pascal-rigo
True American cooking. Beautiful. 
My local supermarket just started selling beef medallions. Apparently it just means that the meat was shaped like a medaillon (cut, then tied with butcher string). They sell sirloin medaillons, rib eye medaillons, filet mignon medaillons, etc.... all at vastly different prices. 
Sometimes I mix salt pepper, sliced shallots and minced garlic with the ground meat. Sometimes I keep the patty 100% pure beef. It yields two completely different results. I would suggest you try both and see if you prefer one over the other, or if, like me, you enjoy both are different times?
 It did hit the spot after a round of the clubs though!!
I see... thanks @MaryB !
Right!!?? Vietnamese restaurants in the U.S. are soooo limited. You typically get your noodle bowls, your rice bowls, your phos and banh mis, and cha gios (nems) that taste like egg rolls... and that's about it.  This discussion makes me crave a Vietnamese ice coffee with sweet condensed milk. 
That's what I've been served around here. I thought that was the expected texture (since that's the only texture I know). I've never had a soft one, really...
That's quite romantic. Where I grew up, if you lost your piece of bread in the fondue pot, you had to drink up. 
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