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Traditionally, the mortar and pestle is also used to "monter l'Aïoli" (meaning to beat the emulsion and give the sauce its body). In fact the tradition says that once the pestle can stay standing up in the mortar, then you've reached the proper consistency. 
Chermoula is a little more than a marinade. It's often served along with the protein, or on top of the protein.
I've started paying more attention to the light. I don't have any artificial lights, but I've noticed that my best food pictures are the ones I take next to the window, with the sunlight coming in from the side. It seems to enhance the light/shadow contrast in a natural way. Plating and food photography are two areas where I could definitely improve a LOT. Then there's  photo retouching... have you seen this?...
@ordo BEAUTIFUL colorful plate. All your pictures have a very special lighting, I'm not sure what it is, but when scrolling through a thread looking only at the pictures I can instantly tell which pictures are yours. Lots of contrast. I wish I could grab a fork and eat it!
@Vic Cardenas , what a colorful plating on that last Causa! Very nice, and makes me want to try it. I just googled Causa and it's an exciting concept. I'll have to give it a try!!!
Very interesting, I've never heard of that, which makes me really want to give it a try! Thanks for the idea. 
Unadulterated, no sauce. Any idea of a kind of sauce to suggest? Never really thought about a sauce. She usually makes this when I grill nice big steaks like rib-eyes or porterhouses. She uses all sorts of fresh & rehydrated mushrooms, including a fair amount of morels (my mum forages mushrooms in France and I bring back the dried mushrooms here). Good stuff.  Would love to hear your sauce idea. 
A famous one is the slice of bread with olive oil and tomato, garlic.... Lots more good info there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_cuisine
Ooh that sounds really good. My wife makes a mushroom bread pudding sometimes and that tastes amazing. 
Tonight I cooked radishes for the first time. I love doing something for the first time, especially when it's a new technique I just learned about, with an ingredient that I have known all my life. I got this idea right here on cheftalk when @ordo shared his beautiful plate of a perfectly grilled steak with cooked radishes.    I had a ball of celeriac so I made a celeriac puree, went to the store and got some ground pork and a bulb of fennel. The fennel was diced, mixed...
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