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Some new trends are fun. Not sure what to make of these though... how are you supposed to eat them?   
You know what's silly, I do have some kombu in the closet. From that one time when I tried to make dashi (which ended up tasting like hot tap water). Live and learn. 
Well... waddya know. The next day I reheated the cassoulet and kind of forget it on the stove top, when I came back to it it was at a rolling boil, the beans had broken down further, released some more starch... and the whole thing was much closer to the right texture of cassoulet!!!
I often cook beans or chickpeas without soaking. Works fine as well. 
... or they'll start sprouting and become easier to digest, and healthier?  Seriously though: I don't suppose they'll ferment or grow mold overnight, or even over several days in the fridge? 
I was thinking "some sort of" spanakopita...? 
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. 
Doesn't make me want to try it! 
The cassoulet tasted good but the texture wasn't right. Those cuban beans don't break down the same way as the French white beans I'm used to (coco beans), so they held their shape and didn't ooze much starch into the sauce, which did not develop the proper thickness. 
If I have the time, I prefer to cut the meat with a knife, rather than using ground. For lasagna I prepare a bolognese ragu, so usually I'll get skirt or flank and cut it into very small dice. It's cooked for several hours with milk, which helps give the meat a velvety texture.... can't get that from ground meat IMO. 
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