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Great, thanks a lot for the recommendations, I'll try some of those!
After years of doing Penzeys, I'm trying to switch to organic spices. Does anyone have a good organic spice online source they can recommend? Thank you!
I'm not sure. Fresh is pretty potent. I often taste my braises after a while and if I find the bay leaf taste is already very present after a while (sometimes after only 20mn for example), I'll remove the leaf(s). I think I would start with less fresh (than dried), taste and correct. 
Poach the eggs in maple syrup?
Yes. I've done it, it works fine. 
The bread is not better than kneaded bread, it's just much easier to prepare (less work). We've had a discussion on that topic:   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/83014/the-no-knead-bread-thread
The correct spelling is boulangerie.
IMO Anato and Saffron each have their distinctive aroma and flavor, both completely different from Turmeric. I would highly recommend everyone makes their own test tastes and opinions because I find that most of what you read about those spices is BS. For example, I've often read that saffron was used for the color it added to dishes and not for its flavor - because it didn't have any. Which is obviously a huge nonsense.
Has anyone ever tried this? https://jovialfoods.com/shop/from-our-farm/olive-oil/olive-oil-three-liters.html   Olive oil is one of the cooking territories I never explored, and I tend to just buy whatever is on the shelves at the supermarket, could be Kirkland (Costco) or Trader Joe's organic olive oil. I am trying to step up and find a better olive oil, I'm just not too sure where to start, and since I just bought einkorn flour from Jovial I was looking at their organic...
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