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My sincere condolences to Barbara and Ed's family and friends. Ed will be missed. 
In France we have a sandwich called the "Belgium sandwich" (I doubt it has any origins in Belgium...). It's just french fries in a piece of baguette. It sounds odd, carb on carb, but it's the cheapest sandwich at the stand, and when you're a poor starving student, it fills you up!  
That's pretty much what I ended up doing. Sauteed in oil+butter, the added the lid to pan steam them for a few mn. Finished with a little sliced garlic, S & P. Very good. 
Oops sorry @jake t buds. Hard to tell the subtleties of the human spirit over the internet AND before my morning coffee.  
I once asked a Mexican and he told me he'd never seen or heard of burritos in Mexico: it's an American invention. He said "Oh I see, so you're basically taking everything we eat, rolling it in a tortilla, and call it a Burrito?"
If you look hard enough you'll find people putting french fries inside their burritos.  
I don't have a cast iron skillet so it'll have to go in the stainless steel sautée pan. But yes I was thinking of cutting them in half and sauteeing the cut-face down first to get a nice color. 
How do you cook brussel sprouts?    I was thinking of keeping it simple: sautee in olive oil + butter for about 10mn, maybe add a little water to braise, finely sliced garlic cloves added 2mn before it's ready, maybe a little lemon juice at the end.    Served with bratwursts.    Any better idea? 
I thought the challenge was over. 
If you do the catering, make sure you hire a groom. 
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