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You look EXACTLY as I would have pictured you. 
Hey at least they don't have any traceability issues. 
It doesn't bother me, I like the color contrast. I like to bite into it and get what I call an acid-high.  But the same baker makes another lemon tart that I prefer, it has less custard, doesn't have that half scoop of custard added on top of the regular custard layer like the one on my photo, has more crust, and a better crust too, and has the meringue, which I love. I'm not sure why he makes two different lemon tarts, probably because some customers prefer one or the...
You're right obviously Joey, it just ... sounded funny when he said it... 
I braised some cabbage yesterday: first slowly fried some hunter bacon along with a generous sprig of thyme and a small bay leaf, removed most of the rendered fat, then added sliced onions, then cabbage, and juniper berries, a good cup of dry white wine, covered for about 45mn and added potatoes (large dice) about halfway through. It was delicious! Oh and lots of cracked black pepper too of course.   
Thanks Petals! And bravo on your crème brûlées, very nice. I use the same technique you do with the sugar. My wife did an experiment trying to burn all sorts of different sugars and ended up deciding that white sugar was the best for crème brûlée, so that's the one I also use although I love the flavor of brown sugar. Or did you mean how much it's burnt? I personally like it quite dark, like on the one you singled out on the bottom photo. Then again... I remember my first...
Rouladen with dumplings?
What about a Chiniche? Would give waiters a chuckle when people order it. 
Good to know, I buy a lot of mangoes. Thanks for sharing. 
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