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Could be that you just found a niche for yourself there. 
Great, thanks!
Roasted Pekin duck, not sure what the sides will be yet. Profiteroles for dessert. 
 Ah ok I understand. Thanks for all the information. It's always a bit challenging to me to picture exactly where a cut comes from on the carcass.  So those ribs would actually be the continuation of the bones from what's labeled "back" on your drawing, which is made of what we usually call a rack of lamb, which we can cut in lamb cotelletes / lamb chops? 
But that's for selling your baked goods, not for hosting a party and charging your guests.  Each situation is different. For example, personal chefs have been charging customers money for buying and preparing food for them for decades, yet they aren't inspected by the FDA, and don't require a license.  As for Uber, it's not without its issues either, as you may know if you've followed the news lately. 
Seems like a gray area in law today. After all, airbnb hosts don't have a hotel license, Uber drivers don't have a taxi license, etc... I don't think there's anything suspicious or shady about it. I suppose that eatwith's investors did a bit of research before shelling out their $8,000,000. 
eatwith's $1,000,000 liability insurance. 
That's exactly what it looked and felt like. Thanks for that info - but this one had the bones in. 
As a customer, I do consider this a valid issue. Once I've ordered my hamburger (when what I was really craving was a rib eye), and once I ate half of my burger, if I see someone on a neighboring table getting served a rib eye, if I ask a waiter and am told that yes, you can order a rib-eye but they're just not on the menu because it's some sort of "secret", you bet I'm going to be annoyed and probably will no longer come back to that restaurant. 
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