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Well. This time I cooked it blue/rare. The inside was mostly deep red, with a thin layer of cooked-gray around and a nice charred crust on the outside. It was absolutely delicious and very, very tender! Funny how chuck is normally associated with toughness and long cook times... this sure doesn't need it!
Chuck steaks are $3.99 at whole foods! Woohoo! BBQ is ON.
 Not the systemic pesticides. Most likely just some of the surface pesticides. 
I seared a bone-in pork butt in oil/butter with a dozen garlic cloves and some thyme, now it's braising in half-and-half with dijon mustard. I'm going to add a few baby red potatoes and quartered onions, and serve with sauteed mushrooms/garlic/parsley. And lots of bread to mop the now separated whey-sauce and milk curds.
 Thin. I used to prefer thick when I was younger though. Cheese: with or without bread?
Cool, didn't know about pollo al ajillo. That sounds mighty tasty and I'll have to try that as well. You can use Google to translate the website into english so it's not that bad, so thanks for the link. 
Great! Good to hear. I love those simple delicious quick recipes.
 ...and we can have a quiet time to ourselves!!
Tonight we're doing our Franco-American (or is it Americano-French?) special: IN 'n OUT burgers and fries with a bottle of Côtes du Rhône. Shakes for the kids. 
Tomorrow Schmomorow. Enjoy your Martinis. 
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