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...or snails!!   ...or shrimp too...
Some of the best advice ever on this forum. Hear, hear!
I love this thread. What I love above all is the lighting on your photographs. The way the light plays with the shadows... you can tell a lot of your photographs were taken under a tonnelle and the light filters through the leaves of a vine....
It depends on the pan material. I use heavy pans such as carbon steel or stainless steel, so I like to preheat them for a few minutes and not just one minute. I usually set the burner on medium for 2 or 3 minutes, then once the pan is relatively hot I put the burner on medium high for another minute and then I pour the oil, and add the steak to the pan. 
... such as Thomas Keller, Joël Robuchon or Paul Bocuse.  
 I've had white eggplant before. It's pretty close to regular purple eggplant except it's a tad less bitter, and a little sweeter. The biggest difference, though, is the color. 
A proper successful seasoning doesn't lift from the pan with water and a sponge, and it doesn't lift and ends up in your food.    I would start over and get a proper seasoning before you start cooking. And I would definitely not start with eggs.    I would also skip the stovetop part and season in the oven directly.    Best of luck!
Soy sauce contains wheat, which may be an issue if you're allergic or intolerant to wheat. 
I wouldn't use a recipe for gnocchi, as different potatoes have different water content, and that requires different amounts of flour. I use just the amount of flour needed to get a dough that is no longer sticky to the fingers. In your situation, my guess is you may need more flour. 
I have grapefruit tree wood that I've been saving for a paella... one of those days! 
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