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#1) I just hold the microplane in mid air on top of the bowl/plate and grate the block of cheese. My kid places the microplane on top of the bowl, horizontally, and grates the block of cheese against it. 
My mum hated deep frying, and I always wanted to eat french fries, which she only made once in my life. She said: If you really want french fries, grow some potatoes, and I'll make you french fries. So I grew potatoes in our backyard, and a few months later she had to make french fries. That's when I realized that if I really wanted to eat specific things I'd have to start cooking. I started with baking, because I was a kid and I always wanted to eat cakes. I became fairly...
Why not? Let's say your total braising time is 4 hours, it would make sense to turn once after 1 hour and once more after 3 hours. No? Anyway I don't usually count that kind of things. Just look, determine if it needs turning, and turn if it does. 
Once for me. More only if I have a look and the not-submerged part looks like it's drying. 
Back when I was looking for ideas of nutritious liquid-only foods...
 Thanks Kouk'! And I thought of what you'd told me about your childhood memory: once we finished the greek salad, I poured all remaining juices/dressing into a glass and drank it! Delicious. 
I've never used chicken feet for my stock but I always heard they were used more for collagen than for flavor. Wings and back will give you more flavor, and ultimately if you want more of a meaty flavor, put meat in there (for example whole thighs). 
Looks like a success to me! 
Thank you guys, really helpful.  We have never had it. I think my wife met a Greek chef the other day at the park and he mentioned it, she's been talking about it ever since. It does sound quite good.   So... at what point do you turn off the burner exactly? Before stirring it all back into the pot or after? Most recipes I've seen suggest to bring the mix back to almost boiling point, is that what you do?  And if you make the avgolemono after you add the pasta.. does that...
To my ex-vegetarian wife, chicken became a gateway meat, and she's had so much of it that now she prefers beef or even lamb! So we haven't had chicken in a while....   Me: - so do you no longer want me to cook chicken at all? Her: - well not really ... unless.... I would really like you to make chicken Av.. Av... Avogano? Me: - what? Do you mean Afgo... Avga... Avgolemono?  Her: - Yes, Avogalomno.  Me: - I think it's Avgolemono... not sure though... Isn't that more...
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