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Awesome @Jimyra, well deserved! And @Hank and @kaneohegirlinaz of course.   And I think we can give the 11th hour 'late bird special' prize to @morning glory - BEAUTIFUL dishes!!!
AH. That explains it. You get your chicken in a wrapper, and the wrapper is probably full of chicken juices. I get my chicken dry, enveloped in butcher paper.
 I agree, and I believe that is probably one of the things I LIKE about him!  
I see what you mean. For me it's about being passionate. I am engaged when I feel the presenter/teacher is passionate about the topic. He doesn't have to be animated, have a look, a style, a personality, family stories, etc.... he just needs to be passionate, and somehow I'll feel that passion, and it will inspire me. And I do get that inspiring passion come through with Eric Ripert, albeit at a calm pace. 
 What's the difference when it comes to washing or not washing? I never wash meat, be it chicken, whole or parts, beef, pork... I just pat it dry with some paper towels. 
I personally prefer watching Eric Ripert to just about any of those other chefs you've mentioned. If I'm watching a cooking show, I'm more interested in the cooking, less interested in the show. I don't want to watch a "personality" or someone "colorful". I know I'm probably in the minority here. I personally can't stand Bourdain. With Bourdain it's all about Bourdain and... I'm not that interested. If someone talks about food I want to hear what they have to say about...
 Nobody told Eric Ripert he was slow and clumsy and boring.
 I'm sorry to hear your neighbors went bad, I can understand that now you wouldn't want to share anything with them.  
That's the wing I'll have please. It looks browned and crispy, to perfection.  
Brie, but a good one, none of that bland Trader Joe's industrial cheese!   Which leads to....   Cheese or dessert? 
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