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To my ex-vegetarian wife, chicken became a gateway meat, and she's had so much of it that now she prefers beef or even lamb! So we haven't had chicken in a while....   Me: - so do you no longer want me to cook chicken at all? Her: - well not really ... unless.... I would really like you to make chicken Av.. Av... Avogano? Me: - what? Do you mean Afgo... Avga... Avgolemono?  Her: - Yes, Avogalomno.  Me: - I think it's Avgolemono... not sure though... Isn't that more...
Greek salad and keftedes (lamb, mint, toasted pita soaked in milk, onion & garlic), hummus (not in picture), pita bread:   
That is beautiful. Nice colors!
I don't use egg or flour in my burgers, just mince, usually 75/25. I never had any issues with the meat not binding, or sticking to the board or the plate??
Oooh cherry sounds delicious but yeah it's past the season here. Walnuts would have been nice but we're also past the season. 'Tis the season of grapes, apples, peach, nectarines...
I honestly didn't notice the vodka! Thanks for the tip on baking powder. And I didn't know about alcohol and proteins! Interesting. I learn every day. 
@MillionsKnives that looks/sounds delicious. Congrats on your 2nd fried chicken success. I'm wondering what role does the baking powder serve in this dish? 
Lemoncello: great idea! And sounds easy enough to make. Great, thanks.    Flaming sugar cubes sound fun... reminds me of the cocktails of my youth. 
A friend of mine recently brought me a bottle of 180 proof alcohol. I don't really feel like drinking it, and not to sure what else to do with it... any ideas? 
@petalsandcoco, those look fabulous. So colorful!    Today's lunch was a quick pork fried rice, with leftover jasmine rice:   
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