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While braising, your braising liquid will reduce and the concentration in salt will increase.
Wow... great minds! ;) I don't think I got there from your post though, it all started with me watching videos of American kids eating French breakfasts.... and I ended up finding that one.  Yes the series is fun, even if not totally accurate (I grew up in France and I don't think I've ever had any of the kind of "French breakfast" they were saying French kids eat). 
 Yes, except over there they're simply called "muffins".  
... they don't eat anything! They drink!  
 English muffins and Crumpets are two different things, despite the similarities they don't taste quite alike. English muffins are closer to bread... crumpets are hard to describe but they're not crumbly like muffins...  I've never seen crumpets in the U.S. but one can find English muffins anywhere. I can't imagine a breakfast sandwich made with crumpets though.... but maybe someone somewhere... wait... quick google... yes, sure enough, there is such a thing. Muffins:   ...
Quote:Yes, I guess there are a few "obviouses" that I didn't mention. Like salt and pepper. Finishing with fresh herbs like parsley, chervil or tarragon, or infusing with woodsy herbs like rosemary or thyme. HA.... as I finished typing that I re-read your posts and see you mentioned the same thing. Nothing revolutionary here. Also white wine can help sweetening a sauce. Cognac can make it fancy. And you'll need a fresh loaf of very good quality bread to mop all that...
Well there you go. Now you have three options to try out.   1. @Koukouvagia's Béchamel-based sauce. 2. @French Fries's cream-based sauce. 3. @Norcalbaker59's Béchamel+cream-based sauce.   When do we taste test?
I would start by trying a simple mushroom cream sauce: sauté button mushrooms, add minced garlic and continue sautéeing for 1mn, add the cream, reduce to desired thickness.    1. You can control the thickness by monitoring it while you reduce the sauce.  2. My guess is that picture was doctored. Mushroom sauces tend to look a little gray-er than this nice yellow.  3. You can get both creaminess and sweetness from heavy whipping cream. I wouldn't use onions here.  4....
Any particular reason for that? I typically don't rinse rice, because when I grew up I never saw rice being rinsed and didn't even know it was done. Now I've started rinsing (when I have time) but honestly I can't tell the difference in the final product, and since I'm trying to save water... I'd rather not rinse!
Quote:I love green beans, but I have no idea what this means???
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