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Nothing. I usually skip breakfast.I would have never thought of eating that for breakfast, but that looks fabulous. Is that fresh thyme? That egg is just perfect to start the day!!
I had to look up the name, just to know where it came from. Interesting! Comes from the name of a painter (Vittore Carpaccio) who was known for his use of the red color! 
I guess you don't like your duck breast medium rare then. Personally I prefer it between rare and medium rare.... 130F after carryover cooking.
Thanks Ordo, much appreciated!
135 °F (assuming you meant the duck breast)
So how do you make it @ordo? I love the color of your sauce, it's very deep and intense.
So how do you make it? I love the color of your sauce, it's very deep and intense...
I LOVE steak. I often have grand ideas of the sauce I'm going to make with the steaks then get more lazy as dinner approaches... here's an easy approach that works every time:  Pan fry your steaks. Remove from pan and let rest. Add a few small pats of butter on top of the steak, the butter will melt and give the steak a nice shine and an excellent buttery flavor. Meanwhile add water to your pan and deglaze, reduce the water until it's a brown jus, taste for seasoning and...
Aioli and garlic mayo are two different things.    Aioli is a garlic and olive oil emulsion - or at least there is an emulsion between the olive oil and the garlic's juices. That means you start with the garlic, which will be emulsified throughout the entire Aioli. Most people add egg yolks, lemon juice, potato, or bread, to help the emulsion, and for taste.    Garlic mayo is mayonnaise, an emulsion of oil and egg yolks, with garlic added at the end. You'll have little...
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