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Would you believe I never tasted spam, and probably never will?  The only knowledge I have of spam, I owe to the Monty Python:   
For a complete summer meal, serve along with:  
Awesome. Sounds like a great experience. 
That's pretty amazing! Please do tell us more: where are you located? What else do you raise? Are you new at it or have you been raising animals for a long time? I guess raising animals is one of my fantasies... not sure if I'll ever do it or not. Maybe one day I'll have a couple chicken. 
Interesting! I'm sure the peanuts add a very specific flavor and texture.. I wish I could taste it! 
Splendid. It's like a Brazilian Shepherd's pie!
WINNER!!! Malai kofta. My absolute favorite vegetarian dish ever (when well prepared). Could make me forget that I ever ate meat. You're up Petals!  
Not quite, but this time you are getting DANGEROUSLY close, petals. Kofta is correct. 
It's not paneer masala but it is a classic Northern Indian dish, yes. 
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