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Have you ever had Kalbi?
That was my first reaction to this post as well. Rib eyes should never be tough. 
Also.... pistachio in creme brûlée??? Reminds me of an episode of kitchen nightmare where the chef was putting pomegranate seeds in risotto.   Before you reinvent the wheel, learn to make the basics the basic way. Simple isn't always easy, and simple done well goes a long way. Once you've successfully made a creme brûlée the proper way you wouldn't ask those questions or think of doing a creme brûlée with pistachios. 
That sounds (and looks) fantastic. That's what canned tuna should look like. 
This doesn't make any sense to me. If you want to make creme brûlées, make creme brûlées. What you're describing (something that's set and that can stand on its own, without a ramekin) is not a creme brûlée. A creme brûlée isn't fully set and you cannot cut it in pieces. Can you make beef burgundy with chicken instead of beef, and no wine? Sure, but then... surely you don't want to call it beef burgundy. So just give it another name.    In France, a version of portable...
No, and no. Buy more ramekins.  And what do you mean by "EXTRA" agar agar? You put agar agar in your creme brulee???? 
Note that American tuna is mostly young tuna, so low in mercury even though it's albacore.
If you think Bumble is the best, that means you haven't tasted the better ones! This, for example, is pretty amazing stuff, but at $5 a can, it can. http://www.americantuna.com/
 For me it always starts with...:... the rolling pin never touches anything other than the saran wrap. 
When I want to be delicate, I don't pound, I use a wooden pin roll to delicately flatten the meat. I learned that trick from a Gordon Ramsay video somewhere. 
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