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Well... at least I'm trying to be... most of the time... ;) Everything in moderation including moderation itself!
I like grapeseed oil. 
High in fat does not mean unhealthy. A lot of foods that are high in fat are extremely healthy. The fat in avocado is actually very healthy. I eat avocados nearly every day. Cut in halves, and a little lemon and black pepper. Or vinegar and olive oil, S & P. Or guacamole. Or diced/sliced, in salads. Etc etc...
Where would be the fun in that?
It also looks green instead of yellow.  
I'm with you on that one. I prefer using more neutral oils for mayo such as grapeseed oil.  TETO.  DSDF.  DGNED. 
Ah, good point, I originally misread that. Not sure about "better", but here's my method: I season the steak (S & P), warm the pan until very hot, add the oil and immediately add the steak after it was pat dry. I give it a good sear on both sides. Then I may or may not lower the heat, depending on the size of the steak (the bigger the steak the more chances I'll have to lower the heat so I can cook it longer) add crushed garlic cloves and thyme to the pan and a good knob...
How did the pieces of garlic not burn when hitting the super hot skillet??  
Why not? With a stick blender, you can make a cup of mayo in 10 seconds.   Good quality oil il is very healthy for you. Especially if you can choose the right quality oils and make your own mayo at home. When you purchase commercial mayo you don't get to choose which oil is used. 
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