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Two ideas at the top of my head that may help?   1) Soak the panko in a bit of milk or some other liquid. Strain before adding to the mix so it's wet but not dripping wet.  2) Combine all the meatball ingredients with minimal manipulation (don't overwork the mix). 
Pretty nice thank you Chris! Lots of good food & wine! 
Chris, two ideas at the top of my head:    Couscous with cranberries and sliced or slivered almonds.  Bread pudding with cranberries. 
I am away on vacation, but Koukouvagia just shared this news with me. I am deeply saddened, and wanted to share my sincere condolences with Pete's family. You will be missed, Pete!
Wow Petals that looks truly amazing. I've had many baklavas including the best ones I ever tasted in Istanbul. The ones with a half date on top look perfectly moist inside, I wish I could eat one right now. :)
When I saw the title of this new monthly challenge I first thought you'd won last month challenge and that was your pick, butzy!  @MillionsKnives congrats on your win and thanks for this new topic, I'm looking forward to looking at everyone's dish even though I probably won't be able to participate (busy month)! 
3D food printers:    
Reminds me a little bit of a salad I recently made for the Beans challenge...: chick peas, eggs, roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, cornichons, cucumbers, avocados, scallions, croutons, & Comté:  
Oooooh my kind of dessert!! A light salad and that dessert = a whole meal!!  Cognac whipped cream sounds fabulous too although I'm sure with the buttermilk vanilla glaze worked great as well. In fact give me the dessert without cream - maybe a little glass of good aged port wine, and I'm set - no need for the light salad after all!! 
Never smoked anything in my life so I won't be of much help here, but I wanted to wish you best of luck, wish I could have a bite, and please post pictures of the result!! 
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