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There's also the health concern that comes with the lining used in cans... most people are aware of BPA and avoid it in plastic containers, but aren't aware that many of the can linings contain BPA... http://www.breastcancerfund.org/reduce-your-risk/tips/avoid-bpa.html   I think tomatoes is the only ingredient that can taste better in a can... otherwise I still use cans here and there for convenience, but prefer fresh when I have the time to cook. 
 If you click her photo you can see that the ramen is uncooked (it still has its original shape)... and she does use the flavor packet in her recipe:That's quite an original salad!! 
I suppose because that's kinda what it sounds like when you say "roast beef" quickly - and with a French accent?  And on top of that, it's "rose" in the middle (red)
You Canadians  !! We spell it "Rosbeef":  
Looks sooo good. I haven't had one in many, many years. BTW a bit of trivia: do you know how we say roast beef in French? Rosbeef! Seriously. 
Sorry to hear. But on the bright side, you now have a brand new color avatar! Made some pork tacos with guac and sour cream, served with refried beans. Tacos tuesday!  => The kids love it.
I saw David Chang eat raw (or at least dry) Top Ramen right out of the box in The Mind of a Chef.  
Makes sense now that you've said it, but I wouldn't have thought about it! Thanks. 
Ouuuuh that looks tasty.
I had a look.  Guess that means their original recipe doesn't involve any kind of chicken stock or ham hocks or bacon... while they sell newer versions that do use bacon... I'm sure both are very good, albeit different tasting, and I probably would use one or the other depending on what other dishes I'm serving during that meal. 
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