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I'm tempted to say Sauerbraten but... no vinegar or wine.... hmmmm ... tough one Gene!
Good one teamfat. Thought I'd add that:  
Hi Joey, this was the original thread: http://www.cheftalk.com/t/67835/elegant-pork-butt-dinner
And let's not forget orchestra violinist!
Haha perfect I can play the guitar and sing! 
Simple grilled chicken dinner:  
Haha well now you know! Nice to finally meet you too and glad to hear that you liked that pork roast recipe.  I think my next dish will be your lamb dish over potatoes/lemons... can't remember the greek name.   But you can! Well, at least... on the internet you can! 
That wouldn't be accurate either: most truffle oils are synthetic and truffles aren't involved in their manufacturing.  @Koukouvagia they can work great to finish a wild mushroom risotto or a plate of pasta, any egg dish (scrambled, omelette...). 
Truth be told @Pollopicu, I long thought you were an older man with a large beer belly (don't ask me why, I cannot explain it). I was quite shocked when I saw your pictures in this thread!   I also thought that Gene was older! 
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