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That's a great idea. Time for you to win the current challenge so you can use that idea next month! I'll make nem rán with nước chấm!  
I know the question is nearly 10 years old, but since the thread is still alive: the Maharaja curry is their best curry powder. The price reflects that too.   https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/maharajah-style-curry-powder/c-24/p-144/pd-s  
I love the color... is that regular white wheat flour or ...?
I don't know how you can cook pancakes on a griddle that has grooves... wouldn't that create bumps in the pancakes? Not sure how deep the grooves are. Can you post a picture?    Otherwise when I make pancakes in a stainless steel pan, I heat the pan VERY slowly and evenly, and not crazy hot. The batter doesn't sizzle like crazy when I pour it in. 
Using Teflon under high heat? I think I'll pass... 
foodpump!! You said 'butt'!! Mummy, mummy!!! He said 'butt'!! 
 A broth is (can be) a specific kind of soup. It can also have other uses, for example it can be used to poach ingredients, to cook rice... A soup can have many shapes:- a broth, - a consommé, - a potage, - a cream, - a bisque, etc...
I prefer to shop in smaller markets whenever possible. I'm not a fan of big discount stores like Aldi/TraderJoes or Walmart. Costco is decent though.  I'd rather pay a little more and eat a little less, but better quality. I have friends who always go to the absolute cheapest place, buy way too much cheap meat, and throw away half of what they buy. I find that disgusting on so many levels. 
 Weird! Here I I believe the lowest I can find a decent bone-in Rib eye is $10.99 when in sale.  On the other hand I can find ti-tip for $4.99, sometimes less when in sale! Chicken for $1.49!
BTW one unusual thing to do with leeks is to grill them. I have yet to try it, but it sounds good.   
New Posts  All Forums: