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@GeneMachine that looks sooo peaceful. Well maybe not with all those tractor noise once a year, but the rest of the year!  I imagine I would be spending a lot of time taking long walks.  
I'll take the three perfectly seared scallops in the front of your pan there at the bottom of your photograph, please.  
@Vic Cardenas, very nice dishes, thanks for posting them. I now see that French are not the only ones to put fries inside a sandwhich, something that I love (even though it never sounded good to me before I tried it). And the plate of beef heart skewers look amazing!   @KaiqueKuisine beautiful contributions too, and thanks a lot for providing links regarding the dishes you posted and a little background. 
Yup, chicken adobo! Your turn. 
I've had a LOT of lumpia and love them, I've even served them once when catering, but I've never made them myself. Even the Filipinos I know just buy them frozen and deep fry them and serve them. On the other hand I make pancit on a regular basis. LOVE the stuff!   Next:  • chicken • vinegar • soy sauce • garlic • whole black peppercorns • bay leaves
It depends on the cooking technique used to grill the steak! 
Thanks so much for reporting your experience. I've never had farro, now I think I will try it! BTW your pork chops and their sauce look absolutely delicious. And I believe that of all your dishes I've seen here, that last one may be your best plating so far!
Lumpia with their dipping sauce! Serve with Pancit! 
Wow great Jacob, I'm glad to hear you feel inspired, and I honestly cannot wait to see what you have to share. Ecuador is a bit of a mystery to me and I wouldn't know what kind of culinary tradition you have, so it will be a great education for me - and hopefully for many others here. I totally agree. It's fascinating to study where recipes and techniques come from and how they differ with geography or time. 
First dish is in! Thanks @ordo , it looks stunning. What kind of sausages are those? 
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