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It's discounted to $899.99 if you buy between NOV 21 - DEC 18. That's "only" $75 per pound!  
 Really? Aside from Yak and Yabby, everything else is fairly common, and I believe most people would eat it here. Grilled fish, grilled chicken, Yoghurt, dolmas, jicama, green beans, gyros sandwich, sausage, cassava (could be turned into cassava cakes for example)... nothing really out of the ordinary other than the name.
Quote:  Interesting challenge. I started researching it a bit... just for fun really! A few ideas: Yakitori Yakiniku Yellowtail Yellow anything: yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers, yellow squash, yellow rice, yellow cake... Yiddish anything... Yemen anything... Yolks Yucca root Yams Yardlong bean Yam bean Yoghurt Yabrack Dolmas Yassa Yakizakana Yakisoba Yaki udon Yeast doughnuts Yorkshire pudding Yachtwurst Yak Yiros Yabby   And finally.... how about some good old YANKEE...
+1 on carbon steel. If I had to buy one I'd get the Debuyer Mineral B pan. 
Safety is not a black and white affair. Bacteria develop rapidly at room temp, so the more time the piece of meat is  at room temp, the more bacterias you'll have, and the more RISK of getting sick. It also depends where that piece of meat comes from and how much bacterias are already present on it when you take it out of the fridge. I would trust a piece of meat that comes from a local farmer much, much more than I would something that was handled in a factory.   5 hour...
 Yes (the link is in my original post).
I love Petit Écoliers! They have just the right bite, the right texture, the way that tablet of chocolate snaps...   Mine is marrons glacés. Which are basically candied chestnuts. They're out of this world.   
That's either a typo or it's not described correctly???
Exactly. And that begs the question: why is there such a thing as cooking wine? Is it just so that they can sell it without being affected by alcohol laws? Is salted alcohol not subject to the same laws as unsalted alcohol? Are salted-rim margheritas not alcohol? I don't get it.
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