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Thanks Brian, I'll have to check the local stores again, but at least the Thai store where I go on a regular basis doesn't carry anything organic.  I have to say, English is not my first language, but I have absolutely zero idea what this sentence means??? 
Well I ended up buying the one I linked to but now that it's time to re-purchase, the price has gone up more than double!!!   So the question is coming back - any good source for organic rice? Thanks!
Hi Sheila, do you think you could share your detailed technique and recipe for paella Valenciana with us? I've been making paella for years and I absolutely love it and so does my family however I'm convinced I'm still doing it wrong. And I would love to go back to that childhood taste I had during my trips to Spain! That would be amazing if you took the time to share the details with us.  Thank you!!
Hahaha when pork tenderloin is on sale at my local supermarket it's $6.99 (down from $9.99). Still a great deal IMO, I can feed my entirely family for $7!
Ok so I'm adding some mirin also. 
Always a great choice. 
True dat. Sometimes.  Ok so I'm complicating it a little bit using both white and black sesame seeds. But that's mainly for looks. 
I'm going to keep it simple as there will be an avocado/mango/red onion/cucumber/red bell pepper salad with fish sauce/lime/palm sugar dressing. The soba noodle salad will have a simple toasted sesame oil & soy sauce dressing, and a little black sesame seeds. 
I think I got it: forget the rice noodles, I'll made a soba noodle salad, dressed with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, and sesame seeds. 
I'm going to grill some pieces of tri-tip (from Costco, they're shaped like logs, about 2 inch square section) after rubbing them with chili.    Serving salsa made with mangoes, avocados, red bell pepper, mint, coriander, fish sauce/lime/palm sugar. Maybe some cucumber for texture...   And then what else? My brain is going toward rice or potatoes, but that's boring...    Hmmm maybe some rice noodles dressed with toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds? 
New Posts  All Forums: