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Thanks, BrianShaw, I appreciate the info.
Just sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon as snack treats.
How long (and temp) should I bake pie crust trimmings?
My Aunt asked me never to give out her spaghetti sauce recipe (which she developed).shes been gone for quite a few years, but am sure she'd come back to haunt me if I ever did!
Italian salad dressing?
Two types, 3-cheese and cheese w/ ham and onion so I think I'll wrap, bag and freeze and reheat in foil. Thanks folks. I just hate to waste food.
Made more quiche for brunch than was eaten. Can it be frozen? Help please, thanks.
Almond bars. It was a new recipe for me and I'll be making them again. Yummmmmm
Orange jello with grated carrots Gag just writing about it!
Thanks for your help.  1/3 is in the freezer now. 
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