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Almond bars. It was a new recipe for me and I'll be making them again. Yummmmmm
Orange jello with grated carrots Gag just writing about it!
Thanks for your help.  1/3 is in the freezer now. 
Can I freeze stollen dough after first rising?  Recipe makes three stollen, this year I only need two.  Thanks for any help.
So you put in approx 10 times the amt of milk so you need to put in 10 times the amount of each of your other ingredients, wouldn't you? The technical term for this is, are you ready? OH FUDGE!
A bit of cinnamon sprinkled on freshly ground coffee and then brewed makes me smile ;-)
Perhaps you need to freeze them first and then fry.  The idea reminds me of deep- fried candy bars you find at some of the fairs or deep-fried ice cream.  I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone has a more definitive answer because the idea is making my mouth water -- sounds like an amazing desert treat!
My friends grandma (and mom) used a broom handle cut to about 5" lengths. And tust me when I sy they were about as authentic Italian as you get.
Laughing my behind off. So funny, so true!
The ONLY way Brussels sprouts are edible is pickled in a Bloody Mary. ;-)
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