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Perhaps we need a new term? Chef = one who operates/manages a commercial food establishment to serve what the customer wants, a servant to the public Culinary Artist = one who operates/manages a food establishment to serve what the Culinary Artist wants,   Perhaps Culinary Artist could be UniqChef or Chef de Passion or Artiste culinaire
Strengths   Attractive   Weaknesses Too thick behind the edge, wedging will cause problems Insufficient mass(weight), bamboo weighs far less than metal, cleavers rely on mass to help penetrate Difficult to sharpen, any thinning of blade will affect bamboo Handle appears uncomfortable for most users Appears to favor single handedness Limited market Blade attachment potential problems   Opportunities Narrow niche for those who value form over...
Ah, NOW the question has changed!      Simply click on the SEARCH BAR and access a wealth of information from former students of a variety of culinary schools. You are neither the first nor the last to inquire
Let me rephrase the above comments in summary form:   THERE IS NO BEST CULINARY SCHOOL!   There are those that will teach you basic skills very inexpensively, e.g. community colleges.   There are those that will teach you basic skills very expensively, e.g. private schools like you mentioned.   There are those that have better networking than others.   There are NO culinary schools that are able to guarantee you more than an entry level job, say dishwasher or...
@Perretta066, how are you defining "best school"?   IMHO, most all culinary schools, from the local community colleges to the most expensive private schools, will expose you to the same basics of the culinary trade.   Most community colleges will fine tune their curricula to what the local business community desires, e.g. fast food, quick service, family service, upscale.   Beyond that,it is my opinion that some culinary students make an erroneous assumption that...
I discriminate every day. I discriminate against: Laziness Stupidity Arrogance Intolerance Sloppiness Insubordination   If any of the above are involved, it is obvious as to where the problem lies.
Some studies have shown a degree of correlation, others not so much.
Visible tattoos, piercings, etc. Poor personal hygiene "Smart A$$" attitude Entitlement attitude How much "time off" do I get?Fast food2 years of on-time work experienceA sharp Chef's knife and the tools to maintain it.
New Posts  All Forums: