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Ditto to @cheflayne, straighten it out, discuss the ISSUES and leave personalities out or LOCKDOWN!
@Cooking on Guam, remove the gaskets and soak them in hot water with a little dish detergent, agitate and squeeze them a few times, rinse thoroughly, squeeze dry, and finish drying on a cloth or paper towel. Once they are "bone dry" reinstall.   In a pinch, remove the gaskets and line the bottom of each gasket trough with heavy cotton twine, then replace gaskets.   Do you know anyone in the Continental US that could order replacements and ship to you?
Oh, I see, the Bachelor program gives you a foundation to manage (chef) while an associates prepares you to do (cook) If you are planning on running your own business rather than working for someone else, the degree is nice, the knowledge essential, but really, think about whether the piece of paper will help YOU to decide to hire YOU.
@emmbai90, hones and "sharpening sticks" (a REAL misnomer!) do not "sharpen" and definitely cannot replace "stones" !   Hones, which include steels, are used to realign the edge, think changing from j to i , stones grind away metal to go from u to v, gigantic difference!
Perhaps http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2011/09/ameraucana-easter-egger-or-araucana.html ?
IMHO, more than training is essential for starting above prep cook/porter, and that is called EXPERIENCE and that, as a general rule, is gained from starting at the bottom, listening and learning and practicing, and demonstrating your work ethic, skills, passion, and desire. In my 50+ years of business experience, no piece of paper effectively replaces EXPERIENCE.
@emmbai90 No and No!   If you absolutely have to use a pull-through sharpener, take a look at http://www.minosharp.jp/   You really should hand sharpen on stones, check out the http://www.cheftalk.com/f/71/cooking-knife-reviews or use the search option for knife sharpening
@emmbai90, and what is wrong with a kitchen porter job?
√-1 23 ∑ ∏ and it was delicious!
Wait for next year, then i will be 3.1415 and add on 9:26 am/pm for 3.1415926
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