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My daughter sold Cutco while in college. That is, until she and I "faced off" with my MACs
Or, "how Dow nixed the Cow"?
FrostyThe Spider or Taylor Frost, I have to concur with MichaelGA, I do not have the time to wade through and figure out what you are asking.   Perhaps if you were more concise?
Maybe I'm misreading, however, it appears that FrenchFries (and his Dr.) have decided WHAT to do, and FrenchFries just wants tasty hints for HOW to do it.   As I read it, clear broths/infusions are all that is permitted aside from the yogurt, etc. To me, that means what it says, clear broths/infusions.   Hm, I wonder, does that include beer and cocktails?
In 5 1/2 years, perhaps the "bubble" has collapsed?
Oh, BTW, THAT s precisely why I do NOT have, and do NOT plan to have any employees!
For each $173/month the health insurance costs, that is equal to $1/hour for a standard 40hour work week for a month.   Stated differently,for every $2,080 of annual health insurance cost,it is equivalent to an average of $1.00/hour.   Say the annual health insurance cost per employees is $8,320 (693.33/month), that is the equivalent of an increase in payroll of $4.00 for each employee. If the average employee pay is $12/hour, that is a 25% increase in labor costs,...
Check out http://www.mastercook.com, In believe it is $19.95 and includes an on-line recipe capture, recipe costing, shopping list, recipe scaling, etc.
First of all, no spreadsheet or software will be able to tell you what to charge. They may help YOU calculate the numbers.   Second, the MAXIMUM you can charge depends on your market and your competition.   Third, the MINIMUM you MUST charge is whatever it takes to pay ALL your costs and put some money in your pocket. That means you must know ALL your costs, overhead Licenses and permits, Insurance business cards & flyers other annual costs   and...
@Trinice, now I'm confused.   Perhaps I misread, however, I thought you asked how much condensed milk to add to your peach juice to thicken it and if you should reduce the sugar.   Later, you stated you do not, "in the real world", thicken anything.   IMHO, the dichotomy illustrates a naivete concerning cooking that might call into question other aspects of the food truck business.   First, do you want to thicken your peach juice or not?   If you do, you might...
New Posts  All Forums: