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Yup, at least enough to cover all your costs plus what you want in your pocket.   Of course, you probably have competitors, so you are not able to charge much more than they do. Know your market.   The minimum you should charge covers your costs plus profit.   The maximum is what the client is willing to pay.   Price = Food cost + rental cost + labor cost + overhead cost + profit
Besides, more and more jurisdictions are outlawing garbage disposals as the solid matter is creating havoc with waste water treatment facilities.
Does the "Q factor" increase or decrease the recipe cost per serving?   ( I DO know, and you should be able to figure it out)
Sure. That's part of what I do for a living. It is called consulting. PM me and we'll work out the details
My apologies, between running for re-election, substituting, cooking for cclients, and keeping peace in the family, my "creative element" is slightly suppressed...
Unfortunately,what we "think" is trumped by what the "technocrats" dictate through regulations.     IF everyone washed their hands correctly and as often as they should, gloves would be unnecessary. Sadly, that is not what we see in practic.
Sheesh! A lucky "stab in the dark"! I'll have to cogitate for a bit, the floor is open for volunteers...
Coquilles St.Jacques?
I do it slightly differently.   First, peel the squash. I do it by cutting the squash into segments that are manageable, across the long axis, then peel each segment with a chef's knife. You could also use a vegetable peeler.   Next, for the segments that contain seeds/pulp, split vertically and remove seeds and pulp.   Stand segments on cut end and "slab" about 3/8" thick.   Cut slabs into battonettes about 3/8" x 3/8", then dice battonettes resulting in 3/8" x...
@heatheryoung, be sure and keep an eye on the new forum:
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