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Well I have been witness to hundreds of orders of our breakfast dishes and they look the same as the photo every single time. I can't see how eggs, homefries and toast can not look like the photo. It all depends on the establishment and the menu or a combination of both.
Hi Suzanne, I think this is a glitch, as I have also tried to send you a PM and was informed that your mailbox was full. Jodi
Thanks Chrose. There will only be 8 pictures of the specials. Since I also print the menus I am not adding to the cost or creating a busy confusing menu by adding pictures of everything we have. I just want to give a general idea or theme to the menu. Fill in some white space to bring the eyes to our most profitable section.
Well, I am now in the process of redesigning our in-house menu as my new design for our take-out/delivery menu has increased sales by 40%. My mil wishes to separate the breakfast menu from the lunch and dinner menu so as not to present the customer with an intimidating tome. My design for the breakfast menu has pictures for our 8 Breakfast Specials, since I believe that there really is no way to misrepresent eggs, toast and homefries. So far the customers love the...
Here, here!
I once thought I wanted my own restaurant. Then I downgraded to just wanting to be head chef. Now, I just want to be one of the line cooks at my MIL's place. In the past few months I've seen the headaches that go along with the business. The equipment problems, the line cook with the drinking problem (I had to also do his job once since he came in too drunk to stand and we were afraid that his breath might catch on fire), staff turnovers, price increases from...
Guilty as charged. My recipe book looks exactly like that. My recipe for Chicken Masala looks like this: Chicken Breast Oil Masala Wine Chicken Stock Salt Pepper Butter Mushrooms Parsley That is really all I need to know. Everytime I use a printed recipe with measurements it always comes out wrong, so I've taken to just jotting down the ingredients and continuing to do what my mother started. "Here are the ingredients now go figure it out!". Works...
I love Guava. We had a Guava tree out in the backyard when I was growing up. My cousins and I spent alot of time picking and eating them under the tree. You can eat them as is, make a drink out of them or a batch of Guava Jelly if you like. *Sigh* One of the other things I miss from home.
Happy Happy Belated Birthday Jeff!!!!!
They're alive! Wooo hooo. I'm so happy I can't type right! The Cook is alive too!! :bounce: :bounce: And they're all comin home. :D :cry: :D :cry: :D We heard from my cousin also and he's okay but not home yet. :( Won't stop worrying till he's home.
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