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Et voila:
No need to be sorry. Anyone can learn, and it's not hard. There are a number of threads around here that explain elementary sharpening, but I think your best bet is to pick up a copy of Chad Ward's An Edge In the Kitchen. You can get it very cheap as an e-book, too. He explains absolutely everything you need to know to get sharpening with confidence.
For future reference, try zaru udon: First, make the sauce and leave in the fridge, covered. Sauce: soy sauce (Japanese style, not Chinese), dashi, mirin, sake, sugar. Bring to a boil to remove the alcohol flavor, then chill. It should taste principally of soy sauce. You need about 3/4 cup per serving. Try 1/3 cup each soy and dashi, a couple Tb mirin and sake, and maybe 1 Tb sugar. Once cold, dilute with water if too strong, but it should be intense. To serve: Boil...
I'm going to have to leave my knives for about 7 months. They're high-end Japanese carbon steel. What's the best way to prep them for their long desertion?
You can use the wine as a brine, but it's rather a waste, since one normally discards brine after use: it's so salty it's difficult to use effectively, for a start. You're better off using the wine with spices and aromatics (garlic, carrots, onions, and so forth), with just a little bit of salt -- or none, in fact -- and marinating the meat.Next, after marinating pretty much as long as you like (within reason -- I don't know that marinating for weeks would be such a hot...
The point is well taken, but trying out a knife requires a lot more than waving it around in a shop. If you get the opportunity to work with a given knife, properly sharpened, for an hour or so of appropriate cutting, then yes, you should by all means do this before buying. Otherwise, I tend to agree with Benuser that you get very false impressions.
I'm pretty sure Jacques P├ępin cut back on butter largely under the influence of la nouvelle cuisine, which in its less silly forms always insisted that chefs should take the diner's health into consideration. Just a minor point.
Check this out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/119441938068660/permalink/960492717296907/ Hope that link works....
Craft beer and what the Brits call the "gastro-pub" to go with it.
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