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Match their angles unless and until your wife finds them unacceptable. If you keep them good and sharp, that's very unlikely ever to happen.
Could be the red wine, but I doubt it. 1. Add salt 2. More pepper and herbs 3. Sear the meat thoroughly before stewing 4. Braise semi-covered 5. Add half a tin of anchovies right at the start (they'll melt to nothing) 6. Degrease thoroughly, then whisk in a little butter at the end, off heat
To add: Escoffier, Le guide Paul Prudhomme, Louisiana Kitchen Shizuo Tsuji, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art I'm sure I'll think of others....
This is lovely. Where in New England?
Hello! Nice to have you!
Welcome! Glad to have you.
Fermented soybeans.The texture is, um. Well. Er.
Inwards. The bevels are at 12 & 0, right? So cant it over slightly in the direction of 6/6.This doesn't come up much, incidentally. It's only if you want a fat block of something thick. And yes, an usuba doesn't like that task much.
Thanks, Mike! I'm going to work on it too.
Yes. So to cut a chunk of daikon, let's say, you lean the knife a fraction. But with thin cuts, you keep them flat and the vegetable bends with you.
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