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Several European sources (and also Jacques Pépin) say that beans should be soaked 12 hours or so only if they're quite old. Time was, beans were kept in muslin or similar bags, sometimes for years, and you could get all kinds of problems. Thus the traditional instructions to sort, rinse, and soak thoroughly. Nowadays most beans come sealed in plastic and/or are fairly fresh (less than a year since harvesting). So quickly sort for pebbles, quickly rinse for dust, and just...
I'd try it. But I'm skeptical that all this could be done with a single app, unless it were both expensive and backed up by a full-function computer. If you want someone to test your alpha, though, shoot me a PM.
What does this even mean? Seriously, I have no clue whatever. (And btw wet brine is better, so there.)
Thank you. Exactly the info I was looking for.
We agree about most things, unsurprisingly. On this one: I didn't mean scales like weighing things. I meant that a recipe scales up or down, as in, here's a recipe that serves 4, let's scale it up to serve 40. Some recipes scale directly, some don't. As to using  scale -- yes, we agree 100%.
They did in Kyoto, yes. It's a strange system, but somehow it works. Very, very different from any US school lunch program.
Very much my reading, yes.
I disagree. What you're describing is "written for professionals," not "professionally written" which I read as "written by professionals." What I want is a recipe written by professionals who have sought in some way to ensure that the end-user can more or less replicate the dish. For example, your principles: 1. Can't be done. A recipe that the most thoroughgoing moron can replicate is necessarily extremely long and complicated, because everything has to be explained. I...
Hellman's.   In Japan, it's Kewpie or imitation Kewpie. I'm sort of OK with it -- very similar to Miracle Whip -- but my kids HATE Kewpie. They used to freak out when School Lunch (rule is, you have to eat everything but you can pick what you have seconds on) included a mayo-based salad (usually potato salad), because it was always based on Kewpie. Very sweet, more like British "salad cream" than actual mayonnaise.
Pork chops. Rice or pasta?
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