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Why not a gyuto? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Step 1: cook very slowly in water or sous vide for 20-30 minutes to pre-gelatinize the starch. Step 2: let sit, spread out flat, in the freezer about 1 hour to dry thoroughly. Step 3: fry at 130C/265F for 5 minutes to cook and start a crust. Step 4: drain, spread on a rack, freeze one hour, hold in fridge until needed. Step 5: fry at 180C/350F until crisp and golden. Toss with salt and serve at once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I think your knives came with a junk factory edge. This isn't uncommon, and not particular to Shuns. I'd look around and see if you can find a sharpening service that works on stones. See if you can sit and watch while they work. Get a King Combi 800/4000 stone. Very cheap, reliable, and gives lots of feedback, which helps a lot when you're learning. Once the service has put on a good edge, you won't need anything coarser than 800 for a long time. Practice on the 4000...
Don't go single bevel on this budget. You WILL regret it. I have never hated a knife, except the one really cheap usuba I picked up at a flea market in Kyoto. You simply cannot make it work right. (Then I got a real usuba, and adore it.) I use mostly single-bevel, all carbon, and I can tell you that cheap here is a very, very bad thing. As to your technique, single bevels aren't harder to use and sharpen, but they're utterly different. So you'd have to re-learn. That...
Sweet potato worms setting. The cake, created by two 9 year-olds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
The snails are coming along fine. The alien worms set beautifully, but it turns out my whipped cream siphon has a leaky head gasket, so it's insanely difficult to get the things out of the tubes. The olive oil gel did not set at all. Nothing about the process matched what they said in Modernist Cuisine. Haven't decided whether to try again or just skip that layer of the zombie bacon. The tomato water is clarifying wonderfully. I decided to skip the tripe. The stuff I...
You might look to see whether Aritsugu Tokyo still ships oversea, or if Korin or somebody is selling them. Their carbon is remarkably underpriced, at least in Japan. Myself, I swear by my Masamoto KS wa-gyuto, but it's significantly above your price limit. I'm against honing these knives. Too hard. I personally would suggest buying a cheap 3-pack of victorinox paring knives and put the savings into the gyuto. As for a stone, for the moment, I'd say you're all set. When...
Snail butter made and setting. Ears chlorophyll-stained and braising. Made several colors of modeling chocolate, as well as some rock-appearance fudge to cut into tombstones. The snail butter may have to be redone. It looks like I may have overheated the emulsifying mixture and caused the agar to go into full gel mode. We'll see. At least of all the various bits and pieces, that's extremely simple and inexpensive to re-do. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Wow. I am suddenly wondering why formed/steamed fish balls haven't caught on as a pizza topping in Japan. They're WAY into the things, and they don't have much truck with what we in the US tend to think are ordinary pizza toppings. And yet, I've never seen fish-cakes. Maybe I have a new business ideal! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Thanks FlipFlop Girl! If I'm using mozzarella from whole balls sitting in water, potentially full-fat, will that have fewer problems? The object is to make a rectangular layer of _raw_ mozzarella for a rather peculiar take on a caprese salad. A little excess moisture is no bad thing here, btw. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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