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Add a small amount of salt to a coarse grind of short ribs, then let cure in the fridge overnight. Grind the rest of the meat plain. Re-grind it all together and keep the strings from the grinder parallel. The salt activates the myosin, keeping it from falling apart. Wrap the roll very tight, chill overnight, and slice patties. See Heston Blumenthal, "In Search of Perfection." His recipe is brilliant. His explanation is extraordinary.
Enamel is the way to go here. Long term contact between metal and salt will lead to serious corrosion. I'd try a cheap "sand pot" if it were me.
Done as you propose, the steaks will have great flavor and a slightly mealy flavor. With a tender cut, you want to hold it at target core temperature as briefly as possible. Myself, I've found sous vide disappointing for steak, though you can transform a really tough cut into good steak this way. But cuts already good as steak, like rib eye, are best cooked just to core and seared.
Masamoto very poor quality control? Which line? Certainly I've never heard of any problems with KS.
Actually soy while grilling corn is big in Japan and China.
I don't know about blasphemy, but it sure pisses off my dog!
I think the article touched something real, but missed the point. Yes, a lot of discourse on "ethnic" foods is subtly racist--and subtly does not mean unimportantly. But the focal point is usually the notion of authenticity. Consider something like Chopped. "No, this isn't good, because it's semi-Italian but in Italy they don't combine cheese and seafood, so you suck." First, some Italians do, eg in Sicily. Second, why is authenticity a criterion on Chopped? On shows...
Heat speeds flavor extraction in the same way and for the same reasons as it transmutes collagen into gelatin. The advantage of the pressure cooker is that the liquid does not roil, so far is not emulsified into the liquid. A danger, for those wishing to reduce stocks to make sauces, is that there is so much gelatin that you can get a gummy sauce before you get enough flavor.
Potato shells stuffed with coarse mash mixed with persillade, into which raw salmon cubes are embedded. Sprinkled with fresh crumbs mixed with more persillade, and baked very hot. Delicious! (Adapted from an idea I got from P├ępin, Heart and Soul)
This is exactly what it was invented for, back in the 1920s: the busy, on-the-go urban housewife. It remains a very good knife for that purpose.
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