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Next time around look into Lost Car Chef coats. Not the cheapest out there but they are some of the best quality coat I have ever owned.
Try a funnel
For my "popup" I use a kitchen incubator and its so busy I'll have to book my entire 2014 year in the next few weeks. They charge $25/hr for general use, if you need cooler space beyond your hour its an addition charge, shelf space is a charge and they offer 2 different packages, you can pay a flat $75 to walk away and not have to scrub down or you can clean up yourself when you are finished.  If you are renting for more than 4hrs or are renting regularly they offer...
I set a new personal record(thanks to my boss) at L2O in Chicago.  16 courses, wine with each course and $500pp later we were walking out the door. Great meal but I wouldn't do it if I had to pay on my own.
If all else fails turn it into Stir Fry...
Where do you live? If you want to REALLY excel and blow all of them out of the water go for a degree in Culinolog and look into the Research Chefs Association. Its available at the following schools   LSU Rutgers and Mercer County CC SW Minn State UMass Amherst Kendall College Cal State Fresno Cal Poly Pomona Clemson Mississippi State Perdue Univ Nebraska @ Lincoln.   It combines FS and Culinary and is VERY in demand if you want to get...
I thought it was funded by one of the Google founders.
I use it at home quite often and my kids favorite way is as follows   Sautee off some corn, peas and black beans Add chicken stock and Quinoa, cover and cook. Add chopped cilantro and chopped avocado   We have it with fish most of the time but it will go with just about anything
I have been doing popups for the past few years that started out as 6-10 people randomly at my home and others houses.  By doing this I was able to use my own dishware, glasses and flatware, now that it has grown and I am at a point where I am consistently cooking for groups of 15-20 I have had to rent everything.  Where do you guys buy your nicer my off the wall items?  All of the dinners are between 5-7 courses and I would like to different plates/serving vessels for...
Pan gravy made from chicken livers, hearts and gizzards with some thyme or sage and stock.  Cook it all with a little onion and garlic, thicken with a roux and strain.
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