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It still is their responsibility, but in todays economy labor costs are king and the easiest way to keep them down is to make things easier.  Remember, companies with hundreds of stores or a single unit need the food to look, taste and smell the same from location to location and diner to diner, and the best way to do that is to take the guess work out of it.   The fastest way to find yourself BEHIND the 8 ball is to not embrace technology and the movement and be left...
So those of you who say they wont eat in a place that uses a microwave or would loose it, have you eaten out lately?  The wave of the future is the Turbo Chef type ovens that use radiant heat with microwave technology to cook and brown at the same time.  Companies like Brinker, Darden and PepsiCo have removed flat tops, grills and stoves and replaced them with Turbo Chefs, impingement ovens and microwaves in an effort to reduce costs and make food more consistent. 
There are entire TV SHOWS around stupidity in hospitals, forget commercials.
15 min will get you 100% pickup on a table top model. No optimal temp, just make sure it's outside the TDZ
Actually pickup is expected to be 100% @ 15% solution. We have a vacuum tumbler in the lab that we test with, its small, maybe 5# max capacity, and will pull a 25-28# vacuum.  VERY EFFECTIVE.
By genetics I mean DNA, like its part of who they are and its is inherently carried by them.   The eggs is actually because we wash the protective layer from the outside of the egg that acts as a barrier keeping oxygen from penetrating the shell.
If I remember from my meat science class its a genetic quality they have that has just been exploited in the US. Remember, we are one of a few countries in the world that actually keeps our eggs cold...
Don't forget that in 2010 and 2011 they thinned herds when the bubble burst and now we are feeling it since there is a lack of cattle to pull from.
Chickens inherently carry salmonella and spread it among themselves pretty easily.
Best advice you cant take from this.  I know, I got SHAFTED over a simple 2 page contract several years ago.  Pay a couple of hundred dollars to CYA, it'll be worth it in the long run.
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