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My restaurant was right across the street from the entrance to the convention center, I did SXSW 3 years and it was madness!
When I owned my place in Tx my Sous was thrown in jail on a warrant in another state and while he was awaiting trail and then extradition I worked 4 months without a day off from 8am-10pm, IT WAS HELL!!!
I think I worked for this guy about 15 years ago. Its why i went out on my own and opened my first restaurant.
That is correct, but you after 3 years in the kitchen you wouldn't be elidgable for a Sous Chefs cert anyway based on hours and required minimum experience from what I remember.
Salt and Pepper blend, EVERYTHING needs to be seasoned
I did my ACF Apprenticeship at TurnberryIsle in NMB in the early 90's, and it was the BEST THING I EVER DID!!  My proctoring facility was in Coconut Creek in Broward as that is where I lived at the time, but there are facilites all over the area.  Call the ACF directly in St Augustine and speak to Apprenticeship co-ordinator.  There are several different programs they offer, figure out which works for you and run with it. Oh, and the chef from the Greenbriar was the US...
We were GMing products LONG before Monsanto was around doing what they do.  I dont advocate the attempt to squash the small/local farm, I do infact support them buy purchasing 90% of my produce via a local co-op and my meats from local farms and butchers, but people must understand that food has been modified for generations. Produce doesnt grow naturally year round and doesnt last 14 days once off the vine/tree/plant, the way you get your produce to make it to mid...
I use gloves all day and find that Gold Bond Ultimate healing BEFORE I put on the gloves keep them moist during the day.  The Bag Balm I find greasy and it doesnt heal it just moisturizes. If my hands get REALLY bad and start to crack and bleed at night I will use Utter Cream or Lanolin and wear gloves.  I wake up in the morning and they are like new.
Make sure the Cassia is FROZEN before you grind it up.  The amount of natural gums and viscosifiers in the product will turn the powder gummy and if there is any moisture in it when grinding it will make a mess.
Just because its organic DOESNT mean its GMO Free, dont fool yourself.   One of the food sceintists I work with said something yesterday that is VERY relavent to this   "There are more important things happening in the world today than pesticides on your tomatoes.  If you want to fight for a worthy cause, fight against human trafficing or modern day slavery."
New Posts  All Forums: