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http://www.foodproductdesign.com/news/2012/09/organic-vs-conventional-analyzed.aspx   Just some food for thought.
Chicken and Sausage Hash with a poached egg.
Bocce Ball tournaments with food and drink specials.  We have an Elks club in the town where I live and they were having the same problem so they lowered the yearly membership to $75 per person, charge $1 per month and then charge full price for dinners.  On Friday and Saturday nights they have $45-$55 4-5 Course Prix Fix dinners with very nice menu's.  They also offer "bar food" and have Bocce tournaments every Friday and Saturday night.  They have doubled their...
Quinoa "Rissotto" Carbonara.
Yesterday was spent doing everything I didnt get to do during the week so it was a night out.  My wife wanted to go see some friends (she was a GM for Chili's) so off the Chili's we went for dinner, I had Baby Back Ribs and they were pretty good.
Dark meat chicken bites with Mac and Cheese and Peas, my son picked and helped me cook dinner.
Shrimp Tacos with Garlic Chalula Crema and Avocado
I think there is a time and a place for everything.  In the kitchen in a restaurant where skilled cooks of all levels work isnt necessarily the place to have short cut items, at home when time/money maybe tight and knowledge is limited, maybe. 
Chicken Mole' over Brown Rice.
Dry aged beef is an aquired taste and while 9 days isnt that long it is long enough to begin to get that nutty earthy flavor and aroma that is usually equated with dry aged meats.  I have found that if you start with baby steps its much easier to run when you want to.  Maybe a nice wet aged Strip or Skirt Steak rather than a dry aged Rib is the way to go and work or ease them into the heavier flavored cuts.  If you were to feed somebody who has never had fish before...
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