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 I can't believe I put 2015.. my company's fiscal year ends in September so everything we are doing is 2015 now and has apparently poisoned my thought process. I'll see if a mod can fix it. I agree on the dips, although I love dips it isn't the best thing at a gathering. Scallops sounds interesting! My worry there would be whether a scallop once room temperature would still be appealing? Smoked salmon sounds good. I've done shrimp with a sour cream and chive mixture placed...
How do you cut yourself on a table saw? Hand too close? Pushed through something you shouldn't have? I know it happens, but unless you were in the industry I can't imagine being careless enough to have it happen. I'm curious.
What is the sour cream component there for? Texture? Flavor? Perhaps there are alternatives to milk products that could give you the same result while avoiding lactose altogether. For instance, coconut milk and lemon juice could probably come close to sour cream and have no lactose.
I thought this might be fun. At our gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas (although I'd love to hear about other nation's holidays) I typically take pleasure in creating some of the appetizers. It's always been a fun creative process, although I've learned sometimes people just want a normal pickle and a slice of roast beef and turkey! I have to admit a relish tray along with a good meat and cheese tray still rank high as my favorites.   I would love to share some of...
 If I ever cut myself bad enough I'll probably raise both arms above my head and flail them around maniacally while barking nonsensical crazy speak. (good tip though!)
A while back I marinated and smoked 12 chicken breasts. Then I vacuum packed them and froze them. So tonight, my low-carb dinner consists of a garden salad that my grocer sells fresh every day for less than $2.00 .. and all I had to do was throw one of my chicken breasts into boiling water. I did add a few cornichons.  
Hadn't made gyros in a long time. Rather than ground lamb, which I am not able to get at my supermarket, I use their ground chuck and pork combination that they sell for meatloaf. It actually is a very good stand in, and my buddy said he may actually prefer it to lamb. It's important to get the meat worked down so that it is smooth rather than grainy. I also use a lot of oregano, thyme, garlic powder, etc.
 They actually discussed that. What they basically determined was that for labeling purposes there is no difference between stock and broth. They did their taste test too, and funny enough the stock that had the most protein in it was rated as the least appealing of all of the selections. People key in on the glutamates and nucleotides that are really how store bought stocks get their flavor. Better than Boullion ranked second in their taste test.
 I made a huge mistake! It's a Swanson product. Sorry. It is next to the carton broths/stocks in my store. It's infused with rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, and lemon. It's labeled "Tuscan Chicken flavor infused broth" On a side note, watching "America's Test Kitchen" they talked about various store bought broths. There is little to no protein used in these broths. The one I am referring to, the third ingredient is "Yeast Extract" which is another word for MSG and that more...
I do prefer a chicken stock although I use a store bought stock and in my last batch of split pea soup I used "tuscany chicken broth" from Swanson.. it's the best batch for my tastes I've ever made. You have to be careful about the sodium level since things will cook down and I prefer to also add smoked ham neckbones. So you can cut the stock with water.   In the end, if you are adding something like smoked ham parts, and if you do a basic mirepoix to start you'd...
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