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Jarmo, how are we defining stews vs. soups? For instance I made a split pea and smoked ham neck "soup" the other day, but it certainly had the thick consistency of a stew. Just wondering if you mean to have us limit things to a particular style. Congratulations on winning September!
Desert stew! Slow cooked chocolate ganace with roasted marshmallows, candy corn, and snicker crumble!
 Someone should definitely tell Thomas Keller as he must not have heard!
There are a lot of variables here. What thickness are you making your burgers? Is there a sufficient fat ratio? Are you adding anything that might dry them out, like bread crumbs? And most importantly, cooking is temperature over time. How long have you been cooking them at 450? When you say char broiler, do you mean the broiler setting in your oven?
I would turn to your frozen vegetables in your grocery store. You might get lucky and find frozen small okra since that is a product but even if not you could use sliced okra which I think is fairly universally available. If you try to use pickled okra you'll be introducing vinegar and salt into the dish and the recipe doesn't look like that would fit. If it called for lemon juice you might get away with it but it appears to be a buttery savory dish and vinegar will add a...
 Do you serve them side by side, or roast carrots and then seal them side by side with the parsnips? I could see that going either way!
 The number one google result on "collops potatoes" would disagree with you..http://www.thespicehouse.com/recipes/potato-collops-recipe
I wish I had food experience there.. but my experiences have been in swimming in Mills river.. Looking glass falls and sliding rock. Check out the PBS "The Mind of a Chef" season 1 episode 15.. he covers NC BBQ as part of that show.
That's pretty awesome Nicko. It brings up a question I've had over and over, because I have only ever worked a desk job. Don't get me wrong though I know what hard work is and I've done it but it's never been as an occupation. Besides the back breaking work in DIY home projects, I play in a band where we stand in insane heat and humidity and play for 3 hrs straight, it's not a great comparison I'm sure but my feet feel it and I sure as hell feel it.   If I didn't find...
 Edit: I completely rethought my reply. Don't have a hot pan when you add the pesto into the pasta. There should be enough oil in the pesto to coat the pasta, you don't need any additional heat and if everything is still so hot you are getting parm stuck on the pot.. it's too hot. Let it rest longer or switch to a cold pan.
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