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Allan what a great subject!   I've done pickles. Recently I got a large ceramic crock with ceramic weights for this purpose hoping also to do some kraut, but kraut takes much longer than pickles so the first thing I did was "Jewish deli" style half sour garlic pickles. I am amazed at the simplicity of the ingredients, I had tried many times to create a "zest" by mixing exotic spices for pickles. Turns out.. it's just garlic and black peppercorns. I kid you not.. those...
Played a St. Paddy's day gig yesterday so already had my fill of corned beef and cabbage. Decided on something a little different on a rainy day.  
 Chris.. thanks for that demonstration. It certainly shows how knife skills can influence the presentation of your dish. Some of the cuts are more abstract, but most maintain a standard geometry and you have composed them into something more important. I think that is a very important thought in plating, and eludes to what you've already presented. That we should consider the shape and form of the individual element as well as the composite. How we interpret the grouping...
Alan! Thanks so much for continuing this topic. Your last post.. I think reminds me of a combination of gnocchi and brown bread in a can!
I guess I jumped on board the "throwback Thursday" train and made a dish my mom used to make once in a while. Oyster stew. Only this time I minced celery, onion, and garlic and also made a roux. Instead of canned oysters that my mom would use I tried using fresh oysters refrigerated in our seafood department at my grocer. Lots of saltines crushed up in it.
 Are you concerned at all about parasites? I've looked into this a bit and the whole term "Sushi Grade" at least by the FDA had to do with a deep freeze that would kill parasites that can affect humans. That being said, I've known plenty of fisherman down here in FL that went into the gulf stream and caught tuna and ate it fresh on the boat. No idea. I've never liked raw fish because the texture is off-putting to me.
 Jake would you want to lead a thread on color theory and it's relationship to food? I was thinking it might be the next logical transition from our plating discussion. I've got no formal training, but I have had a lot of exposure to it over the years due to my profession. This is a tool I find interesting, it creates color combinations, and variations, as well as "complements"http://colorschemedesigner.com/
Beautiful Ordo. What else is in your marinade?   Here's the other part of what I am BBQ'ing today.. chicken leg quarters. Hard to beat for bbq since they are so cheap and packed with flavor. I put some dry rub on these but the key for me is a trick someone taught me. Using a spray bottle and equal parts lemon juice, vinegar, and worcestershire. It gives a great color and helps develop a really crisp and brightly flavored skin.  
Sounds killer kgirl! I need to check the asian market to see if they have semolina flour in bulk. At my grocer I think they consider it a "specialty" item because the only product they carry is in a little organic kiosk and costs about 9.00 for a small bag.
Nice Chris! I can see you're playing with the plating ideas. Weather is nice here.. I won't have dinner for about 8 hours but here it is in it's early stages. Applewood injection, mustard wet rub, and then my secret (as in I have no idea I make it diff every time) dry rub  
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