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I'll talk to Nicko and see about reaching out to either "The Cult of Pre-Pasteurian Preservation and Food Preparation" or possibly the "Salt Cured Pig" groups I belong to on facebook. Fungi based fermentation is almost always thought of as yeast based fermentation and that is the most popular type of fermentation in the west. I'm glad soy sauce was pointed out because while yeast is involved it also relies on other fungal organisms for the end product.   It would be neat...
@teamfat you already know I am a fan of fermented pickles.. thanks for submitting! Looking forward to what you will do with them!   @ordo awesome! Isn't the smell great? I love that our food flavors are tied to fermentation, generally a longer rise = more flavor.   @OregonYeti sounds like you are thinking along the same lines I am.. I do think the DIY plans out there are probably as cost prohibitive as is possible to get reliable results. My brother is an HVAC tech too...
@ChrisBelgium That dish is certainly what I would think of if someone asked about the food of Belgium. Looks tasty!   @Hayden Really interesting dish, so there is not actually any rice in the dish right? I have some cauliflower that is ready to harvest in my garden, might have to try this out!
 Ordo, can you describe Pine mushrooms? That looks incredible.
Sorry guys, I feel like I let everyone down with the selection for this months challenge. I honestly was baffled by what to choose, and coming off of such a successful previous challenge and the suggestions that were given I made a knee jerk decision to try to give fermentation some exposure, but I should have named the challenge "Fermentation" not fungi. On top of that I've been occupied with work a lot this month so I haven't had time needed to try to encourage...
@ChrisBelgium Very beautiful dish, very rarely do we see those colors without the use of food coloring.   @ordo I love that you are introducing a stew, it is still very cold in many places, and that looks like just the thing to warm oneself!
@butzy Bonus points for bringing in soy sauce! Dish looks great and probably could have been submitted in last months challenge!   @Joyo I've always wanted to try dandelion greens, I am hoping to forage some later this year. You doubled up with mushrooms and wine! On a side note there is a little pencil icon below your post that allows you to go back to edit and change something like the tbsp to tsp.
 Oh no! I've seen quite a few people that have had their significant other or roommate toss their yeasties because they thought it was some kind of foul remnant of a by gone meal. I hope you can locate it, would love to see the bread and your idea with the blue cheese sounds fantastic! Fungus Maximus!
@ordo that is really interesting and looks delicious! It reminds me of a terrine. I will definitely have to try that out sometime!   @Joyo great looking bread! Love that the little fungi give you that great chew and huge crumb (better for picking up oil and herbs when dipping!)
You definitely didn't go off the wrong foot! I had to look it up myself and I am trying to learn about fungi in food so maybe this is a selfish topic   You included this.. which I would like to purchase from you.. do you ship to the states?  
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