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Hi Maria, welcome to cheftalk! I think you are on the right track to look toward Indian cooking as they are masterful at creating vege dishes that don't leave carnivores longing. I wanted to chime in because I received a book as a gift several years back and it will give you endless supplies of recipes as well as fill you in on the cultural and regional differences that influences various curries. I believe Nicko said if I just link to it the site would handle things.....
That rabbit dish looks great GM.. is it cool in Bavaria? Certainly looks like a cold weather dish to me! Meanwhile it's been extremely hot here so I decided to make a chilled soup of broccoli and watercress garnished with pumpernickle croutons and sour cream.  
I was curious about this so did a little digging. Seems like the biggest consensus is under-cooked crab prior to it being frozen for packaging. Here's one quote from an individual on the matter  I'd question your supplier and see about changing where your crab is sourced.
Brightflare, I have to apologize for calling you a troll. I just found it really questionable that someone would ask for a replacement for shallots in a recipe that calls for a large amount, yet say that they hate onions and even weaker variants like leeks! And as I told Nicko I had a few drinks and fired away without thinking   I'm glad everyone else was helpful. I just wanted to let you know I didn't mean to be rude. The function of shallots as well as onions would be...
I love that the challenge has gone back to a singular concept, to me that makes it challenging to come up with something extraordinary! Beautiful dishes from everyone, I'm thinking hard on what I can do with eggs that I've never tried.
To be honest I can't believe you guys fell for this troll.
I've taken to listening to (and halfway watching) Julia Child on "The French Chef!" when I am too tired to stand.. but not too tired to fall asleep. She loves roux.. so this weekend my friends were getting together after a day on the water and for my part I decided to do a seafood chowder. Clam chowder is good, but add shrimp and fish and it's a little better. I could have gone muscles but the costs were climbing as it was. So this is.. onion, celery, and garlic sauteed in...
 To me this discussion has broken into two separate, and completely valid points. 1. recipes don't define a good cook.. a good cook uses technique and knowledge of food regardless of what a recipe says. They adapt and change things to their own preference and they can do that with wild abandonment because they have amassed the required experience to do so. To share a recipe is to have a discussion about food. It does not, and cannot take away from years of experience...
Thanks for the info mimi! I will check into what is allowed around here under those circumstances. The friend of mine, who wants to go in with me.. his mother opened one of the more successful restaurants in our town a couple years ago so I'm not overly concerned about things since she would certainly help us if we need it.
 I love this.. this is why I don't figure recipes matter much. But Someday.. if you make a dish that is absolute heaven and they want that shit the very next Sunday.. you should know how to do it again. If you're like me.. it will be a similar handfull of various stuff... maybe that's what they like.. maybe it's not. That would never work for KFC, or Five Guys, or any other known quantity.
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