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I'm a food enthusiast in the US and own two sous vide units from Anova. There are many different reasons I favor sous vide cooking in certain applications, and some of them have nothing to do with the flavor of the food. The ability to hold a perfectly soft boiled egg for an hour.. while waiting for your guests to arrive is an example of one of the practical benefits. I will say however, you cannot achieve many of the benefits trying to use a range with a thermometer, it...
I think we should all show our butts off! This is from about 2 weeks ago. Smoked with applewood.  
Something you might enjoy that I feel is a huge benefit to my chili, is reconstituted ancho chili peppers. They add a really intense, deep earthy and smokey flavor as well as really great color. Ancho chiles are poblano peppers that have been dried. Usually you can find them in your grocer if they carry any other dried chiles. If not try to find a Mexican market in your area. Once you de-seed them you can just barely cover them with boiling water and let them steep. Once...
I would do it well ahead of time and then just foil wrap it in the fridge to be reheated. Usually you want to target between 1/4th and 1/2 a lb of cooked meat per person (depending on kids/adults/etc. and whether your serving it as sandwiches). You will lose somewhere around 40% of the pre-cooked weight. If I were feeding 20 people I'd probably go with two 9lb butts because I like to have more than is needed. At around 220F you should be fine letting the butt cook for...
 * shakes fist *
@teamfat that is a healthy looking filet of salmon! You plate fine dishes. I don't think there are many here that would focusing on that :D
 No offense but I don't at all agree with that.Pesto and pestle have their root words for a reason. I have absolute admiration for you panini but I think we may go to war over this. I do agree that putting these things in a food processor produces garbage.Basil, pine nuts, and garlic have "oils" that are released through mastication.. in other words pounding/smashing. These oils are the true flavors that we seek in pesto and I will challenge ANYONE to produce a pesto in a...
Ohh! I've got tomatoes! Just made a "caprese" salad with a basket full of vine ripe cherries. I've got some really beautiful golden variety and the "Heinz" tomatoes are doing well - they are surpisingly a nice eating tomato. I'll have to put on my thinking cap.
 Thanks KK! After rinsing them thoroughly I leave the residual water and usually I will saute some onion/garlic in a little oil then throw the greens into the hot pan and toss.
Not a finished dish but I'm thinking of wilting these, with a sauteed mahi mahi filet and a balsamic and cranberry reduction. Something is eating my kale but for the most part the rest of my mesclun lettuce is doing pretty well. Have some radishes in there too.  
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