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 Ground filet it is!
I think I may take another childhood classic.. hamburger helper and resurrect it. Fresh ground ribeye, mornay sauce, and elbow pasta.. little sprinkle of smoked paprika.. little chopped parsley..  
 Yea there's a number of names for it. I was going to toast the cutouts but I figured.. that's just more carbs and somehow it made eating two of these OK..   I love the idea of serving them with preserves though.. that's re-purposing at it's finest by creating a completely separate element for the dish.
I thought this might be fun. This morning I had this flashback to a breakfast dish I was introduced to as a young kid by my older brother. It's probably been 20 years since I've made this and whatever experience I've gained over the years made this even better.   So the idea is to let your mind wander back to a dish you recall as a youngster, and using your awesome adult culinary skills.. resurrect it and post a picture and any story relating to how you came to know it...
 Spanish.. and grapes..Here's my problem with this game.. if you don't know it and you can't use goggle.. you're just stuck and out of the running. We don't have enough people to do that.
@Jimyra man! Awesome job. You don't often see a meringue on them. Looks delicious and makes this Florida boy proud
 You mean the house made.. artisan chips fried in duck fat and dusted with truffle?!
 Is that marinade like a mojo marinade? It doesn't say that but I see it has bitter oranges as an ingredient which mojo has also.
I'm just the first one to reply but.. the way I understand things is.. hydration is the key step in pasta and dough.. and how a flour is ground will affect how that flour hydrates. In addition certain types of flour will create more or less gluten. For pasta gluten is good.. for cake gluten is bad. Bread can fall all over the place.   Extrude machines heat the dough.. and that requires a variation in the formula. If you take a typical recipe where we could hand slice...
 Man.. I love that stuff.. there's little fancy about a Swedish meatball.. although there are bad ones and really great ones - but you know.. it's that kind of common party food that is SO great! During the holidays.. I often will take on the appetizers.. and I overdo it every single year.. but that's because I love that stuff. My brother has recently started doing nothing but that for events.. no big turkey.. no prime rib.. just lots of crazy great hors d'oeuvres and...
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