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Have been kind of sad lately and just not felt good, so decided this morning to make some comfort food. Tarragon chicken noodle soup. It's the first time I've used tarragon myself so I went light with it. There was more broth but I put crackers in it.  
Fast food is inferior food because they use inferior ingredients and preparation methods. I can agree that most fast food doesn't taste bad but if you give me a choice between even a step up to say a Ruby Tuesday cheddar burger on a pretzel roll, I'm taking that over a big mac every time.   KFC chicken doesn't taste as good as most any mom and pop diner because they use scrawny little chickens and the stuff sits under heat lamps drying out so that it can be fast.
Babies are pretty valuable. That's awesome that she made some for you. I don't have any myself but I am pretty sure once they can talk cohesively they are cool to have around.
 Well.. now I'm confused. But I was confused before.. I'm confused in a different way now.I thought the protein % in bread flour made for chew.. vs.. the softness you might get in something like cake flour.
 Yeast rolls! Apparently those are made with AP flour.. never bread flour. Also noticed they tend to contain milk and egg. There's a world of difference between a soft roll and a good sourdough bread that has chew. I love them both.
 But I helped too!!! I made bread damnit! I threw mine away :(  .. I think I had the oven too high. Post your results.. I may have to give the no knead bread a shot.  Edit: This was my 1000th post.  I'm glad it was about bread and I now have ideas to try.
Welcome to cheftalk! I've got the same book but have yet to give any of the recipes their due attention. I've spent a lot more time working on the compliments, like pickles of various types and mustard. We've got a few members that I've seen post their own cured products. I believe @GeneMachine and maybe @ChrisBelgium has done some.   If you're not already a member, you should definitely join the facebook group "The Salt Cured Pig" .. someone just posted up some Coppa of...
I don't have a pro model, but when I got my kitchenaid mixer they were selling the attachments for pasta extrusion. I thought that was just about the coolest thing. Until I tried to actually use it. I really thought I was going to kill the thing inside of 5 minutes.. it was bogging down bad and getting extremely hot. Even smoking some of the oil in the housing. That was the first and only time I used the extrusion kit.
Looks good @teamfat .. I debated how to slice them but decided I'd go with wedges for now. I smelled them today and saw the off gas. It's pretty awesome how when you pack them they don't smell like much.. but after 1 day of fermentation there is a rich "garlic dill" smell going on. I've already decided that next year I'll have a cherry tomato plant for the garden just to pickle them green! I also need to plant some of my dill seeds so I can have ready access to fresh dill...
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