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Butzy.. I'm a fan of vinegar myself.. I prefer for instance a Carolina mustard vinegar for BBQ'd meats particularly things like pork butts. However, I was hoping to come up with something that had just a bit more body so that it could be controlled a little in plating.   Xantham gum was mentioned and it is pretty cheap on amazon. Does it impart any sort of negative flavors or chalky sensations like cornstarch can? Is it heat stable or can it "break" like some emulsifiers?
Man was one too many cuba libres into the night when I posted this. Sorry for the rambling nature but thank you all for the thoughts.   For both vinaigrettes I did season with salt and pepper. The tangerine vinaigrette was a warm vinaigrette so I started it off by heating the oil and then added diced shallot and garlic. In retrospect that actually ended up over powering the tangerine flavor, but another issue was unlike the lemon juice which I did freshly squeeze.. I had...
Olive oil is out in my round.. I want canola.   Chefs.. what am I looking for? Salad dressing? .. the sauce is thin.. at 3 to 1.. Maybe I need them into a blender?
So the ratio is 3 parts fat to 1 part acid.   That's what I started the day with.. and oh man.. did I go off the rails. I did a straight up lemon juice with 1/2 canola oil and 1/2 olive oil.. what a horrible flavor that was. I added honey, red win vinegar, and chopped basil and lemon zest along with about a tbsp of sugar.   I whisked and whisked.. and it sort of seemed OK.. it wasn't great.   What in the hell is a vinaigrette?   To me.. it should be like a salad...
I just picked up about $400 worth of hotel pans for $133. I compared the 6 inch 1/6th pan on amazon it was $9.45 and I got it for $2.77 - food service warehouse is apparently going out of business and have things 30 to 90% off.   http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/   Just thought you guys would like to know in case there's something you've been wanting to pick up.
Content is the name of the game.. this is no different on cheftalk.com than on epicurious.com although the process of creating content is different. Since you are not really building a community you would not have consistent content creators coming to the site to offer that for free. In addition, your content is heavily focused on recipes and relies on a set of functionality that you plan to build to associate meta information (ingredients) in a form that is searchable....
I just read back through the entire "Fish Challenge" thread and honestly that is the best example of the true beauty of this little website I think anyone could find. It illustrates everything that is good and right with the community; encouragement, questioning, support, passion etc. That was one heck of a month.. @Nicko even came out of his shell and posted multiple entries!   Two years later - in a world that seems to be spinning out of control, I had tears in my eyes...
Awesome Mike9.. that's the type of dish I would never think of with grilling. Sounds incredible.
 I am not a fan of wet ribs.. sticky sugary wet ribs need to go away. If I want candy I know where to get it. Give me spice.. and a vinegar mustard sauce on the side. I may be starting a war but that is how I feel.
So you had an elephant over for dinner?
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