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When I was a kid my dad let me pick and bite into a green pecan.. my lips curled inside my head so much I could see the back of my throat!
 This! Pumpernickel is my favorite. Nothing beats butter grilled croutons that are finished in the oven. Crisp and dry on the outside, yet a little soft on the inside.
@AllanMcPherson do you find that a texture in fish is better suited for sous vide vs another? My local grocer has cuts in order of texture like tilapia, flounder, mahi, cod, salmon, swordfish, and monkfish. I guess they probably all exhibit different results. Maybe I shouldn't be asking rather than trying, but I was curious what your experience has been.
How do you guys eat raw kale? I don't even like the bite of raw spinach.. I have to wilt it some, I can't imagine trying to gnaw on kale. I think you all might be ...  
 It looked to me like the bevel on the knife was there to aid in the exact movement of his wrist to push his board back, giving a uniform width cut every time.
You need a FoodSaver or something that offers the same ability. That is vacuum packed food. Putting things in zip lock bags can work if they are surrounded by a liquid, but with things like chunks of meat, rice, odd shaped vegetables, etc. you need the ability to reduce the oxygen present around the food which is what leads to "freezer burn".   I recently smoked 12 chicken breasts and packed them so this is what it looks like to give you an idea:   You can microwave...
I enjoy the Greek salad with iceberg lettuce, it sounds like what I like is very close to Horiatiki as you guys have described it but with the addition of the lettuce. With so many rich elements the iceberg (when it's of good quality) gives a crisp cold filler and enjoyable texture for me.
In Florida, apparently in the Tampa Bay area it is a thing to put a big pile of potato salad in the middle of a "Greek" salad. I got one at Publix, and the sticker covered the potato salad. I was disgusted! I posted it on facebook and all my friends were equally disgusted.   I'll have mine with red onion, tomato (optional), cucumber, kalamata olives, plenty of feta cheese, a couple nice thin slices of Genoa salami, and pepperoncinis! That version of a "greek" salad is my...
I thought this was pretty interesting and a bit peaceful to hear the rhythmic sounds of scraping and rolling in creating the soba noodles.    
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