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 Jake would you want to lead a thread on color theory and it's relationship to food? I was thinking it might be the next logical transition from our plating discussion. I've got no formal training, but I have had a lot of exposure to it over the years due to my profession. This is a tool I find interesting, it creates color combinations, and variations, as well as "complements"http://colorschemedesigner.com/
Beautiful Ordo. What else is in your marinade?   Here's the other part of what I am BBQ'ing today.. chicken leg quarters. Hard to beat for bbq since they are so cheap and packed with flavor. I put some dry rub on these but the key for me is a trick someone taught me. Using a spray bottle and equal parts lemon juice, vinegar, and worcestershire. It gives a great color and helps develop a really crisp and brightly flavored skin.  
Sounds killer kgirl! I need to check the asian market to see if they have semolina flour in bulk. At my grocer I think they consider it a "specialty" item because the only product they carry is in a little organic kiosk and costs about 9.00 for a small bag.
Nice Chris! I can see you're playing with the plating ideas. Weather is nice here.. I won't have dinner for about 8 hours but here it is in it's early stages. Applewood injection, mustard wet rub, and then my secret (as in I have no idea I make it diff every time) dry rub  
Chris, great examples for showing how lines can be perceived in composition as a single unit. I particularly like the last example in your straight line examples where the colors alternate. This does create a pattern that is perceived as a unit. Personally I feel like even if a dish is composed entirely of parallel lines, if the colors, contrasts, textures, etc. vary it could even though perceived as a unit be a very successful plating style.   I'm not sure I'd agree...
 Because you specifically asked for a good quick sauce.. and because you're still learning a lot I think you should take a look at this technique because it works well for other meats as well. Like teamfats suggestion this includes a "pan sauce". There are different terms for this but I've most often seen it called pan basting or quick basting. The idea is simple. You are going to saute the fish but also using a decent amount of fat.. I like to use equal parts butter and...
Looks really tasty JP.. How well does that marinade carry into the pork? It looks great.. I'd be tempted to reserve some before marinating to spoon over the grilled pork!
Thanks Chris for the well thought out reply. This is exactly the kind of dialogue I am hoping to find!   I need to look more at classic artistic composition outside of the lens of a camera. Your post has educated me to look into that. I think when we perceive something, we do it in many ways. Your first plating example is very balanced by volume but consider if the circle was of an extremely light color and the rectangle very dark, we might perceive the rectangle to have...
I was just talking about this with hummus so I'm going to say kalamata olives! But if your cheddar is very sharp the two might overpower the chickpeas.
Nice dishes everyone! Ordo, I love hummus.. I get wheat flatbread from the grocer and then toast it with feta cheese and kalamata olives, cut it into slices and spoon hummus onto it.. one of the tastiest 5 minute dishes I know of.   It has been raining here for two days so I decided to make my first entry a sort of comfort food from Indian cuisine. These are called pakoras, but I think most people would call this a kind of fritter. The bonus for this is two different...
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