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Thanks Pete I'll give that a try. I also would rather have a blonde chip, but my gut instinct was to get crispy I had to have higher heat.
Thanks kgirl! Interesting tip on washing excess starch off. Do you pat them dry afterwards so that the oil doesn't go crazy? Sea salt is pure and my favorite, but I can't let well enough alone. I'm excited to try all manners of flavors. I've never had a goan curry potato chip!
 Interestingly black widows were known for that but I read recently that the studies that led to that behavior being documented were flawed because the spiders were kept contained. The females turned to cannibalism (as all spiders will) because there was not sufficient food and the males could not escape.
I've done this a few times and always was disappointed. Tonight I think I hit on a few items that will eventually get me as close to store bought chips as possible. I think the biggest contributor to success tonight was literally shaving the potato so that it was transparent. Having the oil good and hot and not crowding (I know those are common sense). The one thing I would do differently now would be to use a bakers rack to let them dry some. When I was placing them in on...
 Thanks, yea I was extremely surprised at how cheap the controllers were. Nice ones too. One day I'll get around to putting one together!
 Yea I know it's critical to keep it exact and that's what I was asking to see if anyone had tried. This fryer has a digital thermometer that controls the element which is just like the DIY setups I've seen. The question is, how accurately?
I just got around to cleaning a deep fryer I've had forever and it occurred to me that maybe it could be used as part of an immersion circulator? I've seen pumps online that can handle circulating the water, would the heating element along with the thermostat that is built into the fryers element work to heat water? Here's what mine basically looks like:  
How are you cooking it? I'd probably go with sheet pans in an oven.
Very nice Chris. While I think the mustard sauce is a better compliment, I have enjoyed salmon with quick sauteed young mustard greens from the garden with a little lemon juice. Gives a sharp bitter cut for the fatty salmon. Speaking of leftovers, I'm off to reheat the ends of the roulade I made for a grilled chicken lunch salad!   Edit: Not much to look at but it's tasty. Wilted spinach salad with hot chunks of my leftover grilled chicken roulade, garden veges,...
It's good to see they've moved on to crustaceans after successfully bringing light to the horrible atrocities committed against "sea kittens". Yes kids, fish live in the sea and they are kittens just like that fluffy little blue eyed fur ball you love so well, so please don't kill them!  
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