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Wow.. Greenranger.. you're a bit out of line with that attitude. If you hang around here long enough, you'll learn Phatch is definitely not "just some guy who likes food" .. I'm not either (I like photography and crazy ass experiments with food too) Our discussions should be in good fun and they generally help everyone to learn a thing or two from each other.
yep.. people sure have their opinions on these things!   I wouldn't suggest pulling the rib tips early.. they are in fact filled with a lot of fat/cartilage (which is part of their appeal to those that lust for them) so as long as you are cooking low and slow I'd leave them in the full time. Haven't had much trouble with this myself.
 Some people will fight you for the rib tips.. I leave them on for that reason, it's preference but some people definitely prefer that (like white or dark meat on chicken)
Well, it's hard to beat really good sweet corn (not overcooked) rolled in butter!   One thing I have done with corn on the cob, and this also works for leftovers is to roast it on the grill. Let it cool down to handle then slice the kernels off for a roasted corn salsa. I usually add diced (poblano, onion, garlic), plenty of lime juice, S&P, and cilantro.
Phatch I do think that a lot of people use wet marinades for the exact reason you mentioned, it provides a flavorful "sauce" for the outside. I think the argument for a dry rub is really no different than a wet marinade, they are both providing general seasoning and that's pretty much all they are doing. I think someone mentioned injecting but in my experience that usually results in little pockets of flavor. As far as brines, most store bought poultry has already been...
Just a thought if you still want to achieve something that is really flavorful but not a marinade. It's done all the time for low and slow cooking but it works on the grill too, that is a spray bottle used to "baste" the chicken as you're grilling it. I typically use a liquid that is equal parts lemon juice, worcestershire, and vinegar. You can add honey as well depending on what you're going for. It gives the skin nice coloring and a bright tangy flavor. Here's some leg...
Very sorry to hear of his passing.
Still using what I can from the garden. I had a nice zucchini and have had lots of tomatoes so I combined the two. The zucchini, fresh tomato slices, tomato sauce, crumbled sausage then topped with mozzarella and parmesan. I sort of broiled it on the grill and to go with it strip steaks were on sale, so marinated them in a mixture of oil, worcestershire, red wine vinegar and soy.  
 This is perfectly true! Good deal GM
Nice! Is that kind of a poor/hungry mans demi glace?
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