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Glad you guys liked the oysters haha.. I had to go on youtube and figure out to shuck them. I tried in the past and felt like I just didn't get it but you have to put a little elbow into popping them.   Happy 4th of July to my friends here in the USA, to everyone else, well happy fourth of July to you too! Yesterdays pork butt was transformed into my pulled pork sammich with coleslaw and carolina mustard vinegar sauce.  
Fresh off the grill :)  
Kouk.. that's a great idea. Never thought about doing a compound butter inside the burger but it makes a lot of sense. My grocery has "water rolls" that are perfect little slider buns. Not sure if your grocer has rolls but they are typically the right size.
Second the remarks everyone made to pollo and goldi.. good GRIEF... that chicken looks freaking amazing and the snapper.. such classic technique with really nice flavor profiles. Both of you rock.
Very interesting.. while I consider the cling film as cheating it certainly opens up a different world of possibilities for a poached egg. With everything being contained you can add things such as in his video truffle, which otherwise would have never have stayed within the egg white.
I don't think you need day old eggs at all.. instead use his test of displacement. My brother's egg sank.. so.. it was "new enough" to have a good solid white. I'm not sure I fully understand your technique chef-josh.. could you do a step by step?
Well for those of us in the USA tomorrow is a big day for food. I am not "having for dinner" this just yet but figured I'd share. I am doing a BBQ pork butt to take over to my brothers. It's been raining every day in FL for the last few days so rather than constantly stoke a fire in the rain for my smoker I am using my grill with one burner for indirect heat. Hickory chips are placed over the burner for the smoke. It's holding right at 225. I've done this in the past,...
It's not easy to get rice that well separated. I recently switched to the technique I read on here, BIG pot of water.. boil it until al-dente then dump it into a strainer. Comes out great, the starches get diluted in the mass water. I can't recall if others here said that was a European way to cook rice, but I certainly have adopted it.
Looks good lucas, what are the greens .. looks like maybe cabbage?
I saw that squid thing on a show once, they explained that it was done as a way of showing that the squid is very fresh. Apparently once the squid has been dead for too long it will not react like this to the soy. So it's not actually some morbid trick.
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