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Of course I agree, but gunga seemed to have set that as a standard approach here, where before in my years of watching the food discussion thread I rarely saw a photo and if there was one it was usually a finished product.
  He burst in like a flash.. set the forums on fire and packed up and left in the night. He always asked about the men following him, whether we'd seen them or not. He is responsible for the now popular step by step pictoral posts, a fine legacy.  
I've been watching a lot of no reservations, and with seemingly perfect timing, there was an episode where the aioli was made in a mortar and pestle and was only garlic and olive oil. They made a huge deal over the delicate touch it takes to do it right, and only the grandmother was trusted to make it! They even were talking about keeping your voice down, I guess because it can break fairly easily?
Ok, I've been researching a little and there is one thing that I have been wanting to try. Can I get a confirmation that tongue is considered offal?
For me there is a simple answer, pesto. Pesto is traditionally made with a mortar and pestle, and while I know many people believe they can make an acceptable pesto using a food processor, I have compared them side by side and they are night and day. The flavors pesto is so famous for are carried in oils present in the herbs, those oils are released by pressing, which sharp blades are very poor at. It takes a good deal longer to make traditionally but it's the only way...
This one will be a real challenge for me! If you read my replies in the thread about foods you don't eat.. well... haha there was basically one main group I don't eat! But, the point of the challenges is to expand our culinary knowledge and appreciation, so this is a great one.   I am planning to post my finished dish for April tomorrow. I got hung on the plating and will just end up where I started on it, but by no means will I not get it in under the wire!!  
Cheflayne, beautiful dish.. I can only image the flavors but it looks great. Petals.. I am dying here reading the description of the fruit.. it makes me want to chug a gallon of gatoraide.. just seems so refreshing and cooling to me. Wonderful work everyone!  
  Yes, in fact last night I reached out to my pick to host our next monthly challenge (May 2013) .. GeneMachine has accepted and will be posting the May challenge. This is hopefully the trend that we'll keep.. each month the challenge host will select a participating individual to host the next challenge. I selected GeneMachine because of their enthusiasm and of course the great lengths they went to for the April challenge.
HAHA! Thanks BDL.. I actually meant mastication ala mortar and pestle.. I wasn't going to chew it and spit it into the brine solution   I was chatting with my friend and I guess you boil the brine with the aromatics so that's what infuses the brine with the herbs. Something new for me!  
I had a good Sunday doing some low and slow BBQ with dear friends that have over the years been heavily involved in food. We were talking about their restaurant and some of the things they have been experimenting with. They gave me some chicken breast that had been brined.. I immediately picked up on thyme and rosemary.. and it was present through the entire breast.. not just a flavor you pick up from application of spices to the outside.   So my question for those...
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