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I know this is nothing fancy but even as a big kid I enjoy putting a jack-o-lantern out on the fence. Luckily I recently got a decent boning knife and just free handed this after looking at ideas online. Anyone roast the seeds with a sprinkle of salt?  
 I wasn't actually on the road. I was next to a road running along where a 90 degree bend in the road had the gaurd rail. I tried to run up along a steep incline and got pushed down into the backside of the gaurdrail, caught my thigh right above my knee on the I-beam and ripped my leg open.
I have one that I won't share. I never figured I'd get to see my own subcutaneous fat. If I were a chicken I'd be a tasty one! Suffice it to say a four wheeler and DOT guard rail are a bad combination.
I think watercress just has a very short shelf life. It seems to be very full of moisture and delicate. I can't keep the stuff in the fridge more than 3 days without it smelling like a swamp.
I don't think this is at all what he intended, but most supermarket chicken has been brined and between the brine and myoglobin, if you don't rinse and pat your chicken it could possibly have enough moisture/binder (in the myoglobin) to adhere a decent amount of panko. I seriously doubt that was his assumption though.
Glad to hear you've had some success! Another good way to get air out of a ziplock is to fill your sink full of water, and then immerse the bag under right up to the opening and then seal it. The water forces all of the air out similar to the vacuum sealers and might keep you from inhaling a piece of stir fry
@ordo in my early attempts to learn I've found a great example repeated that demonstrates the dramatic difference that can occur within a very small temperature range when you are able to hold an exact temperature for an extended period of time. I think an egg is also a good example because it doesn't even bring into question the vacuum sealing. Every one of the eggs below was cooked for 60 minutes with only 2 degrees F difference between each, yet the results are very...
I don't see any mention of that. There's a wiki article that basically reinforces that flash freezing with liquid nitro would minimize the cell membrane damage from ice crystals. I have never done this so I am just going off what I have read.
 That one sounds great!
I'm surprised no one mentioned using liquid nitrogen. From what I understand it is pretty cheap and would allow you to flash freeze the meat before vacuum packing it. Not that I've ever done it myself, but if I was doing a lot of primal breakdown or hunted wild game like deer I'd certainly look into it to preserve the integrity of the meat.
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