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KK.. does your restaurant not have "family meal"? I thought that was kind of standard? I guess it could also be annoying to have to eat with the co-workers you just spent 10 hours screaming and throwing things at
That looks great JonPaul! It reminds me just a little of a episode I watched the other day of Cooking at Home with Julia and Jacques where Jacques used bread instead of potatoes but baked a layered seafood dish in a sort of bread canoe, using the bread crumbs dug out. I realize no potato but very similar assortment of seafood along with leeks. Great photography as well.
K.. those stuffed mushrooms look awesome. Pork and mushrooms.. match made in heaven if you ask me!
Thanks teamfat for hosting. I love a generic idea like potatoes! I will have fun with this one. Now where did I put my ricer...
Chris.. Photographs matter.. because they show what has been done. You've been asked to select the next host and now you are punting it back to GM.. I don't think that is fair.   This challenge is not about who takes pretty photographs, or who likes who's dishes. It's about creative use of something challenging. It gives us an opening to try something new.
I'm not a professional chef so take this for what it is. My advice would be to find a new place to work, you have essentially nothing at all to keep you there but the familiarity. At your age you should be ready to pounce on opportunity and take the world by the horns. If you are struggling financially, you have nothing to lose if you find a new place with a better mentor and hopefully better food.
Thank you everyone again for your comments. I did order Larousse Gastronomique (updated version) and got a copy for my brother. I think part of the problem for me is that I love to cook and share that with others. I am single, and have few opportunities to do this, actually the holidays were the only occasion recently and I just wasn't inspired to try. I talked to my brother tonight, and we are going to pick out a couple sections to work. I cannot believe you guys saying...
You all have had expectantly incredible responses and I thank you all. I have taken them all in. I told Lagom.. I've ordered the book and got a copy for my brother :) I'll read it.. but I do think I'll take a break. I have a lb of transglutaminase sitting in the freezer and I've not had the passion to do anything with it. Again thank you all for your insight.   Edit: I will look into serving the homeless. Lately I've wanted to find any elderly or needy people that...
I know a couple years ago I posted something similar to this. It seems that once in a while, I fall "out of love" with cooking. I think this is due to me hitting a plateau and feeling (I know this is silly) I've basically accomplished everything I can. I run out of challenges, everything I can think of, I know that I could do with relative success because I've accomplished what I feel is a strong foundation. In re-thinking this, I've come up with two paths that maybe I...
Welcome to the forum Jelly Girl! There are lots of other places around on the site to explore, other forums, articles, reviews, etc! Have fun :)
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