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Joey I see it now! Definitely an Ox! Haha yea you must have had a creative mind or exhaustion or both to see that!
Not to be offensive flipflop but I'd wager 50.00 that the spoilage occurring in strawberries has little to nothing to do with the bacteria found under our fingernails. Instead typical fungi that break down such foods that are present from the day they are picked.   Edit: Kgirl.. look up strawberry leaf spot .. it also presents as black spots on the berries.. it's also a fungus
They are RIPE when you got them? Right on that verge of spoiling? Use them immediately?
Very nice looking pizza Ordo! Moz and Olives?
  Joey... I have no idea what you're talking about
dcarch, those are some extraordinary plates. Very colorful, and the crabs look great!       Chris they were cooked in their own liquor. I was going for "Oysters Rockefeller" but I guess the authentic version has a sort of (not spinach) puree with bread crumbs. This was simply fresh baby spinach topped with a little parmesan. I didn't think to add any bread crumbs yesterday.
I have been wanting to do a play on it by making my own waffle cone, then stuffing it with some fried chicken tenderloins.
Wow.. those eggs... those are some good quality eggs with the dark yolks! Oh and there's pork .. yea that looks pretty good too
Sounds great kgirl.. who needs beer when there's whiskey!?
Haha! Nice dishes.. love the spam.. and ordo.. wow.. blood sausage! That's pretty impressive.   I am cross posting this from "what did you have for dinner" since I need to be participating in these challenges! I've been a slacker! Here was my pork butt, dry rubbed and smoked with hickory before and after.    
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