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Welcome to the forum Jelly Girl! There are lots of other places around on the site to explore, other forums, articles, reviews, etc! Have fun :)
Sorry to hear of your accident Mary... although calling something an accident when someone is at fault is a bit of a misnomer isn't it? I agree with koko.. sue the ever living #$%& out of them, not because it is profitable but because it is deserved if you have been injured. I was in an accident in my early twenties, girl pulled out in front of me and I hit her going around 40.. I didn't sue because.. well.. I didn't think it was right to sue unless I was maimed. Little...
 It's used in place of actual smoking and being a concentrate has to be used with a certain amount of knowledge. I've seen taste tests done where the product was indistinguishable from the real deal. Personally I don't use the stuff but that doesn't mean it isn't useful to others.
 I don't know if you mean artificial as in just "not right" but if they used liquid smoke, there's nothing artificial about that since it's distilled smoke. I guess what I was wondering is what you meant by artificial.
I have this same pack as well. I posted a thread about it when I got it. The problem I have is that the granules are too coarse for regular seasoning. I do love the smell of the smoke, it's a very distinct smell, not reminiscent to me of hickory or oak. I probably should throw it into a grinder to see if the smoke flavor is balanced with the salt, I'm not sure it will be due to the surface area in comparison to the size of the granule.
Moisture in fish is going to be there.. you can cook it off. Have you tried heating a cast iron pan super hot, putting a little oil.. throw the fish down and flip after 4 minutes.. then bake off what you need to? You can also go with a little extra oil/butter and spoon that hot grease over the fish. Baking is probably not the way to go for you.
Durango.. good looking bowl of chili but the description of the weather makes the smell-a-vision work even better! Pollo really nice looking breakfast. I don't eat breakfast often so that tends to be more my style once in a while   I just loaded the grill for a trial run.. I got a good deal on a nice roasting pan that fits my grill perfectly so I am trying a classic here to see how well things go. The pan has an aluminum insulator between the stainless and is very heavy...
I don't typically cook the meal per se. I do have a bit of a tradition in creating appetizers and joining our neighbors family for a block party. I've done mini juicy lucys, mini BLTs, shrimp crostinis, cucumber and crab, etc. We decided to fry the turkey one year and since then that is the only way we cook it. Last year we brined the turkey and my buddy had added some brown suger in the brine which made the turkey burn a little on the skin.
Recently I was looking around at various nuts in my grocer and in the same section stumbled on okra that had been flash fried and freeze dried from what I can tell. The entire thing is in there and they are extremely crunchy. So my mind started wandering and I was thinking it would be interesting to use them in a spice grinder to make a sort of "okra powder". Has anyone experimented with something like that? I believe they make several other foods including french green...
Polo that bread is beautiful.. Check this out.. it was on the reddit "breadit" page today. Hopefully posting a link to that is OK.. I think you should wear one!
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