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Mike9 I've never had a perogie. Can you use something like a wonton skin to make them?
I don't normally eat this heavy for lunch but I saw some good looking cod yesterday at the grocery store and I haven't had fish and chips in a long time .. so..  
Constantly Evolving and Influenced Southern
  Could serve them some bread and water just to get them back on track!
  Ah ok that makes sense. Also, I think your creation qualifies to be called a tempura fish chalupa, and I'm not talking about taco bell, but the idea is the same!
Very nice job and beautiful photos! I recently asked about making a lobster bisque as the sauce for lobster ravioli, looks like you took a similar approach having the shells in the stock.
Oh man.. those fried shells look deviously awesome. Do you use a mold to form them when frying?
I see. Well that's certainly a better scenario :)
BDL, was he a hotspot fighter? I saw that very sad news this morning.
I am also very driven by feedback, and a kind word or positive expression goes a long way. I don't need people to swoon, but with anything if you put your heart into it, you don't want that to be neglected.   What you could do, is provide them with a "feedback" card. Something that they can write their honest thoughts on anonymously. If they aren't willing to take just a moment to do that then it is safe to say they are taking your efforts for granted. But if it were...
New Posts  All Forums: