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Joey! I got into mycology a little and have done a bit of foraging. That's cool to see a puff ball that huge!   MK - that is some of the best fried chicken I've seen in a long time.. outside of the glaze, given that you are in Boston I suppose you can't call that Southern fried chicken. Maybe... "Southie Fried Chicken"?
About 6 months ago I saw this at TJ Maxx (a sort of name brand discount store) and thought.. well that looks like really nice risotto rice and it was very well vacuumed sealed so I got it for I think 2.99 for 2.2 lbs - I just looked it up and apparently it's a turkish rice that is great for risotto or paela.. I'll get to crack it open for sure this month!     Edit: Well.. apparently it's Italian.. I found the company site
Great looking dishes from everyone so far. This challenge has so many possibilities. I have a pretty neat idea to try and hopefully will get it done tomorrow.
 My mom used to do that so I do it usually whenever I make a cold plate (tuna salad, a couple olives, and Ritz crackers to finish it out!)
I think you'd be fine to dispatch and clean, then freeze them. When I catch live shrimp the heads are removed and they are frozen submerged in water so there's zero chance for oxidation. They keep for months that way. But maybe crabs are different.   Edit: OK, I guess with crab it's different than shrimp. I'm not finding any information online specifically about how long crab is safe after dispatching a live crab. What information I was able to locate was referring to...
I don't really understand the idea that a region would have any part in the way that a place handles tea. Tea is either brewed fresh, it's stale, or some nasty stand in whether it be powdered or syrup. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to bet that Subway Subs has fresh tea brewed in NYC.. I bet Burger King and McDonalds does too.
Have you considered drying them and creating a powder? You could even roast them first if you want to introduce that smokey element to the end product.
There are so many monthly challenge winners here!!
Dcarch.. I had to stop at the 4 min mark and laugh a little ... I hope you are being silly! He/she slaps it and turns it over and it's obvious the super thin bag has ruptured. In addition, an attempt to seal anything harder than ground meat would most likely burst that thin bag.   GM.. FoodSaver brand products are somewhat expensive, but we can get "bargain bag" rolls on the cheap for instance 8" x 100 feet for about $21. I've never tried them yet but from what I saw on...
GM have you considered a chamber vacuum sealer? I've been looking at them, the bags are much cheaper than food saver, around $45 USD for 500 8"x10" bags. Unfortunately the chambers themselves are closer to $900! I just ordered my first sous vide unit so it would be nice to eventually be able to seal up liquids. I just don't seal enough other products as of late to make that initial price worth it.
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