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That's pretty awesome Nicko. It brings up a question I've had over and over, because I have only ever worked a desk job. Don't get me wrong though I know what hard work is and I've done it but it's never been as an occupation. Besides the back breaking work in DIY home projects, I play in a band where we stand in insane heat and humidity and play for 3 hrs straight, it's not a great comparison I'm sure but my feet feel it and I sure as hell feel it.   If I didn't find...
 Edit: I completely rethought my reply. Don't have a hot pan when you add the pesto into the pasta. There should be enough oil in the pesto to coat the pasta, you don't need any additional heat and if everything is still so hot you are getting parm stuck on the pot.. it's too hot. Let it rest longer or switch to a cold pan.
I've been intrigued by the idea of sous vide for a number of years but only recently have home sous vide units come into a price range where I felt it was affordable enough to jump in. I picked up two units from Anova which I recently reviewed here. I originally only wanted one but after an order mishap I decided to keep the second because it would allow me to run two different temperatures at once, which is a must if you are doing meats as well as vegetables.   Last...
 The first time I went to NYC I was blown away by one of the shops there that was wall to wall barrels of pickles. Russians pickle just about everything, but two that were very good were green tomatoes and surprisingly button mushrooms. Adding onion like GeneMachine is doing seems to be very popular. I'm sure cauliflower would turn out well. Okra pickles well too, but I have a strange problem with fuzzy textures so raw okra is a challenge for me, sadly I love peaches but I...
My sister reminded me of "Steak Ums" that my mom would make sort of like a cheese steak. Those were actually pretty tasty! Not so much on the visual side..  
How about the "bird in the nest" .. where you cut a circle out of bread and fry the bread along with an egg in the center? Not sure if that is retro but I remember my brother doing it 25+ yrs ago and I was impressed!   My mom definitely did the tuna macaroni salad, with frozen peas! Another dish that would make regular appearances was this over toast!  
They look great @teamfat!
Looks good Kouk.. you certainly did add some butter! As a chowda should be
What is a sausage "fond"? If I had to guess it is the caramelized bits after searing the sausage that we would de-glaze typically to include in a sauce?
What's there to talk about.. I know you're a good cook Here's what I'd do: Hopefully you have an onion to dice but if not you have enough bell pepper it would be interesting. Add a few tbl spoons of oil and sweat the diced peppers and onion down. Add in some flour.. eyeball it.. maybe a 1/4 cup to start and make a roux using the oil. You could add some butter here to further the oil ratio. Cook it just a few minutes and then pour in your stock (you can heat this in a...
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