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@ordo in my early attempts to learn I've found a great example repeated that demonstrates the dramatic difference that can occur within a very small temperature range when you are able to hold an exact temperature for an extended period of time. I think an egg is also a good example because it doesn't even bring into question the vacuum sealing. Every one of the eggs below was cooked for 60 minutes with only 2 degrees F difference between each, yet the results are very...
I don't see any mention of that. There's a wiki article that basically reinforces that flash freezing with liquid nitro would minimize the cell membrane damage from ice crystals. I have never done this so I am just going off what I have read.
 That one sounds great!
I'm surprised no one mentioned using liquid nitrogen. From what I understand it is pretty cheap and would allow you to flash freeze the meat before vacuum packing it. Not that I've ever done it myself, but if I was doing a lot of primal breakdown or hunted wild game like deer I'd certainly look into it to preserve the integrity of the meat.
 I like the taste of tabbouleh but I can't handle the raw chopped parsley/mint? It's a textural thing for me. It seems to me like it often has curly parsley in it which is very abrasive and in general difficult for me to eat.
When I was a kid my dad let me pick and bite into a green pecan.. my lips curled inside my head so much I could see the back of my throat!
 This! Pumpernickel is my favorite. Nothing beats butter grilled croutons that are finished in the oven. Crisp and dry on the outside, yet a little soft on the inside.
@AllanMcPherson do you find that a texture in fish is better suited for sous vide vs another? My local grocer has cuts in order of texture like tilapia, flounder, mahi, cod, salmon, swordfish, and monkfish. I guess they probably all exhibit different results. Maybe I shouldn't be asking rather than trying, but I was curious what your experience has been.
How do you guys eat raw kale? I don't even like the bite of raw spinach.. I have to wilt it some, I can't imagine trying to gnaw on kale. I think you all might be ...  
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