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@Lagom hope everything works out well quickly for you and your little one.     Yesterday my neighbor who is my buddies mom and like an adopted mom to me wanted to have a pig roast. So my buddy and I ended up cooking for about 70 people. Many people brought side dishes so we concentrated on the pig, some smoked chickens, and I did "atomic buffalo turds" for the first time which turned out to be a big hit. Our pit consists of a hole about 3 feet deep in the ground which...
Well that's an entirely different beast.. you aren't fermenting them then. Pickling yes, but not fermenting right?
 Do you quick pickle those and then cold pack them or do you ferment them? I think roast beef is going to be my next sous vide experiment! I'll have to make some of your pickled red onions for an epic sandwich.
 That sounds great! I would think the red onion used in the pickling would go well on the pizza too.
Ice and Spice? .. Flavors on Ice? haha you could draw a pear ice skating... OK.. I'll see myself out.
Just to clarify, when I used the term kosher, I was only implying a style of pickle. This is from WikiPedia on pickled cucumbers: 
 That sounds hot! I like it! I guess you would use that like a chili paste right? I would be tempted to add some garlic into it. I assume that would be safe with the salt quantity but not certain.
This is an interesting discussion because recently I acquired two sous vide units and have been playing around and reading. One issue with the "safe temperature" is that it is designed to be the simplest safe approach to food temperature and it doesn't take into consideration TIME. There is a logarithmic scale over temperature (starting around 130F) and time that truly represents what is safe to eat. ThankYou as others are suggesting what I think you are seeing is simply a...
A couple my mom would make.. Oyster stew.. this was just canned oysters and their liquor with milk and butter - add plenty of crumbled saltines. She would make a cast iron skillet dish called "cornbread tacos" .. I think she would bake a thin layer of cornbread in the skillet, then add ground beef with taco seasoning over it with cheese on top and then throw it back in the oven to melt the cheese. She would make fried salmon patties. Basically canned salmon mixed with...
Had a couple chicken breasts that I was hoping to try sous vide but never got around to it so decided tonight to make a sausage and chicken soup with spinach and potatoes. Soups are always fun because I never make them the same twice. I suppose at some point I should start writing down the recipe but then how would I know 3 months apart if one version was better than another. That's always been kind of a discouraging aspect of "recipes" to me.. I know my basic approach but...
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