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 Nice smoke ring on those MK
 I am very sorry to say it was all eaten by the inconsiderate diners that participated! I will save you some bacon next time!
Here are a few more from recent adventures.   Smoked chicken leg quarters   Smoked pork butt   Bonus round.. camp fire bacon!
That rice dish looks great Ordo!   I have a little garden going and this time I decided to try a gourmet lettuce mix by putting soil into a large tupperware storage bin. Now the stuff is growing faster than I can eat it! I also got my first four black cherry tomatoes .. they are unbelievable! So much more flavor than I can get in store bought varieties. After I washed the lettuce I made a fried chicken salad.      
 I don't know how you defat ... fat.. I wouldn't use it as a base for your sauce. When you pull your pork, if it is dry as you mentioned, you add the fat back into it until it is moist. Then sauce it. Just to be clear, we are not talking about particularly healthy food here! Edit: Also, on a pork butt there is usually a fat cap. Don't remove that, and make sure it is facing up, that will help keep it moist as it renders off.
You can also go with something like this!
Kouk.. I see you had a pan to catch the rendered fat. Did you add that back in once pulled/chopped? I'll often do that to moisten it (not to mention that fat is full of the dry rub seasoning)
Awesome stuff. I really wish I had gotten into this months challenge more, if there is one form of cooking I do more than anything it is grilling / bbq / smoking. I recently lost my father and it took a lot of the wind out of my sails. Hopefully I can get back in the game again and look forward to hanging with all you wonderful people.   I did some low and slow ribs for a memorial day BBQ yesterday. I've done ribs about 5 times prior and these were the best I've made to...
Allan what a great subject!   I've done pickles. Recently I got a large ceramic crock with ceramic weights for this purpose hoping also to do some kraut, but kraut takes much longer than pickles so the first thing I did was "Jewish deli" style half sour garlic pickles. I am amazed at the simplicity of the ingredients, I had tried many times to create a "zest" by mixing exotic spices for pickles. Turns out.. it's just garlic and black peppercorns. I kid you not.. those...
Played a St. Paddy's day gig yesterday so already had my fill of corned beef and cabbage. Decided on something a little different on a rainy day.  
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