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I was just talking about this with hummus so I'm going to say kalamata olives! But if your cheddar is very sharp the two might overpower the chickpeas.
Nice dishes everyone! Ordo, I love hummus.. I get wheat flatbread from the grocer and then toast it with feta cheese and kalamata olives, cut it into slices and spoon hummus onto it.. one of the tastiest 5 minute dishes I know of.   It has been raining here for two days so I decided to make my first entry a sort of comfort food from Indian cuisine. These are called pakoras, but I think most people would call this a kind of fritter. The bonus for this is two different...
I can't resists @French Fries ! Also, I didn't just watch a show on how old Italian women make basil pesto and come to this conclusion, I have tried to use a food processor and compared results. It boils down to the amount of flavor that can be extracted with cutting vs. crushing.   The high speed blades on a food processor cut the basil, pine nuts, and garlic into tiny pieces but all three of those important ingredients hold their powerful flavors in oils. By cutting...
Nice aba! @ChrisBelgium I noticed the plating has groupings of 3+2 and a decent amount of "negative space". Aba did you make a lecithin foam for the goat cheese foam or use a different technique?
 Definitely share! I'd love to see more platings!
 I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Chicken bug... that is hilarious!
 You are absolutely right. I shouldn't have used the word "symmetry" that's not what this is about, although straight lines certainly can be symmetric.
 I certainly see the geometry here. How did you get the meat into the cube shape?
Thanks for the submissions GM and Ordo.. I think in Ordo's final dish the symmetry, or lines was the predominant theme, wouldn't you say? At least it was in regards to the potato.. the dish itself was not symmetrical.   I thought on this and figured the easiest way to play with lines would be a caprese salad. I sliced and then hammered the mozzarella into a slab. I cut a nice heirloom tomato to fit. I tried to "paint" a basil oil and the selection of the plate...
I am flying by the seat of my pants on this group, but I know several of you mentioned you are interested in working on your plating, as am I. I figured maybe to kick things off lets have a thread for plating based on a central concept. The concept for this thread is "Straight Lines". A lot of modern plating uses symmetry as a design element, and one of the most powerful forms of symmetry is parallel or contiguous lines. So post your plating concepts up! They can be real...
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