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Yea I've never actually temp. probed my pork butts since I cooked at 225 for 8+ hours. So maybe the temperature has been higher than I thought. I do know that when pressed for time I have bumped the temp to 350 and cooked for shorter runs but like I said that was a minimum 5 hrs. I've never had a problem with dryness but I leave the fat cap on top.
Lower temperature for a much longer period of time. You could pull it at 160 if it has been cooking for 7 or 8 hrs and you would have broken down the fat and connective tissues enough that it would be pull-able. I have done pork butts at a higher temp for less time but we're talking 350 for 5-6 hours still.
Wow! Now that is some serious work for apps! I love tapas so a tasting plate is right up my alley! I don't think my holiday crowd would appreciate the amount of work that goes into a plate like that though.
 I wonder if that is just the result of the slow rise. It develops a lot of gluten right?So what makes bread softer? Less gluten/protein? This is going to be a long thread for me haha
 Oh man! That bread looks so buttery and chewy! That's one of those cases where I'd say aloud in case anyone was watching .. "Oh... I'll just have one more" every 5 minutes or so until I had consumed over half and my guilt finally stopped me
Thanks! I was wondering since I've only used King Arthur bread flour, has anyone tried with just AP? Would it produce a softer crumb than the higher protein bread flour? I thought on my next batch I'd go with 100% AP to see if there is a swing in how it comes out, then I could play with percentages of AP vs bread flour. I especially like the kind of bread I made last night for dipping in oil with garlic and herbs.. but it has to be fresh out of the oven. It develops a chew...
I think a whole hog roast can be a stand in for any major holiday meal. I have never tried a prime rib roast, I'd like to some day try that.
It worked!! .. I'm so excited. I never would have thought the amount of yeast would make such a big difference. I think that and lowering the oven temp to 450 made the biggest differences. But using the right amount of flour to make it workable, along with spraying just a little oil in the pan helped. The bottom crust is just the right thickness and the outer crust is unbelievably thin but crisp. Due to the holidays I ended up letting this rise inside the microwave for...
I didn't get a photo of the whole spread. I posted a couple platters I did in a different thread but will include them here. This was the first year I oven roasted a turkey. I've fried them for probably the past 8 years so wanted to try this out. I made a sage and thyme compound butter and rubbed it under the skin along the breast and thighs. Here's the turkey about to get brushed with butter.     And my meat and cheese platter, along with relish platter. Just snacks...
Well I ended up using past experiences and decided to remove the veges and create a relish platter with a meat and cheese platter. The relishes are basically all store bought stuff, but the olive mixture is nice, it was in a marinade of olive oil and herbs and includes garlic, and peppers too. The cheeses are some of the best I've had, particularly the aged havarti, it's about perfect for what I want in a cheese. Nothing extraordinary, I used a little parsley from the...
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