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Sorry, this is the only shot I got before it went gone. I randomly had an urge to do some "frogmore stew" .. which I've also seen called "low country boil" so I loaded up the propane burner and kettle and headed off to meet some friends. This is baby dutch potatoes, baby white onions, smoked sausage, corn on the cob, snow crab, and a mess of shrimp. For seasonings I just went with two packs of Zatarain's crab/shrimp boil and two lemons that I cut in half.  
I'm going to say to start, a good sharp chefs knife. I butterfly chicken breasts to be mostly even before ever going to town on them with whatever hulk smash utensil I grab!
 Beer batter and deep fried... I am a simple boy at heart.
 Took me a second.. since I hadn't posted any pictures that I knew of on this thread. Yep that was my first "gator trout"  Note: Spotted sea trout (saltwater)
 The cereal probably would be very similar to panko bread crumbs, which are crunchy so I think it would be great. Also, a lot of people use crushed corn flakes for fried chicken.
Looks great Joyo.. that's really the same base I'd use for clam chowder too. Maybe replacing fish stock with clam juice but I think it works either way. Unless dare I say you live in Manhattan
Do you have any bread crumbs? They keep unrefrigerated and you can use them to add some added crunch and flavor if you are going to saute the fish, you shouldn't need an egg wash to get them to stick if you lightly oil it first.   If you have honey, see if there is an Asian/Indian market around your neck of the woods and look for tamarind paste. It shouldn't cost more than around $2.50 (for enough to last a long time!) It's shelf stable also and combined with honey makes...
 I agree - the idea of leaving meat based food out is stupid. Period. We know the risks associated with it. Is your immune system strong enough to counter it? It's a gamble each and every time if you don't treat the food properly to ensure you've killed all the bad stuffs. You can do that by the way. Why is it we default to just saying NO? An abundance of care is probably not a bad thing but it can be limiting. The danger in a discussion like this, is that people then do...
 How did you achieve that? I am thinking you are perhaps playing with compositing since I cannot imagine that you could light a shot like that without the color temp affecting the product. Edit: Maybe a bit of the group leaking into this thread but I was intrigued by what you did here.. maybe over analysis but the plate positioning made me feel things were imbalanced but when I broke into the rule of thirds.. things became more clear. You're creating a tension here. Again,...
 What are you claiming as yours? The audacity for any artist, particularly a food artist to say they have a style and then attempt some ownership over that, is astounding to me.
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