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We had a cold snap so I made a big batch of chicken and dumplings. I decided I am no longer going to use the trick of using refrigerated biscuits to make the dumplings. They tend to get hard in the thicker parts and I would really prefer dumplings like my mom made that were airy and bread like.
chefbuba! Pictures! Or at least share your version. It's starting to get cold here (Florida) .. pretty sure it dropped below 70! But seriously.. it does get cold here too and I'd love to see others recipes for the stick to your ribs cooking.
If you guys offer a "soup of the day" type thing, you could always use the brisket in vegetable beef soup. Another idea would be to shred the brisket and use it for appetizers like your fries.   One I think would be good would be fried brisket raviolis. You can use wonton skins to create the raviolis really fast and then deep fry them. Serve it Asian style by drizzling it with a house BBQ/Soy/Ginger/Terriyaki reduction and sliced scallions.
The chow mein definitely wasn't as bad as some canned products back in the day. At least it had a decent serving of vegetables and decent canned chicken meat. Probably the sauce was loaded with corn syrup and sodium but I never looked and figure it didn't matter with me splashing soy sauce all over it!   With four kids and my dad, my mom added something to stretch it too... Rice! Lots and lots of rice! hahaha. She really did a good job of providing meals for us for so...
 Hey! That beckons my childhood. "Chicken Chow Mein" in fact. It's not terrible as canned food goes, but to have chicken chow mein, you must have chow mein noodles! haha 
What are must have items on a relish platter? One thing I thought I'd add this year, I had never experienced and haven't seen since are caper berries. I was at the airport in Charolette, NC and had a layover when I visited a wine bar that offered charcuterie. I had to ask them what the heck that thing was but it was delicious. I've since had similar flavors from Indian "pickles" but I can't recall what exactly it was they pickled. Sour beyond belief though, in a good...
I just realized I could edit the thread title myself! 2015 is now 2014!   Butzy thanks for the feedback. That's probably a good point, that some people may not like cheese or at least certain cheeses. If I leave them separate they can combine them as they see fit. I guess that is part of the struggle of educating someone to something new while trying not to alienate people that already know what they like.
This is a platter I created last year. Nothing spectacular I know. People seem to enjoy the meats and cheeses more than vegetables so this year I am thinking I'll focus on the meats and a nice selection of cheese along with relish and forgo the veges altogether, or at least really minimize them.     Any thoughts on platters like this? Would deli sliced cheese rolled into meat be good? I paired a london port roast beef with horseradish cheddar once and it seemed to be...
 I can't believe I put 2015.. my company's fiscal year ends in September so everything we are doing is 2015 now and has apparently poisoned my thought process. I'll see if a mod can fix it. I agree on the dips, although I love dips it isn't the best thing at a gathering. Scallops sounds interesting! My worry there would be whether a scallop once room temperature would still be appealing? Smoked salmon sounds good. I've done shrimp with a sour cream and chive mixture placed...
How do you cut yourself on a table saw? Hand too close? Pushed through something you shouldn't have? I know it happens, but unless you were in the industry I can't imagine being careless enough to have it happen. I'm curious.
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