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It was green.. I wish I had a shot of the individual cups (I thought they looked appealing) but this is it in a bowl on the one serving I made before freezing it. I made pumpernickel croutons for it which worked well     I think you are right.. and @Chefross helped a lot in describing that people simply aren't used to it. You know what.. I don't feel that bad now. I told my buddy I bet if I cooked some hamburger helper and smothered it over Doritos that crowd would...
 What do you think made the difference?
Sounds like you could also use it as a stock for a soup. Or if you are bored refine it into a consomme.
On Saturday my buddy and I did a pig roast for his mom for about 70 guests. I had decided to smoke some "atomic buffalo turds" which are just jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon. They were well received. However, I also brought along a fairly large batch of broccoli watercress soup which was served cold. I put the soup in small plastic cups along with a bit of sour cream and garnished with chives.   Not many people seemed interested in the cold soup, and my brother was...
@Lagom hope everything works out well quickly for you and your little one.     Yesterday my neighbor who is my buddies mom and like an adopted mom to me wanted to have a pig roast. So my buddy and I ended up cooking for about 70 people. Many people brought side dishes so we concentrated on the pig, some smoked chickens, and I did "atomic buffalo turds" for the first time which turned out to be a big hit. Our pit consists of a hole about 3 feet deep in the ground which...
Well that's an entirely different beast.. you aren't fermenting them then. Pickling yes, but not fermenting right?
 Do you quick pickle those and then cold pack them or do you ferment them? I think roast beef is going to be my next sous vide experiment! I'll have to make some of your pickled red onions for an epic sandwich.
 That sounds great! I would think the red onion used in the pickling would go well on the pizza too.
Ice and Spice? .. Flavors on Ice? haha you could draw a pear ice skating... OK.. I'll see myself out.
Just to clarify, when I used the term kosher, I was only implying a style of pickle. This is from WikiPedia on pickled cucumbers: 
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