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No pictures but I attended a pot luck get together to play bluegrass music. I decided to deep fry some cheddar cornbread fritters, they turned out really great and I was surprised the base recipe didn't call for any eggs. Others made seafood chowder, lasagna, shrimp macaroni salad, slow cooked southern beans (think cassoulet) .. we had a good time.
Nice! And yes.. you should have!
I know this has the dreaded "dog food look" .. but I sometimes use canned albacore (I don't eat tuna that isn't cooked through because I don't like the texture) and decided to try one that was in olive oil with lemon and dill. I've also never had swiss chard before, and secondly never have grown it so this was all new stuff for me. I sauteed the swiss chard with some garlic in my wok, then mixed the tuna in just to heat it up. Finished with some chili oil. All in all...
Trying to find ways to use up 4 lbs of pulled pork.. my friends didn't respond.. so tonight I did a stir fry with it.
I think there are proven antioxidant benefits to tea regardless of additives. I believe there is also evidence that caffeine in small daily amounts has a benefit. If we're going to stick sugar in our tea though, I'd think a splash of whiskey would be as helpful or more as any other form, since small amounts of alcohol per day also show health benefits  
This is interesting. Allan, have you tried exaggerating this with a vacuum seal? I've never personally seen this happen but that is because I tend to prep my zucchini very soon before I use it. Cheflayne is right, zucchini has what I read to be very high levels of natural pectin, I wonder if it is a combination of effects?
I sat here pondering and there was a particular meal that probably doesn't seem all that special, but the circumstances just made me recall it over the years. As kids around 11 yrs old, my friend and I had decided to ride our bicycles a fair distance to go visit another friend at his grandmothers. This was during the summer in FL, and anyone that has had the experience of being here knows that obscene thunderstorms can come upon you in a moments notice. I felt the air turn...
Very nice Lagom! Love doing whole hog! We didn't have as large a group but my buddy brought his cabinet smoker and did two "beer can" chickens. I did about 12 lbs of pork shoulder. The rest of the family and friends brought deviled eggs, corn on the cob, baked beans, asparagus, lots of bread, watermelon, etc. Had a good time swimming to escape the Florida heat after 7.5 hrs of stoking the firebox! Here's what we ended up with from the smokers.  
Wow.. Greenranger.. you're a bit out of line with that attitude. If you hang around here long enough, you'll learn Phatch is definitely not "just some guy who likes food" .. I'm not either (I like photography and crazy ass experiments with food too) Our discussions should be in good fun and they generally help everyone to learn a thing or two from each other.
yep.. people sure have their opinions on these things!   I wouldn't suggest pulling the rib tips early.. they are in fact filled with a lot of fat/cartilage (which is part of their appeal to those that lust for them) so as long as you are cooking low and slow I'd leave them in the full time. Haven't had much trouble with this myself.
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