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I posted this over in the monthly challenge. Tried out smoking on a new kamado style grill for the first time with yard bird. Had sauteed spinach tossed with parm and some carrots glazed with rosemary and thyme.    
I decided about a week ago after some reading to pick up a new charcoal grill. This style of grill is called a kamado grill, which I understand is basically a Japanese word for an earthen wood fired stove or oven. A popular example is the "Big Green Egg". Last night I did the burn in, so I decided with the monthly challenge coming to a close that I should give this thing a run through on it's smoking abilities - so the victim for the first trial run was a chicken. It...
 I used one recently on chicken breast. Not 50 times though! Maybe 10. Possibly it's different because the strands in chicken breast run much longer than many meats but it was the best grilled chicken breast I've made to date. I also butterflied them so they would cook evenly without drying out so I am sure that helped.
Some amazing dishes recently. Maybe we need more blizzards? I'm in FL so it's a cool breeze for me
Work has kicked my butt this month. I might sneak in a couple more. This was so very up my ally this month but it goes to show sometimes we just have to put food in our mouths, go to bed and get up and do it again. I'll give it my best shot coming into the finish line.
 I browned them first, was hoping to add some depth of flavor once they got to simmer in with the rest.
 Thanks! I really went into this without a recipe just some ideas and the memory of that first taste. Here's basically what I did.. Start off by deeply caramelizing two medium red onions Add to that about 7 cups of vegetable stock Add 1 can of small diced tomatoes and their juices Add 3 med. bay leaves Add 5-8 black peppercorns Add paprika (I used quite a bit) and salt to taste (optional) about 8 small golden potatoes quartered I didn't have any tomato paste so I added in...
 @kaneohegirlinaz You've outdone yourself with your parfait crumbles this time!
 Pickles and vodka of course!
@penguinette-de welcome to the challenge! You guys must have a blast cooking together.. you've got all the bases covered.. bread maker, charcuterie, rabbit slayer   When I was twelve I met one of my best friends. He had migrated from Moscow, and spoke only a little English but I was fascinated by the idea of a kid my age that literally was in Russia a week before. We would eat lunch together (he put ketchup on everything haha) and eventually I asked if he wanted to come...
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