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 Nov 2013 we had mushrooms.... this is not a "mushroom" challengeMaybe I'll be damned for this but the challenge is fungi.. to include breads, cheeses, beers, etc. This is not a "Mushroom" challenge.
@butzy photogenic? perhaps it won't be but knowing that you made it, fermented it.. makes the picture priceless   @ordo that is beautiful.. I would devour that! The photo is also beautiful in every way.
Coming off of last months challenge there were SO many awesome suggestions for topics that it left my head spinning. I had to step away from it all.. and think about what would be a focused challenge yet something that would allow everyone to participate in a way that could be unique to their culture or style.   So for February 2015 I've chosen those tiny little friends of ours that often go without mention.. fungi!     This opens the door for any yeast fermented...
You guys haven't made this much easier! So many great ideas.. I'm trying to think of something original but I keep heading toward technique. I've got about 20 minutes left to decide this in my time zone. I hope I don't disappoint you all.
Thank you everyone for the kind words, I am honored to be chosen in a month that had so very many great dishes submitted and what a topic for so many that are experiencing colder weather! @kaneohegirlinaz set a new bar for what it means to host this challenge! It was really great to see the level of participation that was had, a warm welcome to the new participants as well!   I was a little surprised by this.. so I am pondering what would be a fun challenge for February,...
  *glances at location* .....
 Hey at least you can hang and dry cure meats! In Florida it would just rot and be eaten by swarms of mosquitoes!
 Who doesn't do that?
 That's almost something you could call... pickled smoked bratwursts! Sounds really interesting and delicious.
Edit: I can understand one not liking the texture. To me though, it's the same concept as cutting against the grain. They aren't really designed to puree your meat. If you're getting a texture of pre-chewed food I'd say you're either over doing it or using it on a meat that probably didn't need it to start with. Chef Masaharu Morimoto uses them often on Iron Chef for tougher cuts of meat. That's why I tried it in the first place.
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