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I always wondered how bacon would turn out if you threw it all into a deep fryer.. plus you get bonus bacon fat for frying french fries!
Assuming you have some other basic ingredients, beef stir fry with rice would fit the bill.
 So you don't believe in science or logic? Then in my opinion you are full of it.
 Sorry to hear you have the flu  hope you are quick on the mend! For the whole batch (about 1.5 gallons) I only put about a teaspoon of fresh tarragon with about an equal amount of fresh oregano (along with a few slices of ginger) so it added a nice background flavor without being too overpowering. I first had tarragon and chicken in a cream based chicken and mushroom soup that people call "chicken velvet" and I enjoyed that quite a bit. Wow @French Fries! I just saw the...
Have been kind of sad lately and just not felt good, so decided this morning to make some comfort food. Tarragon chicken noodle soup. It's the first time I've used tarragon myself so I went light with it. There was more broth but I put crackers in it.  
Fast food is inferior food because they use inferior ingredients and preparation methods. I can agree that most fast food doesn't taste bad but if you give me a choice between even a step up to say a Ruby Tuesday cheddar burger on a pretzel roll, I'm taking that over a big mac every time.   KFC chicken doesn't taste as good as most any mom and pop diner because they use scrawny little chickens and the stuff sits under heat lamps drying out so that it can be fast.
Babies are pretty valuable. That's awesome that she made some for you. I don't have any myself but I am pretty sure once they can talk cohesively they are cool to have around.
 Well.. now I'm confused. But I was confused before.. I'm confused in a different way now.I thought the protein % in bread flour made for chew.. vs.. the softness you might get in something like cake flour.
 Yeast rolls! Apparently those are made with AP flour.. never bread flour. Also noticed they tend to contain milk and egg. There's a world of difference between a soft roll and a good sourdough bread that has chew. I love them both.
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