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 I like it, in the sense that it is much less pungent than regular garlic. I'd consider it closer to something like an onion but it has that unmistakable flavor of garlic. I let the grill get a little hotter than I wanted but here's what the bulbs looked like. Honestly what I will end up doing is using this as almost a garlic butter to spread on some toasted bread  
Fine looking plate GM.. It's Friday so I am celebrating by firing up the grill.. smoking 4 chicken breast with rib meat (bone in skin on) that I rubbed with spices. Two foil wrapped baked potatoes with butter and garlic salt. Made a mess of cole slaw (I like it more acidic so plenty of apple cider vinegar).. On a whim I decided to roast a whole head of elephant garlic and I'm going to bake up some corn bread. Pictures to follow!
I like chicken wings like most people, and fried is always good but it's hard to beat the flavor you can get from smoking. I usually only cook for a couple people in one go, so I decided it was time to lay down the money on a custom smoker that would help keep the fuel costs down. It's still able to handle 3 large wings at a time. Of course I use lump coal. With this baby one bag lasts me a good 2 years. I decided to splurge and have them build it so I can trailer it for...
My winter broccoli has all been harvested and my scallion experiment just resulted in them bolting so I decided why not try to make a play on Pho? The broccoli leaves, stems, and flowers are all edible. The flavor is a little more like a turnip root. The onion flowers on the other hand are delicious. I used the shirataki noodles in this and did a tiny little pork loin roast. Served with bean sprouts, cilantro, and a lime wedge.   Here's the little scraps you can't buy in...
 I just stole your page to my bookmarks! I think in academia they just refer to that as "researching"
 I seem to recall it.. in a far and distant land..
I think to be fair to @Pepper Grind almost every culinary school I've seen through friends still puts some focus on the idea of inedible garnishes as part of the business of presenting food for things like banquets, weddings, etc. It is very much alive and well in those settings but I can agree with @Koukouvagia that on an individual diners plate ornate inedible garnishes have gone out of style.   A while back @petalsandcoco posted a nifty edible potato garnish you would...
Regarding taking the skin off, depending on the style of cooking it can be ok but as KK points out, it is very easy to turn that outer layer into chicken jerky. If you were planning to roast these in the oven, I would consider wrapping them in foil. In the last 5 or 10 minutes you can open the foil and baste some of the residual marinade inside the foil on them to allow it to tighten up on the meat. I don't really see a reason to remove skin in order to accommodate the...
Looks like you rendered the heck out of it!
I love sausages and onions!  
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