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Ah right.. the mouse serves as a binder in that case. I'd consider that kind of a seafood terrine right? I was reading more on the use of TG and one concern is by gluing the outer surfaces together you greatly increase the amount of bacteria in the food. Do you have any thoughts on that Phatch? I know you have a pretty healthy respect of food borne illness.
I've got some transglutaminase a.k.a meat glue sitting in the freezer that I am hoping to use soon. So far the only thing I've thought of doing is to create a seafood steak using lobster, scallops, and shrimp. I have zero experience using this stuff and from my research it can take some experimentation to figure out the right amount to use for different meat textures. Also I have the "RM" variant, there is also a "GS" variant and the two formulas are supposed to excel at...
I've been working on an idea for a few days now, based on the classic "BLT" sandwich. It's hard to argue with perfection, but if I'm going to alter what a BLT is I want to at least transform it in a way that doesn't take away from it. Right now the concept is using tomato jam, toasted brioche and where I'm spending most of my time is the bacon component. Originally I thought of rendering off bacon, then grinding it into as fine a grind as I could, and re-composing it into...
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I love this thread. I have my grocer (proud of them http://www.publix.com a Florida based grocer that has done well expanding and was rated 78 in the top 100 companies to work for in the USA) about 7 minutes from my house so I shop a lot like teamfat. Also.. unless you plan your meals carefully for several days you basically have to shop that way. The benefit is, I don't often go there with a dish in mind (with the exception of our monthly challenges) so I can peruse and...
 My jaw is now fine! Thanks to you or maybe it just got better over 7 days!You are still my favorite sir JonPaul.. there are quite a few days still. There have been some astounding entries.If you do not win this round.. it would not be for lack of enthusiasm, or effort. I admire your contributions here.
  Ordinarily I'd think resurrecting old threads was just re-hashing old information.. but you Jeffbo1.. you've changed this game. Thank you for finding the original manual and posting it here. You've done a great service to many.
 TF do you pour the beer into the cheese or just grab a couple ice cold ones to make everything better?
WOW! 16 hour shift? I know it's common to pull a long shift for the rest. business but is that normal chefs? A nurse might work that kind of shift but they have the next day off.
 I know technically Indian cuisine is Asian, but that is what drew me into their food. It's so different from French, English, American. I have since seen where African and derivatives like Haitian, Jamaican, etc. are more similar to Indian than they are different. Cool stuff.
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