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@butzy Bonus points for bringing in soy sauce! Dish looks great and probably could have been submitted in last months challenge!   @Joyo I've always wanted to try dandelion greens, I am hoping to forage some later this year. You doubled up with mushrooms and wine! On a side note there is a little pencil icon below your post that allows you to go back to edit and change something like the tbsp to tsp.
 Oh no! I've seen quite a few people that have had their significant other or roommate toss their yeasties because they thought it was some kind of foul remnant of a by gone meal. I hope you can locate it, would love to see the bread and your idea with the blue cheese sounds fantastic! Fungus Maximus!
@ordo that is really interesting and looks delicious! It reminds me of a terrine. I will definitely have to try that out sometime!   @Joyo great looking bread! Love that the little fungi give you that great chew and huge crumb (better for picking up oil and herbs when dipping!)
You definitely didn't go off the wrong foot! I had to look it up myself and I am trying to learn about fungi in food so maybe this is a selfish topic   You included this.. which I would like to purchase from you.. do you ship to the states?  
Butzy! I have to say.. food like this.. you can tell it is going to be good when as soon as you see it you can smell it and this is beautiful food. The only problem is that yoghurt is not a product of fungi, but bacteria. Fungi in yogurt would actually be harmful from my understanding and that is the main reason for me to mention it.     Butzy this is a beautiful submission.. and following what @kaneohegirlinaz was able to accomplish in the previous challenge I have...
@HappyHound welcome back! Awesome to see chicken of the woods posted! I've only briefly attempted to forage mushrooms but the chicken of the woods is a great specimen to go for in Florida because there are no look alikes. Whiskey, venison, and wild mushrooms.. now that is living well off the land for sure
Great job on that @butzy .. sauerkraut is one thing that I haven't made yet, but I have 13 heads of cabbage growing in the garden so it is definitely planned in the future!
@ordo as usual you are out of the gate running.. beautiful dishes already! Thanks @flipflopgirl  and @Koukouvagia in helping to explain the challenge.. I'm sorry if i chose something confusing.. I wanted our fermenters to have the spotlight for once and I'm sure the rest have plenty to work with!
 Nov 2013 we had mushrooms.... this is not a "mushroom" challengeMaybe I'll be damned for this but the challenge is fungi.. to include breads, cheeses, beers, etc. This is not a "Mushroom" challenge.
@butzy photogenic? perhaps it won't be but knowing that you made it, fermented it.. makes the picture priceless   @ordo that is beautiful.. I would devour that! The photo is also beautiful in every way.
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