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Looks like you rendered the heck out of it!
I love sausages and onions!  
 Looks good.. kind of like bok choy. Are the stalks fibrous on the outside? I was thinking maybe you could peel them like asparagus.
Taken for granted? Well, maybe by a casual diner. You see we don't have quite as many French specific restaurants in the US, but thousands upon thousands of restaurants in the US have French classically trained chefs. Those that know how to cook, know that the importance of something like the mother sauces. Even more so, the French elevated technique in the kitchen, and revered it as an art. Still, that doesn't translate into the mind of a diner - they only know food in...
No photo but had one of the best meals I've had in a while. I picked a bunch of collard greens from the garden, cooked them with lots of garlic powder, onion powder, hot salt, various cajun style mixes, and some vinegar. My buddy did a "beer can" chicken on the grill smoked with a little applewood, it is unbelievable how moist the chicken turns out this way. Roasted corn on the cob, and jalapeno skillet baked corn bread.
What about .. what you had for breakfast? I'm still watching what I eat but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun. This is a thin sliced lean pork loin cutlet seasoned with cinnamon and paprika, a dark cherry reduction, a sunny side up egg that I steamed a little using a cloche and should have left it alone.. and half a ripe and juicy bartlett pear   
I read about the smell issue, and have not encountered that at all. The brand I have available to me in my grocer is "Pasta Zero" by Nasoya. It's a little more expensive.. around $2.58 for a package. Maybe they have already somewhat treated it? They also make a fettuccine cut, but given that they are a little rubbery like ramen noodles, I'm not sure I'd like them to be bigger.   For anyone interested in what they look like in a dish, this is a nasty photo but I made this...
I recently went on a diet, and while I could have pasta.. I'm not trying to cut out carbs, traditional pasta tends to really rack up the calories. Poking around I found mention of Shirataki noodles, which in my opinion can only be described as very similar to the noodle texture you get from a pack of "ramen" noodles. Which makes them excel at Asian inspired dishes.   The crazy thing about it, is a serving is just 15 calories. I can fill a whole bowl with noodles and be...
 Thanks! :) I'm having fun so far because it has forced me to think a little outside of the box. Although looking at my profile for today I realized I am instinctually making some missteps. My fat, cholesterol, and surprisingly protein went too high today. Didn't get enough potassium or fiber.
You all are eating well Nice stuff!   I recently put myself on a diet, going low with meats and fats but still sufficient. Just in comparison to how I used to eat, every meal I am making is carefully measured by ingredient so I know what I'm actually putting in my body over the course of a day. Made a quick little dinner.. warm baby romaine and golden tomato salad w/ Italian dressing. Fat free feta (first time trying.. I like it! It's a tad drier but otherwise the...
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