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 Don't use a flash.. almost no dish can handle that. Use natural light if available.. if you have to use indoor lighting brace your arms and take the pic with the flash turned off.
Nice dishes as always.   Pretty sure I'm coming down with some form of chest infection.. so until I can go to the doc tomorrow I put on a big pot of chicken soup loaded with garlic, onion, carrots, and celery (with leaves). As luck would have it my grocer had boneless skinless chicken thighs on sale so I got 6 nice ones for $4.99. I've learned from past experiences that cooking the noodles in the soup does not do much for freezing off some and reheating it. It ends up...
 I ordered my local pizzerias "white pizza" tonight. It's a sauce-less pizza but incorporates ricotta which can be creamy. It also had mozarella, fresh garlic, olive oil, and herbs.
This is my first entry in this challenge.. I know it is cliche but it got cold here recently and this sticks to my ribs. Traditional beef stew served with rice and toasted ciabatta bread.  
Have a large pot of stew meat simmering along with carrots, pearl onions, celery, potatoes, and mushrooms. Going to finish it with a little sour cream to give it that eastern European touch. It will be my first entry in this months challenge albeit completely obvious for slow cooking  - but who doesn't like beef stew? We've had really beautiful weather in FL the last few days so I think some low and slow Q is in order for the challenge too.
Got a head of cabbage cooking along with some red potoates, onion, and carrots in a vegetable stock. I can't believe the price of corned beef briskets now. Out of maybe 10 there wasn't a single one less than $21.00 and they weren't particularly huge cuts of meat. I decided to go to the deli department and have them slice me 3 planks of boars head corned beef. That was about 10.00 so for my purposes it works and didn't break the bank.   What's a good side with corned beef...
Happy New Year to all of my cheftalk compadres!   May this be the year.. we take over the world!
I just feasted on @Koukouvagia's dinner and then scrolled down and had dessert! Good looking food.
 About $1965 overpriced?
 He's a line cook at some place.. The French Laundromat right?  I have the same roasting pan!
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