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 Awesome to hear it turned out well! Just this year I learned to shuck oysters. It really is interesting that you can do it wrong in a lot of ways but once you understand the right place to insert the blade and pop, it becomes extremely fast and easy. The biggest problem I had was occasionally having some of the shell break off into the inside which was a major PITA to deal with.
I understand, I was just sort of lamenting on how ambiguous the term is right now. I only have the one book on the subject so far, but they certainly refer to simply "under pressure" or compression as sous vide even if it is not then introduced to the water bath. I'm really excited to keep experimenting. I have yet to do a meat sous vide. I think for the simplicity I'll start with beef tenderloin at a medium-rare then seared and flash basted in a smoking hot cast iron...
I like the idea a lot. We've completed so many challenges with so many wonderful dishes and photos. There are logistics issues, if we are to do this as a community project it would require each poster to sign off on allowing their photography to be used, and most likely as Phatch says many would need to submit an actual recipe to go along with their post.   I'd be willing to contribute to it with some type setting and or post production for photos. I have experience with...
 And when you poach something at a specific temp that is called?And when you do it under a vacuum?Sous Vide literally means under vacuum.. so compression seems just a translation
I just meant the term sous vide can also extend to even non-heat related processing.
I get what you are saying dcarch, but also have to disagree to a point. There are applications that I am just reading about, such as putting watermelon, or pineapple under pressure that compresses the fruit down to the point that it creates a new texture. That is without any heat at all.. that is still considered "sous vide". I don't think I could accomplish that with a straw.
Allan I'm curious about your technique. I'm still learning what sous vide really means, but so far I believe it to be the literal translation from french.. "under vacuum". If you went without a bag, did you hand press it? If so I'd have to think that can't be considered at least in the modern vernacular as sous vide? We know poaching has been around forever. Would we maybe consider that you poached something with the precision of an immersion circulator?
 I used a food saver. I'd love to have a chamber vacuum sealer but those are still priced higher than it would be worth to me. I have to be honest, you come off as a bit paranoid and certainly somewhat cynical. I am not some agent of an equipment manufacturer, I work in software development but I do enjoy following science in cooking. I'll refer again to the fact that Thomas Keller who is one of the most respected chefs in the United States has largely been at the...
Jarmo, how are we defining stews vs. soups? For instance I made a split pea and smoked ham neck "soup" the other day, but it certainly had the thick consistency of a stew. Just wondering if you mean to have us limit things to a particular style. Congratulations on winning September!
Desert stew! Slow cooked chocolate ganace with roasted marshmallows, candy corn, and snicker crumble!
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