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Not to state the obvious, but have you considered beer batter? I have certainly seen a number of places use "alaskan white fish" as well as cod in order to do their fish and chips and I imagine the expanding batter might help hold the fish together during and after the frying process.
Look forward to seeing the end result! Do you cure this in the refrigerator and then smoke it?
Programs like the Food Network have taken the term "Chef" away from the original meaning, and popularized it as a generic term for someone that is an enthusiast cook. I've seen a lot of episodes of Chopped where they were featuring amateurs (at home cooks) that they referred to as chef. It gets even messier when you look at someone that starts up something like a food truck, and their title is "Chef and Owner" - well many older professional chefs would probably argue that...
My buddy and I have been talking a lot about this lately because he was eating it every day. By the way, if you live near a Publix grocery store they have the pouch albacore BOGO right now. I picked up 10 packs yesterday for $15.00   One thing to consider when looking at tuna if you plan to consume a lot, is the size/age of the variety. Albacore is unfortunately higher in level of mercury because they get to be big which means they live much longer and eat many more fish...
I think the juice that is in the cans is basically the "liquor" that the processing plant includes. I would definitely use that. You can usually buy bottled "clam juice" but it tends to be pricey. The Mott's idea sounds interesting! If you can find this stuff, this brand is probably the best out there in the stocks/boullion/etc. category and it lasts just about forever in the fridge.  
Sorry, this is the only shot I got before it went gone. I randomly had an urge to do some "frogmore stew" .. which I've also seen called "low country boil" so I loaded up the propane burner and kettle and headed off to meet some friends. This is baby dutch potatoes, baby white onions, smoked sausage, corn on the cob, snow crab, and a mess of shrimp. For seasonings I just went with two packs of Zatarain's crab/shrimp boil and two lemons that I cut in half.  
I'm going to say to start, a good sharp chefs knife. I butterfly chicken breasts to be mostly even before ever going to town on them with whatever hulk smash utensil I grab!
 Beer batter and deep fried... I am a simple boy at heart.
 Took me a second.. since I hadn't posted any pictures that I knew of on this thread. Yep that was my first "gator trout"  Note: Spotted sea trout (saltwater)
 The cereal probably would be very similar to panko bread crumbs, which are crunchy so I think it would be great. Also, a lot of people use crushed corn flakes for fried chicken.
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