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@teamfat that is a healthy looking filet of salmon! You plate fine dishes. I don't think there are many here that would focusing on that :D
 No offense but I don't at all agree with that.Pesto and pestle have their root words for a reason. I have absolute admiration for you panini but I think we may go to war over this. I do agree that putting these things in a food processor produces garbage.Basil, pine nuts, and garlic have "oils" that are released through mastication.. in other words pounding/smashing. These oils are the true flavors that we seek in pesto and I will challenge ANYONE to produce a pesto in a...
Ohh! I've got tomatoes! Just made a "caprese" salad with a basket full of vine ripe cherries. I've got some really beautiful golden variety and the "Heinz" tomatoes are doing well - they are surpisingly a nice eating tomato. I'll have to put on my thinking cap.
 Thanks KK! After rinsing them thoroughly I leave the residual water and usually I will saute some onion/garlic in a little oil then throw the greens into the hot pan and toss.
Not a finished dish but I'm thinking of wilting these, with a sauteed mahi mahi filet and a balsamic and cranberry reduction. Something is eating my kale but for the most part the rest of my mesclun lettuce is doing pretty well. Have some radishes in there too.  
Beautiful yard bird @MillionsKnives!! Hard to beat the flavor smoke and open fire imparts in our feathered friends!
 I'm right there with you! Holy god.. I've never seen a chicken noodle soup like that but I can feel it sticking to my sides through the browser!
Honestly.. your only workable area is in the handle ergonomics. The problem space of stirring has been attacked for over a thousand years and ultimately we end up with this:     As far as the scoop end, you have to try to strike a balance within various styles of cookware. Pans, pots, skillets, bowls, etc. Even within each major category there are variances of curvature at the base, sometimes curvature in the body of the pot, etc.   So you either strike a balance...
 Could you explain the cilantro dumplings? Has me intrigued!
Kuan were you a "retired chef" the last time you replied to this?!
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