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 I just stole your page to my bookmarks! I think in academia they just refer to that as "researching"
 I seem to recall it.. in a far and distant land..
I think to be fair to @Pepper Grind almost every culinary school I've seen through friends still puts some focus on the idea of inedible garnishes as part of the business of presenting food for things like banquets, weddings, etc. It is very much alive and well in those settings but I can agree with @Koukouvagia that on an individual diners plate ornate inedible garnishes have gone out of style.   A while back @petalsandcoco posted a nifty edible potato garnish you would...
Regarding taking the skin off, depending on the style of cooking it can be ok but as KK points out, it is very easy to turn that outer layer into chicken jerky. If you were planning to roast these in the oven, I would consider wrapping them in foil. In the last 5 or 10 minutes you can open the foil and baste some of the residual marinade inside the foil on them to allow it to tighten up on the meat. I don't really see a reason to remove skin in order to accommodate the...
Looks like you rendered the heck out of it!
I love sausages and onions!  
 Looks good.. kind of like bok choy. Are the stalks fibrous on the outside? I was thinking maybe you could peel them like asparagus.
Taken for granted? Well, maybe by a casual diner. You see we don't have quite as many French specific restaurants in the US, but thousands upon thousands of restaurants in the US have French classically trained chefs. Those that know how to cook, know that the importance of something like the mother sauces. Even more so, the French elevated technique in the kitchen, and revered it as an art. Still, that doesn't translate into the mind of a diner - they only know food in...
No photo but had one of the best meals I've had in a while. I picked a bunch of collard greens from the garden, cooked them with lots of garlic powder, onion powder, hot salt, various cajun style mixes, and some vinegar. My buddy did a "beer can" chicken on the grill smoked with a little applewood, it is unbelievable how moist the chicken turns out this way. Roasted corn on the cob, and jalapeno skillet baked corn bread.
What about .. what you had for breakfast? I'm still watching what I eat but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun. This is a thin sliced lean pork loin cutlet seasoned with cinnamon and paprika, a dark cherry reduction, a sunny side up egg that I steamed a little using a cloche and should have left it alone.. and half a ripe and juicy bartlett pear   
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