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I'll add one with my father. I lost him in April of this year and it's been a pretty tough year for me. This was taken before the time of digital cameras. I was being funny wearing a Santa hat and told him let's take a picture together. Only after getting it developed I realized he stood perfectly in front of a picture and became Rudolph! I added the glow for affect  
Really interesting timing. An article (The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease) posted in the Wall Street Journal in May (around the time a long term study showed that saturated fats are not bad for our hearts) has a lot of really good information on this topic. Some things of note  And something a little more surprising.. Imagine that! A company with significant investment in shifting us away from animal based lard/fat helped fund an organization...
 I like chili both ways. It always has diced tomatoes along with onion and bell/poblano pepper but yea, it's a spicy meat sauce. Nothing really wrong with that. I usually end up adding crackers and sour cream with shredded cheese, I often like it served over rice. I'm not kidding though on the no beans (and no pasta) rules. I think it may be because they want to judge the chili on the seasoning along with the quality and uniformity of the meat. Most competition chili has...
I've got a big pot of chili on. I usually stick with competition style chili with cubed steak and no beans but this time I decided to go with large ground round and put quite a few beans in...   Couldn't wait.. time to eat!
I think that you have to consider the amount of fat that may be present in the fried food. For instance, Alton Brown did some tests with fried turkeys where he measured the oil prior to frying and after frying. I think his results were something like 2 tablespoons remained with the bird, which is miniscule. A lot of this science is still being evaluated too. It used to be thought that nomadic early humans would have been very fit because of their physical exercise and lack...
Beautiful dishes @ChrisScratch .. I tried dungeness crab and to be honest it was like a blue crab from hell when it came to getting the meat out. The second picture you posted though.. looked great but I'm not sure whether that was your stock or a dish.
Scoring has absolutely nothing to do with this. I would also note searing doesn't "seal in" juices. That has been dis-proven. Searing does add flavor and since you are forgoing the bark you would get from smoking a pork butt I think it would be helpful for your end product.
Yea I've never actually temp. probed my pork butts since I cooked at 225 for 8+ hours. So maybe the temperature has been higher than I thought. I do know that when pressed for time I have bumped the temp to 350 and cooked for shorter runs but like I said that was a minimum 5 hrs. I've never had a problem with dryness but I leave the fat cap on top.
Lower temperature for a much longer period of time. You could pull it at 160 if it has been cooking for 7 or 8 hrs and you would have broken down the fat and connective tissues enough that it would be pull-able. I have done pork butts at a higher temp for less time but we're talking 350 for 5-6 hours still.
Wow! Now that is some serious work for apps! I love tapas so a tasting plate is right up my alley! I don't think my holiday crowd would appreciate the amount of work that goes into a plate like that though.
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