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Thank you very much James! Cristina
Dear James, I am currently a home cook (from the cooking point of view) and thinking of a career change. I would be interested to hear from you what would you say - looking back at your carrer - that made the difference for you being where you are today? Thank you very much for being here. Cristina
Dear SGMChef, I have read your article and found it extremely interesting and useful as I was wondering about how to make a change, what way to go and how to see if I really like it. I just got the advice from another member of this site about volunteering to a local patisserie or restaurant before making a decision and I find this a really great idea. Your message completed the picture. It is very important for me, expecially that I work in a totally different field...
Hello, This is an excellent idea. I feel silly for not thinking myself of it. Thanks a lot. I'll do it and let you know. In the meantime I have already looked at LCB site and saw the periods of time, prices, strcuture of programmes, etc. Do you mind me asking you what is your name? It's strange not being able to say "Dear ..." Best wishes, Cristina
Hi, Thanks for the answer. I am finance director right now but it is definitely not the field where I perform best. I like practical things and my expectation from a career in the food industry is to work hard but also get rewarded - by the pleasure of doing it and the pleasure of the people enjoying the results of my work. I am not sure how it is from the financial point of view but I guess it is at least decent. I am Romanian and work in Romania, so this is why I am...
Dear all, I am new on this site and i am very happy that I found it. It seems very interesting and useful. i got into this discussion as I am also thinking to make a change and cooking has always been a hobby. I am interested to find out what are the best schools in Europe and which would be worth going to. Also, I would like to know if I could start with a workshop of one or two weeks and if so, where would be better to go? Thank you very much in advance and hope...
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