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I'm not sure about foodpump's assertion that anodized cookware *will* warp.  I have some 30-year-old Calphalon pans that I've used constantly (at home, not professionally).  In my current home I'm (sadly) forced to use them on a smooth top range, and there is no sign of warping at all.  Nada. Not a bit.  And I am not gentle to my cookware.  I've never treated them as if they were non-stick, and have never expected them to act as if they were non-stick.  After 30-odd years,...
Thanks for the advice! Not that it gets all that blustery here in Orlando. :lol: I like the idea of the Thai charcoal stove - and at $21, not a bad deal.
Well, I gave it a go - and the result: I will *never* stir-fry in the kitchen again! It's a revelation to use a really really really hot wok! I don't think could make it *too* hot. I used about 2/3 of a chimney starter full of charcoal, and dumped the hot coals into as compact a pile as I could, and rested the wok on the grill surface. Non-stop serious sizzle from the time I put the first ingredient in. They're not kidding when they say you can cook a dish in 1-2...
Hello All, One continuing frustration with at-home stirfry is that most cooktops don't really pump out enough BTU's for bao (爆). I was thinking of doing a stir fry outside over a pile of charcoal instead of indoors on the stove. The trick with charcoal, of course, is using the right number of coals. Has anyone ever tried this before?? Any idea how big a pile of briquettes one would use to make a wok hot enough for something like kung pao (gong bao ji ding)?
Aha, Bánh mì! Since they called it "meat loaf" I pictured something coming out of the oven served hot, not deli meat. Shows how cultural biases can lead us astray! So, a good baguette, some do chua, and mayo, and we'll be good to go! Thanks very much for your help, I'm looking forward to giving it a try. :chef:
Hello All, I visited a local oriental market over the weekend, and picked up a bunch of things that I've never had before, just for the adventure. I figured that if the grocery store has a large supply of an item, it must be popular and therefore tasty. One of the things I picked up was a frozen meat roll, Vietnamese I think. There were several brands, each about 1 lb, called variously "Pork Roll" or "Pork Meatloaf," containing pork, fish sauce, and spices. Some...
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