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mashed banana, yum. We Brasilians eat it along side Feijoada, a black bean and pork "stew", of sorts. Also, mashed banana mixed in with white rice. drool drool:lips:
:bounce:RICE is no. 1.:bounce: I could probably count on my hand the number of times rice was not on the table. It doesn't matter what else is being served (pasta, potatos, etc) rice better be on the table. Always was, always will be. In my 8-15 year old era, I was addicted to the Gino's Giant. Anyone from the Philadelphia area (over 45 years old) may remember those!:bounce: 15-20's Lasagna...I couldn't eat enuf of it. homemade, frozen, out of a can.... didn't...
Made from scratch: chicken nuggets, mac and cheese (with real cheese not powdered), white bread, english muffins, refried beans, pan cakes, pastas, yogurt (they love watching my make yogurt), pizza (always a hit, they could eat it everyday), fish and chips, potatos (mashed, baked) fried rice (here i get to sneak in lots of veggies) processed foods package ramen (discard poweder and use our own chicken broth), kosher hot dogs, cream of wheat. these are some of...
OldSchool, I agree with you. seems like your area was similar to ours, where tiny homes in areas that were considered "ghetto" (where I bought my first 'affordable" home) went from $150k to $500K in less than three years. Now there are so many "REO" properties for sale with the houses going for $150-200K. Interestingly enough is that every house in that price range is being bought up quickly and with multiple offers. :crazy:Just like how the inflated prices...
$37K is the downpayment for an average home here! :bounce: A friend of ours goes to Vail, CO every January for 3 weeks. He said that compared to the last 15 years, this is the slowest he has ever seen the place. I guess the rich are hunkering down too.
Wow, sure is wild out there. I am seeing houses in my area sell for pre 1990's prices. Buyers are buying them up (with multiple offers). Yet, the reports I read say there are still high number of home owners going into foreclosure (at least thousands).:cry: Bringing more foreclosures into the market should lower prices even more.:cry: Looks to me we here in L.A. haven't hit bottom yet, and it doesn't even look close. Whats it like in your area? I am...
:bounce:Theres an anthony bourdain show done on the pacific northwest. He has a small section on people in the "business" with culinary tat's. there are some pretty neat ones, like a guy with the instructions on how to use chopsticks (taken from a chopstix wrapper, of course):bounce:
8" cake; 10" pan :bounce:. should be some wiggle room :bounce:.
how about two cheap cake pans coupled together with a plastic wrap to keep them secure? definately reusable and compact.
Gosh, this post is making my eyes water. We use about 10 lbs of onion a week; primarily yellow. Garlic, 5-10 bulbs a week, too. Never quite go past yellow onions, except for the occassion red in a salad (cooking with red onions? yuk!) thanks for the enlightenment, I do believe I will expand my horizons on the onion. :bounce:Cod and lots of onion, YUMMY! Gotta try that one. ty. :bounce:
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