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Devin. I have made what we called 7 layer dip for many years and eaten it at many different potlucks and never was there a grain of rice in it. Most ingredients would beĀ  cream cheese thinned with a little milk, refried beans, seasoned ground beef or shredded beef or chicken, chopped tomatoes or salsa, shredded cheese,sour creme, avocado. You can also add sliced olives and other items you like. But rice is not usually used.
If you haveĀ  " Sams Club " or " Costco " near you go there. I finally broke down and bought half sheets and kicked myself for not doing it years sooner. They come in 2 packs, are heavy Aluminum I think, clean like a dream and will not warp.And they are much less than in a restaurant supply.
When I came to the US as a Bride in 64 I could not use my german cookbook. My MIL gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook and I still use it. Its a very nice basic cookbook with explanations of all you need to know about cooking. The new editions do not include many of the older ways of cooking and cuts of meat have changed. Most recipes call for natural ingredients and no electric power machines. Truely handmade.
Why don't you just try one of those and find out if it is ok. I have never grown lemon grass but many different herbs and some are different in appearance than in a store.
I have 2 huge Rosemary bushes that grow very well in our alkelin soil. I use what I can and give it away to friends and neighbors. aonce a year at least i have to prune them back with the chainsaw they get so large. Right now they are starting to bloom. We are having unseasonlay warm weather, so they will be in full bloom, very pretty and the bee's love the blossoms.
Give me a dungeness crab anytime. They are not endangered, we use squid as bait to catch them, and the meat is soooo sweet.
Thank you for your answers. I will go with 4 1/2 to 5 oz. I know Flour weight is diff on diff days because of moisture content. I live in the Desert and my Flour is mostly very dry exept now in Monsoon season. I do make a lot of Bread and usually fluff and scoop. Will try these diff methods. Thanks again.
I would like to know the weight equivalent of one cup of Flour. I have been told it is more accurate to go by weight than cup measurement.
My F I L took my Hubby fishing starting in the 50s in the lower Sierra's. His Unkle and a few close Friends also went the 4 miles of switchback Trail to the Creek at different times, climbed down a Tree and Cliff to the water and fished till they had a limit. That was Fly fishing, Hubby even tied his own Fly's. Then up the Cliff and Tree, build a Fire and using a Skillet, cornmeal and Oil that was kept in a hollow Tree and replenished by every Fisherman that came there,...
What can you expect in snooty Portland. I have fished for Salmon and Dungeness Crab in OR. Normal People in OR are friendly and kind and don't put up with nonsense like that. Any animal on the Earth is " sustainable " so go and eat and enjoy. Maybe I will shoot that huge Rabbit that is devouring my Garden at night and the flock of Quail that has taken up residence in my Grape vines and put them in a Stew Pot with the leftover vegies and herbs that haven't been eaten. But...
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