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Chrisa's recipe is great. I will try to cook this recipe
Welcome to the forum
I don't have any Food Obsessions
Welcome to the forum.:roll::roll:
I don't know how to make caramel. I will try your way
I also want to sent "Merry Xmas" to all members in this forum.
I just did the Focaccia recipe from Julia Childs book, 'Baking w/ Julia'. p.143. .. . . .just wondering if anyone else here tried it...??????? It called for 2 TBS of active dry yeast. I messed up and only used one 1/4 ounce packet 'Fleischmans dry active yeast'. It went through both rises very heartily. Plenty of fermentation. I would be afraid of using 2 TBS. It may not have had as much bubble bursting (according to the recipe) during the 'press downs', but there...
Sound very interesting. I also love tomatoes.
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