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That's a fantastic idea. So many families are disconnected and what a wonderful opportunity to inspire other families to meet up with Grandma and learn some of her recipes together.
It was quite mild with the honey, but it is one of those "you like it or you don't" flavors. Sort of like lavender. I love how lavender smells, but when it's in food, ick.
All these years and no one I know has ever become sick from eating almonds so this is another pointless effort by the FDA to take away healthy options from people. Vegans are especially upset as many of them use raw almonds for many recipes. I wish I could grow almonds here.
Hi, I just made marshmallows (French Laundry recipe) and replaced the water with chamomile tea and the corn syrup with my dad's wildflower honey. They are perfect for a hot cup of tea and just to eat on their own, very dainty and ladylike. I might make them up for my friends who like tea.
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