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The HD series is pretty nice as well... hmm... curious what makes those grain like markings in the steel? is it just for decoration?
I've been tickling the idea of getting a new chef's knife.. This kind of caught my attention: Ken Onion's Chef's Knife. (It wont let me post the link until I post more... but you can get to it by going to alton brown's website and clicking on shun's knives and its all the way at the bottom.) What do you think?
LOL I love ramen :3... Theres a local asian market here in arizona, called Lee Lee's, and I go there all the time and get some pretty tastey ramen. :) I really like Sonic's popcorn chicken... and all their drinks.. Oh... I love pepsi.. Oh and cream cheese and olive sandwhiches.... that are grilled..D:
Thanks for all your replies... I found that some of the last made potstickers, had a big more juice in them than the rest and that burnt. :3 so it wasn't the pan~
We just got a new pan and I cleaned it very-well, but when I was cooking pot stickers, I noticed a light coppery color on the back of the food... and the middle parts of the food as well.. and it was too light to be typically cooking marks... I'm not entirely sure what caused this, but besides washing the pan, is there something else I should have done? What is the copper color from? Its a this:Regal Satin & Glass 12" Covered Saute Pan Saute, fry, or brown in the...
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