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Thanks Guys for such an great thoughts .i don't have an CC card payment process i work check ,or cash or money order.i know as the economy it's not in the good shape this time ,but always am flexible i try to make happy my costumers i am very good working on their budget and i never lost any of them. In the beginning crags list was very good for me but not any more ,it's like you said guys i have to find the really target people that's all about it.Thanks a lot
Thanks a lot Julie for such as good ideas ,i've done some press release and am doing some article marketing and i rank vey good on some high ranking keywords.But still i have more to do .thanks a lot
Do you have any experience as a sushi chef?i have been doing this busines about a year .but i use to work for 5 years at one seafood sushi restaurant with a Jappanase sushi chef where i've learn that skill.What do you need ? Passion and Spirit and being creative and the money will roll,Also you will need and portative sushi freeze it;s very good keeps the fish fresh and makes you and your business looks profesional(it's expensive though)some good sushi knife(don't be...
Hello i own an small catering sushi services in Boston city Massachusetts ,i have a website where the most of my clients come form,am doing some advertising form online like buying links ,or changing them with the other food related sites,some add words on Google but still am not getting any good result.I think it might be cause of my new business(one year)and no body know me ?or i have to work more on advertising ?what should i do?Please any idea as how can i build up...
smoked cheddar cheese and asiago that's my favorite
I am from Boston Usa and love food. I run my own personal sushi chef business and I joined this forum to learn more about food and see what great ideas and sharing experiences.I look forward to talking to all of you
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