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I was at good will recently and they had 3 different size and color george forman grills and 5 salad spinners, my mum had a salad spinner and I think we used it twice, didn't really see the point and put it in the corner cabinet (where all the christmas cookie cutters are and nothing is easily accessible ) Food Prep Research
I might have someone create a clear plate around the knife. I know that places have bars with stuff floating in them and that you can buy your own resin for projects, there must be someone who can do it somewhere online. It is just a way to create a new use, a new memory of, your knife.
My brothers au pair used one of his knives to open a can, it never cut straight again
I was wondering if anyone had any fun tricks they use their knives for. I know I use my global vegetable knife to smash garlic and other small things. I also like it to transport my diced onions balanced on the blade, but I feel that these are quite common tricks, does anyone have any other fun ones? ;) earnason 10 question food prep survey if anyone has a sec, I seek knowledge what can I say Food Prep Reseacrch
A triforce endgrain board Etsy :: 1337motif :: Triforce End-Grain Cutting Board
I am an art student at Mass college of art and design trying to do some research on cooking preparation. I am looking for a way to design an improved tool. If you could take my short survey or even just give suggestions to what you think can be improved I would greatly appreciate it. What I would really love is to hear your stories about what you love but think could be made easier in cooking preparation. Thanks so much, EArnason here is the survey Food Prep...
I work in a wood working shop and I am working on my first wood cutting board. My research has shown me that wood has some anti bacterial capabilities and that end grain is self healing (doesn't get damaged as easily) and is easier on the knives. I do love my knives so I am excited to finish my end grain board. It will be a mix of cherry and maple and I am trying to deiced between making it one sided or marking one side with a V (for veggies) and the other with an M (for...
Awesome thanks for the info and pointers I am excited to be here :-D
She likes her bamboo board because she says it is harder than a normal cutting board. Which I assume means has not developed nicks and scratches, but I believe that means the wear and tear is then being taken out on the knives instead
I talked to on chef who said that the ceramic blades were too sharp for his taste. Though he liked them for gutting fish because those knifes normally go dull too quickly.
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