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At my small bakery we make hundreds of pies each week.  We make the pastry by hand and roll the pies by hand.  We make the pastry in batches that would make 10 double crust 10" pies or 18 single crust 10" pies.  I wouldn't reccomend making the pastry by machine if you want tender and flakey pastry.   Pastry is as much about method as it is about the recipe - cold ingredients and minimal handling.  
I don't like to use artifical ingredients so I have made Red Velvet cake without the red food coloring and called it 'Velvet Cake'. The color was a sort of medium beige and it tasted the same as the cake I made with food coloring.  I have also replaced the huge amount of red food coloring called for with beet juice.  It was a darker color but not red.  You could also taste the beets if you knew they were there.  I don't get red velvet cake - it is not a chocolate cake...
Make Zucchini Pepper Relish!  The recipe I use was a handwritten note I found in an old church recipe book I bought at an estate sale.  It is essentially the same as the one you would find on recipezarr.  My favorite thing to do with zucchinis.
The great thing about a convection oven is that it is an even tempature throughout so try putting the pans on the top or bottom shelf where the blowing of the is not as direct.  I have had this problem with my muffins and cupcakes but now I put them on the top or bottom shelf and roatate the pan halfway through.  Also remember that icing hides a multitude of sins.
I guess whether you need a 20 qt mixer depends on how much dough you will be making.  The recipe I use uses 10 cups of flour and I use a 7 qt delonghi mixer - the motor is almost twice as powerful as my KA.  I havn't had any problems with it.
The KA is not really meant to process bread dough.  The motor just doesn't have the power.  I make cinnamon buns once per week and burnt the motor out of one of my KAs.  I know of quite a few others who had to have their KA repaired after making bread dough.
One of the worst experiences I have had with a server is at my local pub.  I am not a stranger to the place and go with my family occasionally plus my girlfiends and I meet there once a month for food and beer.  At one of our regular outings the server asked us how long we were planning on staying because later they usually had 'regulars' who came by.  This was before we even ordered our food!  Keep in mind that the table was not reserved and we are also regulars - having...
I made some Sugared Cranberries some time ago and they were both beautiful and tasty. Just google sugared cranberries.
Hi Jock, I do not prebake the crust. I do however always have a bit of sugar (2T for 3Lbs of Pastry) even in crust for savory pie, and this helps to crisp the crust.
I have just finished eating a piece of pumpkin pie with a crisp crust - so it can be done! I believe that the trick is to roll the dough out quite thin. I use about half as much dough as recommended for all the pies I make (and I make about 50 a day), so there is no doughyness just flake and crispness.
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