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It solely depends on your budget. The FPS is located in downtown Chicago so rent will be high there. So with that being said, what is your budget? Do you have pets? Any requirements?
Absolutely take advantage of this. You will meet people, your school reps will notice and may ask you again, and you may learn something.  The flip side is you don't do it and you never find out.
Since you're in South Florida, I would look into AI's certificate program only. I visited their campus recently and yes, they operate for profit. Personally, I feel their degree costs too much. It's debt you don't necessarily need and you can earn your AA at a community college to eventually get a BA if it's something you feel you need.   Their cert is reasonable when it comes to tuition. It should provide you with a decent foundation but the rest you can learn on...
I've heard good things about both schools so I wouldn't say one is better than the other. One thing to consider is cost. How much of a cost difference is it? 
I live in Chicago and know the schools you are probably considering. Feel free to check out my site http://culinaryschooladviser.com/ and let me know if I can help you out further.
Well, here's the point I think many miss on this debate...The cost of SOME culinary schools does not reflect the actual pay you will walk away with. Try living making $700 a month payments on a cooks salary. It's difficult. Very difficult.    Now with that being said, certificates are also offered at some of these "expensive" schools. For example, I know AI posts the cost as well as the median salary post graduation. There isn't much of a difference between a BA...
Molly,   I would also recommend looking into getting a degree in nutrition as you COULD learn a lot of the cooking or baking skills on the job. The human body is a magnificent thing and if you want to really make an impact, having more knowledge in the human body could be a better move.    With that being said, there's a need for healthy eating in general. 
BakeryGirl,   Sorry to get back to you so late.    Personally, I don't know much about Keiser so I cannot comment on that school.    What I would recommend is to look at the certificate option at LCB, AI, and J+W. Would you need to relocate to attend any of those three? If so, think about the overall cost of just moving and if it is worth it financially to do so. I wrote more about that topic on my site http://culinaryschooladviser.com/?p=58   I haven't...
Mr Fender, Welcome to the board and good luck with everything. It's fantastic you are looking into this and actually in a program at a young age.   Some things  to consider...   1) It's the representatives job to make the program look appealing and claim they are the best because they are paid to market and sell.    2) J+W and LCB have multiple campuses with some being better than others. LCB in San Francisco used to be known as a great school and had...
If you are talking about working in a restaurant, having a certificate over a degree is something most chefs/hiring mgrs/etc don't care about. You don't get a pay upgrade as a line cook because you have a degree, cert, or no education but have experience.    Also, what restaurant do you manage that DOESN'T allow you to come in on your off day to help out in the kitchen?   For salary info, go to www.salary.com and look under line cook in your region.
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