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you people are amazing! I should have came here before I started making bread! hahahha thank you Dilbert. bread is fun to make so far for me. bread is weird in how few ingredients you actually need. .... and as I'm finding out, it's simple, yet many ways to screw it up! hahahha
I'm glad I found this site and asked. I'm a computer programmer and just decided to start making bread 3 weeks ago. I'm by NO means a chef or a cook. I just think it's fun! I will try to work on those things you just said and thank you! You have to start some where!
Hi all. Thanks for the input already! Here's a recap of my recipe from memory while at work. 4 cups of all purpose white flour 1.5 cups of warm water. 2 packs of yeast (2tsps) 1 tsp of salt add all ingredients in kitchen-aid mixer with hook. (variation was let yeast sit in water for 30 minutes first) mix on low for 2 minutes. let sit for 5 minutes. mix for additional 7 minutes. Let sit for 90 minutes - 3 hours in a plastic wrap covered bowl with light coating of pam...
I've been trying different bread recipes and it seems no matter what type of white bread I'm comes out "heavy" and the crust is really hard. Now I don't want it as light and fluffy as say wonder bread, but I have the opposite of wonder bread. I've tried 2 different kinds of yeast. fleishmans and red star. I've tried letting the bread sit for 3 hours before baking. I've tried 90 minutes. I've tried french bread. pita bread. always the same. What am I...
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