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Happy Birthday Jim - hope it's a great one. :bounce:
Sign seen outside a pub in Cornwall, England.
I wondered if it was possible to add a "Thumbs Up" smilie to the existing list, and Nicko very kindly came up trumps. He's also added a few more to keep it company. :thumb: :laser: :mullet: :level: :peace: Thanks Nicko - it's appreciated..
Cheers BDL, that's an interesting exercise. :thumb:
My thanks to everyone for the great replies, the recipe ideas and Suzanne for that link. I only recently tried tarragon (in a sauce I made to accompany chicken) very enjoyable. I'm very attracted to the idea of making tarragon vinegar. Hi BDL; is virtual palate something like referring to taste memories? Mostly, I'm more naturally at home with what I think of as bass notes, the deeper savoury kinds of flavours, than I am with top notes like ingredients with an acidic...
I have both red and white wine vinegar on hand, but I'm not schooled in taking advantage of their versatility. Vinegar scares me unless it's with fish and chips. :blush: How, if at all, do you use vinegar when cooking? Do you ever use it in place of actual wine for instance? I'm a vinegar scaredy cat looking to be both educated and enthused if possible. Thanks, Andy.
Wishing you a very happy birthday Nicko, and all the best for the coming year.:bounce:
Hi ChefTodd, Thanks for the add. Looking at the temps on the magnet - aren't they out of date? It still has whole chicken at 180F, whereas I understood this was revised a while back to 165F in line with the other poultry recommendations. It does feed into my second question though, about how often members double check their information from trusted sources. I suspect there are a lot of people who learn the temperatures or have magnets like this, and then never check...
Hi Ed. Sure, not a lot of perfect out there for anyone I guess. Still, I prefer the way the USDA puts the information out there with product specific figures. I'd be interested to hear where cooks from other countries go to for their information.
Hi Bazza, Yes thanks, I've seen that site and although I may have missed something, it doesn't appear to operate on quite the same consumer level that the USDA does. There are a lot of reports that aren't aimed at the domestic consumer. Where there are links to consumer friendly information, it appears to offer little more than blanket advice to make sure any meat product is piping hot at 70C for 2 mins.:- Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - Cooking
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