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Not cooked anything truly interesting - well not on purpose anyway :D. I have made a couple of breakthroughs though that I'm pleased about, mostly around baking. Also I've now achieved the status of 'All the gear and no idea', whereas last year I didn't even have the gear. I know Ed says pans don't make the cook, but I'm going to cling on to the idea of thinking about this as a positive for just a little bit longer.
I''d quite enjoy seeing old photos of tinkers - tinkering as it were. It's probably 30yrs since I last saw a guy set up on a street with a grinding wheel.
Thanks BDL - yes helpful to know that the lumpy top is significant. Preheating was done properly and the pans went straight in and weren't disturbed for 20mins. The mixing seemed fine until the melted butter. I know what went wrong there, so I shouldn't have that problem next time. Would my oven being a fan/convection oven be a possible alternative cause of the lumpy top? (Oven was set to 160c/320f)
Hi joekool84, I suspect it might be useful if you could outline the sort of pie(s) the shells would be for.
Hi again, Just made my first Genoise, and decided to go the whole way and try the recipe in Michael Ruhlman's Ratio book, which uses a full 8oz of butter to 8oz flour etc. It wasn't until I poured the mix into the prepared tins that I realised not all the melted butter had been fully incorporated, so I didn't know what to expect. I think the cake rose well and evenly -although it is fairly flat, is that expected? The other thing is that although it is a very light...
Hey - just spotted the birthday cake. Happy Birthday cape chef, and many happy returns.:bounce:
Do you folks actually have a shared lexicon when it comes to terms like "better"? How are you gauging that? Is there a general score that you attribute to a knife based on the metal and construction quality?
Chico - I hope you'll not spend too much energy being concerned about how you are being interpreted. Having shared a thread with you, I believe you come across quite clearly. You have to figure that very often the people asking questions, won't necessarily be coming to them with the exact same interpretation of the holistic approach that you might extol as being a platform for excellence. After all, if it was a one size fits all World there'd be no need for a knife...
I understand what you're saying Chico, and your passion and care is something that adds value to a thread which I personally very much appreciate and enjoy. :cool:
Thanks BDL, I appreciate your posting your thoughts about those options. :) Hi Chico, :) Sure, and while there may be room to play around the edges when engaged in debate and/or information sharing, ideally responses are ultimately framed by a desire to recognise and work with an OP's stated needs. While I understand the drive towards the suggestion to use stones, not to recognise that their use was specifically stated to be undesirable risks the thread becoming another...
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