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I'm Looking for externship sites, anybody got any suggestions?
i posted pics of the sushi
Ok, Ok everyone; I pretty much agree with everyone. First I want tell everyone that I dislike sushi and I did not want to do sushi. The class is culinary techniques and we are at the end of our second term. We were broke down to 2 people groups for the tasting menu and it breaks down into 9 courses. soup vegetable sandwich salad pasta potato grain rice egg During the choosing of the menu idea, which my partner did want to make a classic sushi; me and my chef got into...
thanks for posting this in the right forum
yeah it goes flat, but when i am making beer batter i am looking for the taste of the beer not the carbonation
Thanks for all the help everyone. I agree with alot of stuff posted here and have some issues with some of it.
This whole wine thing works very, very well. I do the same. I have even gone as far as freeze beer for use in beer batter. I also freeze left over sauces and gravy and use them the same way. At time depending on what I am cooking I will also freeze the meat dripping and font from whatever kind of roast that I am cooking; when I do this I will refridgerate over night and remove as much grease as possible.
I understand what you mean, however how am I supposed to do molecular gastromony all the time if I don't start somewhere. Everybody started somewhere.
Made it out of the cheese grits
right now it starts off with a sesame soy wrap laid flat, then naki sauce in the shape of chopsticks then on top of that mango jelly, pickled ginger rice, sesame seared tuna, wasabi foam
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