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Pete - Try GMAIL for your email. it is very user friendly and makes it easy to import everything...
I decided corn bread and corn would be too heavy so will go with a light salad, french bread and the praline cups and ice cream. Thank you all for responding so quickly.
Thanks for the great ideas. I know I can do the cornbread and corn on the grill. I have never done praline baskets but will learn tomorrow!
I really need some suggestions on what to serve with gumbo (chicken, sausage, and shrimp) and rice. Starters, sides, dessert? Would really appreciate any advice you can give me.
I have been given two 1 1/2 pound frozen lobsters with the instruction "Heat and serve". How should I heat them? Thaw, then bake, boil, or steam? Thanks for you help.
This is amazing. Zoom in and check out the clarity. Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer
Get Alton Brown's "I'm only here for the food", any of Rachael Ray's books, Sandra Lee's "Semi Homemade"- there are thousands of books for begnner cooks - try your local library, look at the magazines in the check out lines at the supermarket - google for Chicken recipes, beef recipes, or ethnic recipes (was your mother's cooking mainly Italian or Greek or Hungarian)? We can only guess at what you are looking for with out a lot more information.
Stay away from GE appliances!
Welcome to the wonderful world of GE appliances! I will never buy another GE appliance - everything from GE, stove, frigs, dishwasher, microwave, waher, dryer and undercounter radio/cd player have had or are having problems. GE customer service is terrible.
Thanks Suzanne - the sauteed kale with garlic sounds like a winner!
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