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Well done you! I too learnt to make tomato consomme recently and love it! For an extra twist I added a bit of saffron stamen for a dinner party and it came out a succulent orange. I served it in shot glasses for between courses without telling my guests what it was. It went down a real treat!
If you are looking for ideas for dishes that work, how about looking at websites of reputed catering companies? They often have menus available online and you can get a good idea of popular dishes that work in that environment.
I like vacuum packing machines! Our favourite prank is to take an essential item from someone's kit and vacuum it into a small bag. Then either put it into another bag filled with water, vac again and freeze, or vac it into another bag with, say, raw eggs, then put that into another bag with, say, flour, then into another with something like honey, then another with maybe some breadcrumbs, etc etc... The latest one we did was a wheel from a manager's office chair encased...
Hello dear pastry chefs. I am writing an article about tiramisu and in my research have come across a great deal of conflicting information. What I have worked out thus far is that the true tiramisu comes from the greater Venice region as recently as the 1970's. There are other theories about that claim its origins as being 1500-1700's Sienna but as marscapone was a speciality not of that region and would not have stood up to the distances and time required to get there,...
Have you tried chopping by hand, then pressing through a sieve? Pretty old school but might do the trick.
For my 2-cents-worth: Yes, you are adding a little flavour from sweating your soffrito (shallots, etc) although most of the flavour is added through your stock. The main reason is to prevent the rice becoming gluggy. I wrote a short article about it recently - Risotto Kiwisizzler’s Blog At the end of the day, a good-textured risotto should have separated grains bound by a light sauce. Many good chefs say that if it is stiff enough to hold its own weight on a plate, it...
Here's my carrot cake recipe. Apologies for metric measurements - it's what I know! I haven't tried baking it as cupcakes but can't think of any reason while it won't work. Obviously, you'd need to reduce the cooking time. Check out my blog (at the end of this post) for an absolutely fantastic chocolate cake recipe. Again, I haven't tried it out as a cupcake but worth a try. Post a comment if you try it and it works - I would love some feedback. Carrot cake 600g plain...
I have found that salmon works very well. Instead of a mushroom duxelle or pate, try making a scallop mousseline - puree some fresh scallops, a squeeze of lemon juice, add a bit of raw egg white and finally some cream and seasoning. Before coating the fish with the mousseline, make sure the fish is seared and cooled. Bon appetite!
Rite of passage. I don't know a decent chef without a permanant callous in that spot! Don't worry tho...won't hurt for long.
Sounds like you are in a pretty rubbish position. I think you know what you want to do. I'm pretty sure there are many of us out there that have taken on different roles than what we thought we were getting into and I'm sure we can all learn from your unfortunate experience. Hope everything pans out ok for you! ;)
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