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I whipped heavy cream into butter once with my Hobart. Of course, it was an accident...:D
Gosh, Isa, you've been through so much! You are an amazing person to have come through it as well as you have. You are in my prayers.
I thought I had the feet from ****. I got good orthotics, Ultram and amitriptyline. My podiatrist told me to only wear Cross trainers or running shoes. it took several years to get this combination of things that now really do work for me. I can fly around the kitchen, etc. like a 16 year old now. Good luck. I know what you're going through! :eek:
Too funny! :lips: :lips: :lips: All my favorites, too!
For trying to help me figure this one out. The first time I received the reeking broccoli was late August of this year. It had a good color, a good feel, no yellowing or slippery spots. It arrived in a plastic bag with many air holes. I didn't send it back because I thought it may have just needed washing. That didn't work. I put it in two plastic bags with NO holes, and tied them shut. It still reeked, so I put it, still in bags, in a plastic container with a tight...
Can anyone tell me a bit about the odor of broccoli? Most of the time the fresh broccoli I buy has no odor at all. A couple of times the fresh broccoli looked great, but smelled so terribly that we had to send it back to the distributor or throw it out. Is it really bad broccoli? Nothing can kill that odor! :eek:
Chrose, that is hilarious!:) I always say if the right one doesn't get you then the left one will. We're always running from the inevitable. :eek:
This is the kind of garnishing I like to do for special events at the sorority. It's fun, but time consuming.
Thanks for the info, Chrose. :D
Nice story, Suzanne. I love hearing about people who look out for the little critters in the world. I just finished raising an infant squirrel that had fallen out of a tree. It didn't even have teeth, so I had to bottle feed it. When we released it, the little thing came down the tree every morning, drank it's bottle and took off until the next morning:) Spiders, I have no sympathy for though. Yuck! :eek:
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