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Wow, Isa, that sounds incredible! I've never seen anything like that. Where would I buy such a thing? Thanks for the great idea!:)
Happy Independence Day, ALL!
Hello, Our sorority colors are black and gold, so I find this thread very interesting. How do I make black pasta? I've never seen squid ink. Does it add any seafood type of flavor to the pasta? :D
I think I'm going to be sick...:(
I think it is amazing, the things that people can do with coffee. I like my Starbucks black. I used to do the flavors thing, but since the first taste of Starbucks I decided to go bare:)
Buttered toast with tomato slices, salt and pepper. So simple. So good:) Another favorite is fried eggplant slices with sauteed pepper strips and onions, in olive oil with a little s&p, basil and garlic. It's great on Italian bread or toasted sub rolls.
That is my very favorite sandwich, but I use Duke's mayo, and it has to have potato chips on the sandwich. But I only have about four sandwiches a year. Being so short, I avoid bread as much as possible :(
The secret ingredient - ashes? Just kidding:) Does anyone know if there is a licorice flavor ice cream?
Hello friends. While we are on the subject of vets, I am requesting that everyone remember one of our shy members - Wolfgang4711 in prayer today and in the days to come. He is now in surgery for an aneurism of the iliac artery that has grown to involve the aorta. Ron is a bleeder, which makes this surgery even more serious. He will be hospitalized for two weeks, several days of which will be spent in a coma and on a breathing machine. He will then be moved to an...
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