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Haven't been here for a few weeks, love the new look.
I like watching the show.
Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll be clearing out my cabnet.
Awhile ago I was watching the food channel and Alton Brown made a comment that ground spices last under a year in the shelf. I noticed some of my spices are 2-5 years old..nutmeg, cummin just to name a few...What does everyone think.
I'm tired of watching him.
I like Jen , but she has alot of problems. She isn't ready for that kind of success.
Thanks for the info. I'll have to try a pressure cooker.
When I carve ham off the bone when I get next to the bone there is so much waste because of grissel and tendons and tallow. What do you wo with that meat? It is tough to eat with so much tough tissue inter twined in it.
I thought Kevin was going to win. Not sure about Dave.
Just at Perkins in my area . No survey.
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