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This is perfectly ok.  I have seen this before when heating up my hot sauce.  Not sure on the exact science but theres a reaction with garlic and heating it in acid.  Either way theres nothing harmful about this.  I thought about making a garlic sauce like this cause the color is awesome! 
to be honest i would be willing to try lion. also all the other forbidden animals like dog, cat,ferrett,wolf,coyote,dingo,eagle,rhino,elephant ,whale,pumas,hyenas,koala bears,kangaroo,wooly mammoth(if you can find me one),dolphin,hamster,rat,guinea pig,and really just about anything (as long as its cooked right) except for primates (including humans and monkeys),brains,and straight blood. my opinion is that the worl hunger crisis would be fixed if people started farming...
wow sounds like we have a trini fanatic is you got recipies plz put them in another thread i love all carribean food
being part lebanese i can say that there food is the best;). but really it is good. look for tabouleh its a fresh salad with cucumbers cracked wheat onions and lemon juice. and of course stuffed grape leaves. zaatar is a delicios toasted flat bread with oil spices and sesame seeds. my mouth is watering. ill be posting some good mid east recipies thanks to you :p.
just a tip corn starch would thicken the liquid if you add that. thats what i use.
to be honest i had a starfruit lying around so i juiced it and it adds a sweet note the sauce. everyone knows sweet goes with heat.:p
i had a similar issue. i made general tsos chicken with fried chicken and went to midweek church service and people were like "i smell fried chicken" and "who brought chinese food". lol the food was good tho.:lol:
anyone here like to make there own hot sauce. ive made a couple and thought we might want to share some recipies and ideas. 1 garlic bulb 1/2 roasted 1/2 fresh bunch of cliantro 5 scallions 1 tbsp dried basil (fresh is good too) 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp starfruit juice 3 pinches salt many jalapenos (to taste ) several serrano peppers a bottle of vinegar roast the half bunch of garlic and peppers leaving some peppers out to be added later. place...
hey there, new aspiring chef here. my name is chris my professional experienced is limited to an unfortunate stint as a short order cook for friendly's. i love cooking at my house and rarely get a complaint. i love experimenting and of course lots of spice and flavor.
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