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It's interesting to see the menus and prices in some top restaurants from yesteryear to today.   What NYC Restaurant Menus Looked Like 100 Years Ago Vs. Today
Learn to follow recipes!
I think this may be typical for a Mom and Pop restaurant. The only thing they know is what they know. This isn't a corporate operation with job descriptions, and I bet there isn't a sign on the office door saying come in we value your opinion. You will never change whats going on in this kitchen. It also looks like your at the point that your complaining or bitching about everything. This happens when a person is frustrated and needs to move on to greener pastures. It...
See if this helps......Good luck.....     Lehmann Pizza Dough CalculatorLehmann Pizza Dough CalculatorLehmann Pizza Dough Calculator
I don't see a eggs to mix with the Ricotta. I normally put in eggs, parmesan cheese, granulated garlic and parsley into the mix. If you add the spinach and some mozzarella cheese it's also good for stuffed manicotti and even a good blend for Calzone. I agree gnd turkey doesn't give you much to work with when trying to make a lasagna. Lasagna is all about flavors like Italian sausage and a well seasoned flavorful meat sauce. I figure there is a reason why you used turkey in...
Jake, if I lived with your thinking I would have never been successful. You think people are dealt a hand so just play it out. I believe the hand could be changed if you really want to change it. There are no fences around anyone. Life is that simple, people who think your way think the grey area has to last a lifetime. 
 Are you living the life that you choose or are you living the have that you have. I'm not saying we all have the life that we choose everyday. We all have responsibilities that we have to live with that may give us a home life that we choose. Some of us may work two jobs to live a life that e choose. The thing I love about our country is we have choice. I think you have plan and work to be able to have more choices. I'm not talking about people who have illness that have...
rpolleey, we have pigs,cows and chickens so the corn goes along way.
I always plant a few stalks of corn.
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