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A Caterer quotes a price on logistics. a Turkey dinner catered to a gazebo in a local park near my kitchen would be $9.95 per person. A turkey dinner catered on Mount Kilimanjaro is $42,624.95 depending if they wanted hot tea or not...... I always told my customers I can cater any place they wanted. The only difference is cost. No offsite catering menu is set in stone unless all the conditions and logistics are  the same.......Chef Bill
CFC, $6.95 Chicken Cordon Bleu: lean slices of ham tucked inside a tender chicken breast along with thin strips of swiss cheese then lightly breaded in seasoned bread crumbs and baked to perfection. $16.95        It's all in the way you say it.
GEZZZZZZZZZ I thought the OP forgot the coma after Salmon. I'm staying out of trying to figure out what salmon fried chicken is. Mimi, The chicken fried chicken I had just outside of Houston was a pounded chicken breast breaded and cooked like a CFS........
I  use a cajun seasoning on a skin on filet. Then cook skin side up in olive oil in a skillet. After about a minute or so getting a bit blackened in the pan I put it in the one skin side down, flesh side up for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.....The oil never burns.   
I never offered three entrees on a buffet. In most cases I would offer a Carved beef and a chic or fish. For your buffet I would figure most all like  90% to 95% will take the Hanger steak. Then the Chix will be about 85%.to 90%. I would figure the Salmon would be about 65% to 70%. 
We could just call this Bubas law. If you could get a bark like this and still have juicy tender meat your doing it right. People always want to make things their own, you know, tweak it a bit. When you have a person that does it like this follow his lead. 
If I go to Portillo's I'm getting a Italian beef with peppers dipped with a beer and chocolate cake with frozen custard......
I just used these to ind seal my smoked salmon. I also use them for Sous Vide.......   2 Large 8" x 50' Vacuum Saver Rolls Commercial Grade Food Sealer Bags by Commercial Bargains Sold by: FoodVacBags Bags & Rolls $14.19    
I remember when you went for the Food network interview. I't nice to see our boy has grow up.......I'm proud of you!
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