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If it isn't a big volume menu item then it's not going to be a fresh fish approach like a Fish and Chip house. I would still stick with Cod it would make everyone happy. I would also put a fish sandwich on the menu...What are some of the other items on your menu ?
Well said! If the fish is going to be your bread and butter then it will do you justice to use a better cut. I know in most cases Cod is the preferred choice. You would not believe how many restaurants screw up fish and chips. The main thing is to have a crisp outside batter dipped large flake chunk with a tender flaky inside. I would also make sure the fish and fries are served right out of the fryer. A great tartar sauce is a must and s/b made in house.......
 The novice  when I looked at setting up my business I made sure I put my strong points center stage. The biggest downfall of every restaurant operation is thinking they know everything. I think most chefs think everything they do is second to none, best of breed and better than most. I learned early to be open to all suggestions, this isn't easy when you have an ego. The reason why I loved this business is because I was good at it. I was able to get a lot of self...
I go through Astoria on my way over to Long beach. Chefbuba a Cheftalk member has a food wagon in Long beach not to far from you. 
When a Chef asks would you critique my menu they are really asking would you tell me how wonderful I am. Most all the Chefs I have know over the years have their own ideas and really never will heed advice from anyone. Most have egos bigger than their paychecks. The only real advice they ask for is directions to the 99 cent store for the going out of business sign. I used to walk my dining rooms talking with my customers. One of my hostesses asked me " why is it you ask...
The quality of remade frozen desserts have come a long way over the years. The quality of coffee cake, pastries, cakes have saved me labor many times over the years. You can display these items to look as good as your house made pastries. The food shows give a wonderful array of new items that come out on the market yearly. I have used many of these items in my operation for years. We used hot out of the oven Hoagie rolls and cinnamon rolls kept warm in heated display...
Welcome to Cheftalk. I'm not sure if your in Portland or not but it's a cool place to practice your craft. Portland is a place that welcomes new ideas and lets chefs show their skills. Whats nice about the Portland scene is, the food pods offer a variety of foods that you could never find all in the same place. You only need to be good at a few items to be successful........Good luck from a fellow PNW Chef........Chef Bill 
Tri-tip, Salsa and beer
frankie, I wish you the best in your Pub. It took me a while to learn this but all I really ever wanted was to be who I am and practice the trade that I am good at and love. The reason why we love this business so much is because we get quick gratification from what we do. It gives us a sense of accomplishment that makes all the hours we work worth wild........ The best.......Chef Bill
I like the tiny home deal but I need something a bit larger. My plan is a live in trailer that I can park on the coast and travel to it as I want. Whats nice about this is I can park it in 1000 trails for 2 weeks at a time then one week out. I can also rent a space for a year with full hookups come and go as I like. This way theres no taxes involved and in most all cases under 4K a year.
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