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Yes, I used Umal bags............Great on the grinder, what kind of sausage ??????????
We have a lot of trim meat from the pigs we processed a few months ago. I thought making dry cured Salumi would be a nice way of using up the pork. This is the process so far..........     Gnd pork          gnd pork with salt,black pepper,red pepper flakes,chili powder, garlic powder, instacure #2,starter culture, powdered dextrose. this mixture was worked into 4.4 pounds of gnd pork.          I made three different thinknesses or sizes...          these will hang for a...
Hey Kuan, after thinking about cookng the whole turkey in dry heat. I can only think of how the breast was getting the worst of the deal. We have this thin layer of skin protecting the pure white breast meat. We are hitting the outside of the breast with 350 degree heat in order to cook the breast all the way through. We are also trying to cook the leg and thigh section in the same process. The alto-sham did a better job, look at the prime rib that comes out of that...
I deboned a 8 lb  turkey breast, I figure between 3 to 3.5lbs each. My family didn't like the texture of the turkey, it was different from a turkey that was oven roasted. The breast was moist, I thought it was fine. 
I did a Sirloin tip roast, it turned out nice, good flavor and tender. I also made a Turkey breast for turkey sands for the football games this weekend.......I cooked two of these at 150 degrees  for 4 hrs........  
Kuan, I would bet the dry heat roasting would bring out a wonderful aroma, along with a better finished product. Now you have me wanted to go out an buy some Duck. In all the restaurants I have worked, eating on shift was always on the run. The crispy parts of the Roast Prime rib, the leftover pieces of sauteed seafood out of the pan. Nothing like shrimp scampi right out of the pan. I told my front line cook one time, we should eat here sometime, the food is great. His...
After breast feeding, it was all up hill. My Mom was a great cook, Homemade soups and stews, Italian, Polish, Slovak, American dishes. The birthday special for me was her homemade lasagna, chunks of meatballs and Italian sausage in a homemade sauce. The best lasagna I have ever had, If she was alive today she would be in my kitchen in a heartbeat cooking good old fashion comfort food............Chefbillyb
How would it be if the fat was a Compound Butter. Would this make the confit, not only cooking in the fat but, cooking in a seasoned fat. What I get out of the process is that everything is intensified in the Sous vide process. When I read about some of the mistakes people make,  they say they over seasoned. That would tell you a little goes a long way.......Bill
 I have a friend that has a place in Emmitsburg, Md, the place is called Chubby's BBQ, if your ever going by.......Redskins had a hard year, I'll say a prayer for next year..............take care............Bill
Steve, I'll be doing the Chateaubriand in Feb, I'll take some pic's. I have a tri-tip out now, for the Seahawks game tomarrow. 
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