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I think Sous Vide would work well with the pork belly. After it is sous vide, it could be sliced in portion sizes, browned as needed. What's nice about it is, the portion sizes are thin enough that when browned, it will also be heated all the way through.....Chefbillyb
I always look for people with passion. I look for a person come to me and say, hire me, teach me, I'll be the best employee you ever had. A Chef wants to hear, you will always show up for work and be called in anytime to help out in short notice. I always wanted people who didn't make their problems, my problem. Passion, eager to learn, learn fast, be an asset to the operation as soon as possible. I wouldn't even bring up your accounting back ground, that doesn't help...
Be a person and hire people that are perfectionist's. When you do off site catering, you can't afford to forget anything, it could make or break a function. I never had a bad catering, I made sure everything that needed to be brought was there, I also made sure the food was cooked, held, and served properly. I had good people teaching me the importance of doing it right, no mistakes. I learned my trade in Hawaii under very caring people, people that were out for me. On...
Most people in catering know how to cook. The trick that most of them don't get is, how a cooked and hold food that tastes and looks like it has just been cooked. ...........Good luck......Chefbillyb
Aloha & Mahalo nui loa...........from me and my family............Bill
Titan, Italian sausage link and bulk, Polish sausage, breakfast sausage. See my post on making your own salami and Spanish Chorizo..........the best.............Bill
This is what it looked like when first made     This is what the Spanish Chorizo looks like after 72hrs of hanging, 2 days in the refer..........     This is the Salami when first made    This is what the Salami looks like after hanging for 72 hrs and in the refer for 4 days... total of 1 week...........You could see how the bag starts to cling to the meat mixture, the color changes, it is firm to the touch.      
I wasn't really talking about free, I'm just saying I don't say no. If my client wants it, it's done, they never asked for stupid shit. I feel it's my job to make my customer feel, when they ask me for something they don't need to call me up and ask if it was done. If   a client calls for a catering, they call because they want me, they like what I do and how I do it. Catering is all about logistics, I'm not saying I won't cater the party on the beach in Hawaii. I'm saying...
I don't get it, that's how I started my business. I gave my Clients/customers great customer service, that's why they picked us to cater to them. Think about what got you into business and what keeps you in business. I don't think saying "NO" is a good alternative............ChefBillyB
Chef, Welcome to Cheftalk.........Remember, it doesn't say you have to cook for 6 hrs, it just Say's you can. Read, ask questions and understand the method and process, it will help you decide how long something cooks.............take care....ChefBillyB
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