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Hey I have a few of these, we can cook Sous Vide in your bath tube.  We can call it SOOEEEEEE VIDE
I'm doing a Chateaubriand in a few weeks, I figure Sous Vide was made for this cut of meat. I want a perfect Rare top to bottom with a quick seasoned char on the outside. What was the size of the of the Eye of the rounds ???? are they about 3" to 4" in girth. I was wondering why the short cooking time...........take care...Bill
Kuan, it looks great and nice to know it doesn't take much fat. I also like knowing 8hrs and it's done.............thxs Bill
 Hire proven talent. A successful restaurant business has a lot of moving parts, they need to move in unison. Sharp FOH + Sharp BOH = Success. Paying it forward is a nice, being successful is mandatory. There may not be any do overs, do it right the first time. ..............ChefBillyB
  Cooked at 134 degrees for 2 1/2 hrs, Sous Vide Center Cut Pork Chops.. These were sealed air tight with fresh Rosemary and butter on one side and Smoked Hog Jowl on the other side.       
Hey Kuan, I would check i after 6 or 7 hrs and try to feel how soft the meat is getting. I figure TK has done more Sous Vide than I have, I would go with his method and times. As long as the legs are normal size you should be in the ball park. The way I look at it is, TK gave you a range of time that it should be done if the weight and thickness is the same.............have a great New Years...............Bill
Sous Vide Meatloaf: I used a ziplock bag on this, I used the water displacement method to get the air out of the bag.   This is how it looks when I took it out of the water oven. I cooked it at 140 degrees for 2 hrs.     Browned under the broiler for a few minutes for a nice crust.     ready to eat     I call this my New
Looks great Nicko, I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year...........Bill
    Re:Sous vide 16 hrs. ago (permalink)     As shown in the above picture, I Grilled one of the pieces of Brisket. The other one I left so I could us it for Hot Beef sandwiches, french dips and Cheesesteaks. I used this piece of brisket more like I would use a Roast Beef. this how it looks when it's not browned. Sliced for sandwiches, I made my wife a French dip out...
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