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What you do and how you do it is what sets you apart from the rest. The reason why they may have asked you to cater the wedding may be the exceptional quality of food you provide. I would stick to what makes you who you are by keeping the burgers your own blend of Pasture raised beed. I did this in my Cafe with my own pasture raised steers. I really liked the fact of offering my clients a quality approach using our speciality hamburgers. I'm sure the people attending the...
This is always a tough call. You need to know how many kids are at the function. This also depends on what part of the country this is happening. If it's on the West coast Burgers are more popular. If it's on the East coast Hot dogs are king. If you have 50 kids that means to have 120 adults. I would figure most women will eat one with that being the pulled pork. A guy will eat two meats, most likely a burger and a pulled pork. I figure you are using the hamburger bun for...
I think what their saying is, they will be paying you out of Corporate. They don't want to put you on another accounts payroll. As far as your questions. Be true to yourself, you only know what you know. I would pump yourself up on how hardworking, dependable, loyal, trustworthy and  how eager to learn the new concept. 
A Caterer quotes a price on logistics. a Turkey dinner catered to a gazebo in a local park near my kitchen would be $9.95 per person. A turkey dinner catered on Mount Kilimanjaro is $42,624.95 depending if they wanted hot tea or not...... I always told my customers I can cater any place they wanted. The only difference is cost. No offsite catering menu is set in stone unless all the conditions and logistics are  the same.......Chef Bill
CFC, $6.95 Chicken Cordon Bleu: lean slices of ham tucked inside a tender chicken breast along with thin strips of swiss cheese then lightly breaded in seasoned bread crumbs and baked to perfection. $16.95        It's all in the way you say it.
GEZZZZZZZZZ I thought the OP forgot the coma after Salmon. I'm staying out of trying to figure out what salmon fried chicken is. Mimi, The chicken fried chicken I had just outside of Houston was a pounded chicken breast breaded and cooked like a CFS........
I  use a cajun seasoning on a skin on filet. Then cook skin side up in olive oil in a skillet. After about a minute or so getting a bit blackened in the pan I put it in the one skin side down, flesh side up for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.....The oil never burns.   
I never offered three entrees on a buffet. In most cases I would offer a Carved beef and a chic or fish. For your buffet I would figure most all like  90% to 95% will take the Hanger steak. Then the Chix will be about 85%.to 90%. I would figure the Salmon would be about 65% to 70%. 
We could just call this Bubas law. If you could get a bark like this and still have juicy tender meat your doing it right. People always want to make things their own, you know, tweak it a bit. When you have a person that does it like this follow his lead. 
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