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After breast feeding, it was all up hill. My Mom was a great cook, Homemade soups and stews, Italian, Polish, Slovak, American dishes. The birthday special for me was her homemade lasagna, chunks of meatballs and Italian sausage in a homemade sauce. The best lasagna I have ever had, If she was alive today she would be in my kitchen in a heartbeat cooking good old fashion comfort food............Chefbillyb
How would it be if the fat was a Compound Butter. Would this make the confit, not only cooking in the fat but, cooking in a seasoned fat. What I get out of the process is that everything is intensified in the Sous vide process. When I read about some of the mistakes people make,  they say they over seasoned. That would tell you a little goes a long way.......Bill
 I have a friend that has a place in Emmitsburg, Md, the place is called Chubby's BBQ, if your ever going by.......Redskins had a hard year, I'll say a prayer for next year..............take care............Bill
Steve, I'll be doing the Chateaubriand in Feb, I'll take some pic's. I have a tri-tip out now, for the Seahawks game tomarrow. 
Hey I have a few of these, we can cook Sous Vide in your bath tube.  We can call it SOOEEEEEE VIDE
I'm doing a Chateaubriand in a few weeks, I figure Sous Vide was made for this cut of meat. I want a perfect Rare top to bottom with a quick seasoned char on the outside. What was the size of the of the Eye of the rounds ???? are they about 3" to 4" in girth. I was wondering why the short cooking time...........take care...Bill
Kuan, it looks great and nice to know it doesn't take much fat. I also like knowing 8hrs and it's done.............thxs Bill
 Hire proven talent. A successful restaurant business has a lot of moving parts, they need to move in unison. Sharp FOH + Sharp BOH = Success. Paying it forward is a nice, being successful is mandatory. There may not be any do overs, do it right the first time. ..............ChefBillyB
  Cooked at 134 degrees for 2 1/2 hrs, Sous Vide Center Cut Pork Chops.. These were sealed air tight with fresh Rosemary and butter on one side and Smoked Hog Jowl on the other side.       
New Posts  All Forums: