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I'm doing a Chateaubriand in a few weeks, I figure Sous Vide was made for this cut of meat. I want a perfect Rare top to bottom with a quick seasoned char on the outside. What was the size of the of the Eye of the rounds ???? are they about 3" to 4" in girth. I was wondering why the short cooking time...........take care...Bill
Kuan, it looks great and nice to know it doesn't take much fat. I also like knowing 8hrs and it's done.............thxs Bill
 Hire proven talent. A successful restaurant business has a lot of moving parts, they need to move in unison. Sharp FOH + Sharp BOH = Success. Paying it forward is a nice, being successful is mandatory. There may not be any do overs, do it right the first time. ..............ChefBillyB
  Cooked at 134 degrees for 2 1/2 hrs, Sous Vide Center Cut Pork Chops.. These were sealed air tight with fresh Rosemary and butter on one side and Smoked Hog Jowl on the other side.       
Hey Kuan, I would check i after 6 or 7 hrs and try to feel how soft the meat is getting. I figure TK has done more Sous Vide than I have, I would go with his method and times. As long as the legs are normal size you should be in the ball park. The way I look at it is, TK gave you a range of time that it should be done if the weight and thickness is the same.............have a great New Years...............Bill
Sous Vide Meatloaf: I used a ziplock bag on this, I used the water displacement method to get the air out of the bag.   This is how it looks when I took it out of the water oven. I cooked it at 140 degrees for 2 hrs.     Browned under the broiler for a few minutes for a nice crust.     ready to eat     I call this my New
Looks great Nicko, I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year...........Bill
    Re:Sous vide 16 hrs. ago (permalink)     As shown in the above picture, I Grilled one of the pieces of Brisket. The other one I left so I could us it for Hot Beef sandwiches, french dips and Cheesesteaks. I used this piece of brisket more like I would use a Roast Beef. this how it looks when it's not browned. Sliced for sandwiches, I made my wife a French dip out...
  I agree, great way to reheat  Prime Rib and Chateaubriand. I can see a lot of use's for the SV, I'm looking forward to trying a few. let me ask you a question ??? When you cook fish and you have some raw fresh left over. Do you seal the fish and cook it in the SV then freeze, or, do you seal, freeze, thaw, then SV. The reason I'm asking is when they have the Copper River Salmon run, I would like to buy more to freeze, But, I don't want to lose the quality and fresh...
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