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I took bites and pieces of any menu I could find that fit my operation. I would be having dinner at another chefs restaurant, when he/she came over to the table I would tell them that the dish was great.  I also told them it would be on my menu next week, it just won't look the same. You take a menu item put your spin on it and it's yours. 
I didn't know this movie was still playing. This is one of those deal that they walk up to you pat you on the back and give you a position. Then after all the celebration is over reality sets in. Watch out what you wish for! If you plan on being a line cook all your life then go back to working the line. I would work as a Sous for a year and then either try for a chef position or a better paying Sous position at another restaurant. This isn't an easy profession to be in...
I wouldn't want people sitting around drinking coffee. Right now its a coffee and pastry joint, that's a nickel and dime operation. I would make it a breakfast place short order fast out of the kitchen diner. In fact I would call it a diner. I would make my own breakfast country sausage, country gravy, homemade CFS, hot off the grill home fried potatoes sitting on the back of the grill ( Like they do in upper state NY).......Keep the menu fast, good and simple. Turn the...
Alex, Is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She does a stage thinking she will be treated fairly. The Chef doesn't know or care what her situation is, he's out for himself. I think Alex saw what she needed to see with her stage. The cooks were a bunch of dicks and the Chef can't be trusted. Thats not a bad evaluation in the time she spent there. I know she feels it was a waste of time but, what she really learned was that she wouldn't really want to work there. Alex is...
I would put this in the logistics part of pricing a catered event. Will say if you need to pay your employees dbl time for working a holiday This is the cost of doing it on this date. I would charge more for the days in question.......If it costs you more to do it right, it cost them more for you to do it. 
Looks great!
Sista, you going down to Aloha stadium for the swap meet and see the Molasads wagon. I take 1 doz roll in sugar no stuffed. 
Alex, your in the beginning years of learning in this business. The hard work and knowledge your getting now is priceless. I have had cooks leave me for .25 cent raise down the road. I told them if their seeking money over knowledge they will be chasing the nickels and dimes all their life. Growing in this business isn't about what your making now. It's about building knowledge to make $1000's  more later. This really isn't about making a Chefs job your final goal. The...
Alex, After knowing what you now know would you really want to work for a chef like that. One door closes another one opens......Good luck, the world is open for business just down the street. 
Wes, when you start working the front line you change.  
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