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I never offered three entrees on a buffet. In most cases I would offer a Carved beef and a chic or fish. For your buffet I would figure most all like  90% to 95% will take the Hanger steak. Then the Chix will be about 85%.to 90%. I would figure the Salmon would be about 65% to 70%. 
We could just call this Bubas law. If you could get a bark like this and still have juicy tender meat your doing it right. People always want to make things their own, you know, tweak it a bit. When you have a person that does it like this follow his lead. 
If I go to Portillo's I'm getting a Italian beef with peppers dipped with a beer and chocolate cake with frozen custard......
I just used these to ind seal my smoked salmon. I also use them for Sous Vide.......   2 Large 8" x 50' Vacuum Saver Rolls Commercial Grade Food Sealer Bags by Commercial Bargains Sold by: FoodVacBags Bags & Rolls $14.19    
I remember when you went for the Food network interview. I't nice to see our boy has grow up.......I'm proud of you!
I have never seen a cook that couldn't get a job some place. Even if the list of restaurants they worked is as long as your arm. This doesn't happen in any other industry. I look back now and wonder how I ever hired some of the people I hired......
IceMan, starting your own post is like Rocket Surgery stay far far away. Good luck buddy I hope all goes well. Where is this place you call Chicago....
I agree with you, the problem is people don't know what they want. I remember going to a Mongolian barbecue, the main vegetables and meat were ok but what the hell did I know about the sauces. I just wanted to hand it to the guy and say, you figure the sauces out. I think you need to get the concept as easy as possible to make it easy for the customer to feel comfortable when ordering. I could sit with a party of 6 people at a table and no one know what they want and they...
I do everything from Meatloaf, Salmon, Top Round, Ribs, Turkey breast, Dbl cut pork chops and so on. Some of these are cooked for 48 hrs Sous Vide. Think of what you eat and then think of how it will fit into your new Sous Vide method of cooking. 
New Posts  All Forums: